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Affiliated institutions & Bircham University campus


Bircham International University distance learning degrees may be issued after completion of the validated programs of study from the following affiliated educational institutions or BIU Campus.


Bircham International University offers on-campus or part-time distance learning degree programs through agreements with several affiliated educational institutions worldwide that meet BIU quality standards and procedures. Bircham International University evaluates the programs of study offered by these institutions and may issue the corresponding distance learning degree upon completion of the academic requirements. These requirements may vary depending on the institution. Prospective students should enroll at the Bircham International University affiliated educational institution and follow their program of study in order to earn the corresponding BIU distance learning degree.



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Affiliated institutions & Bircham University campus




The following educational institutions meet BIU academic requirements and procedures today. Consequently Bircham International University distance learning degrees may be issued after completion of the validated programs of study from the following affiliated educational institutions or BIU Campus:


Akubank ICM (Indonesia)

All 4 Therapy (Greece)

Asociación San José (Granada - Spain)

5C Asociados - Escuela de Coaching (Spain)

Centro Optometría Internacional (Spain)

Escuela de Negocios San Jose (Guatemala)

European School of Management (Tenerife - Spain)

IBMI International Business Management Institute (El Salvador)

Institute of Biosensory Psychology (Russia)

Instituto de Terapia Integral MHRP (Spain)

Instituto Hispanoamericano de Asesoría y Desarrollo Integral (Spain)

Luis Brion University (Curaçao)

Sociedad Española de Grafología (Spain)

Wholeself Institute of Natural Medicine (Taiwan)





Since the year 2000, the following educational institutions may have had a validation agreement with Bircham International University, but the agreement was expired, canceled or the institution no longer met BIU academic requirements and procedures. Note that any program of study from the following education institutions will no longer be validated with a Bircham International University distance learning degree. 


AEA Associação dos Empreendedores de Angola (Angola)

AMS Asia Marketing Solution (Cambodia)

Ainapur Institute of Total Quality Management (India)

Biomagnetismo Médico (Mexico)

BIS Business Improvement Services (Lebanon)

Bosaso College (Somalia)

Botswana College of Open and Distance Learning (Botswana)

Business English & Technology (Morocco)

CEDOL Center of Distance Learning (Kenya)

Centro de Anatheoresis Joaquin Grau (Spain)

Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (Kenya)

Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership (Nigeria)

CIDSS Caribbean Institute for Diplomatic & Strategic Studies

CIE Canadian Institute of English (Canada)

Darul Ihsan University (Bangladesh)

Divine Grace International (Nigeria)

Edulink Shanghai (China)

EISS  Instituto Europeo de Autodefensa (Spain)

ELC Ecole Libanaise de Commerce (Lebanon)

Eliya Professional College (Ghana)

Ephod Consulting (Singapore)

ESGI Escuela de Ganaderia Integral (Guatemala)

ESIBA Enseignement Superieur d’informatique, Business et Administration (Togo)

ESSAL Centre Integral (Spain)

Faith Christian University (Nigeria)

First Academy (Saudi Arabia)

ICI Instituto de Consejería Integral (Puerto Rico)

IGEN Networks (Spain)

I&M CIS Center for International Studies (Spain & USA)

Institut Polytechnique Panafricain (Senegal)

Institut Universitaire D'Agoenyive (Togo)

Instituto Biblico Pablo VI (USA)

Instituto da Inteligencia (Portugal & UK)

Instituto Profesional de Desarrollo Integral (Chile & Perú)

KIPC Kenya Institute Professional Counseling (Kenya)

Maranatha College of Professional Counselling & Training (Kenya)

Mediwin College (Israel)

MGA Modern Generation Academy (Saudi Arabia)

National Business School (Guatemala)

QMS Quality Management School (Spain)

SAFE Escuela Seguridad Integral (Guatemala)

School of Natural Healing (Hong Kong)

Sindrome (Spain)

Smile College (Israel)

The Latin Caribbean Academy & University (Curaçao)

TIC Tyr College (Lebanon)

Tiltan College (Israel)

Universidade do Futuro (Brazil)

Zoroastrian College (India)