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BIU References 

BIU References 


Spain Embassy Chinese (Shanghai)


Chinese information letter from the Spain Embassy in Shanghai, China, about Bircham International University.

To whom it may concern,
The Economic and Commercial Office from the Embassy of Spain in the Shanghai presents this letter for information purposes, and according to the data available to this office and other documents presented by this company.
Bircham International University S.L. (BIU) is a Spanish company incorporated in the year 2000 with ID number (CIF) B82643495 and main office located in Madrid, at Plaza de Chueca 8. BIU is registered under the economic activity group 932.2 of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, which corresponds to "higher education and professional development training" within the 932 Group "non-formal education and professional development training and higher education."
The Spain Companies Database of the ICEX (Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior), Spain Institute of Foreign Trade from the Ministry of Economy & Competitiveness states that Bircham International University is an independent institution of distance learning higher education that offers specialization programs in fields such as management, business, arts, humanities, natural health, psychology, engineering, computers and science. BIU offers professional diplomas (Specialist & Expert), graduate degrees (Bachelor’s) and postgraduate (Master's & Ph.D.) through a method of instruction by correspondence for adult professional students. This database also states that BIU is an alternative to traditional university.
This letter is hereby signed on date
伯爵漢國際大學 S.L. (BIU) 是一家於2000年註冊成立的西班牙企業,證號(CIF)為B82643495,總部設在馬德里,地址Plaza de Chueca 8。依財政與公共管理處的經濟行動第932.2組別,BIU是第932組別”高等教育與職業發展訓練”中的”非正規教育與職業發展訓練和高等教育”機構。


Spain Embassy Chinese (Shanghai)

Reference - Legal. Year: 2014... Today.

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Spain Embassy Chinese (Shanghai)

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Spain Embassy Chinese (Shanghai)