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Bircham University credit evaluation services


Bircham International University distance learning degrees and credits may be validated by the following credential evaluation services.


Bircham International University graduates may get evaluation reports from several institutions about their distance learning degrees and earned credits. The requirements of each credential evaluation service may vary depending on the distance learning degree program, specialization and graduate resume en each occasion. Bircham International University can not guarantee credit or distance learning degree validation in all instances.



Bircham International University does not intermediate in these distance learning degrees and credits validation procedures.



Credit evaluation services

Contact directly any of the following suggested organizations:


ACEI - Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc.

AEI - American Evaluation Institute

AERC - American Education Research Corporation

Career Consulting International

CUFCE - California University Foreign Credentials Evaluation (USA)

ECE - Educational Credential Evaluators

ECEI - Educational Consultants & Evaluators International

Emigra Europe

Evaluation Credentials


IBC - International Biographical Centre

ICAE - International Center for Academic Evaluation

IWWHS - International WHO'S WHO Historical Society

The Degree People

US Credentials

WARC - World Academic Research Center



A university education is a lifetime asset.





More information about Bircham International University graduate services & degree validation.

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