ICEX - Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior


The ICEX - Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade is a public entity of the Ministry of Industry & Commerce in Spain. The purpose of ICEX is to promote and assist Spanish Companies with a promising international trajectory. ICEX international activity is conducted from the Spain Embassy Commercial and Economic Offices worldwide.


Any student or potential student may now check the legal status of BIU at any of the commercial offices located in all the Embassies from Spain in their respective countries. Some embassies have issued letters to help attest the legitimacy and validity of Bircham International Unversity: 


  1. Spain Embassy Chinese (Shanghai)
  2. Spain Embassy English (London, UK)
  3. Spain Embassy English (Washington DC, USA)
  4. Spain Embassy Español (Mexico)
  5. Spain Embassy French (Maroc)
  6. Spain Embassy German (Germany)
  7. Spain Embassy Portugues (Angola)
  8. Spain Embassy Portugues (Brazil)


You may also check Bircham International University at the ICEX international directory Spainbusiness. Select your country and look for information on Spanish companies. Here you may find some direct links where BIU:


BIU in Africa

BIU in Arabic

BIU in Brasil & Portugal

BIU in France

BIU in Germany

BIU in Japan

BIU in Latinoamerica

BIU in the USA



Other relevant references from the Government of Spain are:


Spain Ministry of Consumer Affairs (INC)

Spain Ministry of Economy

Spain Ministry of Education


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Spain ICEX - Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior