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BIU References 

BIU References 


MU - Misurata University (Libya)


Misurata University is a public research university in Libya. It was founded in 1984. Misurata University alumni network exceeds 60,000. Misurata University is ranked as one of the top three universities in Libya.

Jamal Saleh Yassin completed a Ph.D. program at Bircham International University in 2010. Seven years later he sent this letter from Misurata University. Congratulations!


MU - Misurata University (Libya)

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Jamal Saleh Yassin (Libya):

Bircham International University Degree:
Doctor Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering - Completed: 2010 Cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering - Completed: 2010

Bircham International University Degree Research:
Exergy analysis and performance prediction of the solar desalination by humidification and dehumidification process

OPINION & TESTIMONY: It is a pleasure for me to write this testimony in behalf of our reverend university BIU which removed the obstacles before me that prevented me to continue my higher education, and paved the way in front of me to achieve my ambitions. Here, first of all I would like to thank very much the administration of the BIU and all the staff working with the university, and especially those who are working in Lebanon office. After earning the Ph.D. degree my professional life has become better in which I became Professor and staff member in the Faculty of Engineering, Misurata University, Libya, also I have been appointed as the Head of the Water and Environment department. These credits give the others indication that how much benefits can they obtain after continuing their education at BIU.



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MU - Misurata University (Libya)

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MU - Misurata University