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Bircham International University



Bircham International University is an alternative to higher education to adults from all countries and cultures who choose not to attend a traditional on-campus university. The special character of BIU is reflected in its diversity of programs, its effective pedagogical distance learning degree programs and its international presence.



Bircham International University - Network



Distance degree programs



Bircham International University offers various distance learning degree programs. These distance learning degree programs are highly affordable and cover more than 200 disciplines including management, communications, humanities, arts, psychology, natural health, therapies, computers, sciences, engineering, and others. More info...


Specialist - Expert Diploma - Online via distance learning ...
15 ... 21 Academic credits
Tuition Fee : 1.050 Euros (1.350 US$) ... 1.470 Euros (1.890 US$).

Bachelor's Degree - Online via distance learning ...
130 Academic credits
Tuition Fee : Min. 3.510 Euros (4.420 US$) ... Max. 6.800 Euros (8.700 US$).

Master's Degree - Online via distance learning ...
36 ... 54 Academic credits
Tuition Fee : Min. 4.680 Euros (6.120 US$) ... Max. 7.020 Euros (9.180 US$).

Doctor Ph.D. Degree - Online via distance learning ...
45 ... 72 Academic credits
Tuition Fee : Min. 5.850 Euros (7.650 US$) ... Max. 9.360 Euros (12.240 US$).



Study guide



The Bircham International University distance learning degree program consists of studying all the textbooks assigned and writing reports about these readings, according to the guidelines described in the study guide. This study guide explains the BIU distance learning higher education pedagogical system, how to study the provided textbooks, how to do and present the required reports and research work (Project or thesis), the evaluation process, and more useful learning tips. More info...


BIU adapts each distance learning higher education degree program to the needs of each student. More info...



Continuing Education



It does not matter if you are seeking online continuing education courses for self-enrichment and recreation, career advancement, or company training. In either case, Bircham International University online continuing education via distance learning offers a great variety of continuing education courses in all types of subjects ranging from management, business, communications, humanities, arts, psychology, natural health, therapies, computers, sciences, technology, engineering, among others. More info...



Company Training



Bircham International University introduces a unique online company training via distance learning formula that will allow the employees to train out of working hours through personalized company training programs that the company does not need to start paying. More info...



Bircham International University - Network



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If you have any further questions, please let us know. :)



Bircham International University



Bircham International University - Network


Bircham International University distance learning degree programs merge the best of the two leading higher education systems of the world: Europe and the United States of America.

BIU distance learning degree programs follow the current higher education guidelines set forth by the European Union (European Credit Transfer System [ECTS]) as well as the USA (Generally Accepted Accrediting Practices [GAAP]). All BIU distance learning degree are signed by a professor from a formal traditional university, the President, and the Registrar Official of the University. The BIU distance learning university diploma and transcript do not specify distance learning information. In addition to the diploma and transcript, BIU issues a diploma supplement and a certificate of evaluation of all the studied textbooks and accomplished work (such as reports, projects, and/or thesis).

Bircham International University diploma and transcript are always issued in English. More info...


Study from anywhere in the world and at any time in the year.

More info...


For official admission status at Bircham International University distance learning higher education degree programs, you need to send in a filled out, dated and signed official Application for Admission. You may download this application form from our website or request it by email or mail. Please send this application and enclosed documents to the corresponding BIU Office. You may also submit this application and attached documents by email in PDF Format.


CLICK TO DOWNLOAD - Application for Admission


Bircham International University recognizes and transfers academic credits earned at other educational institutions.


Payment plans are available upon request up to 24 monthly installments.



Bircham International University



Bircham International University


Bircham International University was created in 1992 as a consequence of the failure of formal education to address the real pedagogical requirements of adult distance learning higher education. Bircham International University is a decentralized global educational network and the sum of three structures.


International University - Network

The Bircham International University Administrative center allows and preserves the legality and validity of Bircham International University degrees, providing the legal power to issue higher degrees. These offices are also in charge of coordinating recognition procedures and international legalization of degrees. They are supervised by the Chief Executive Officer and the different university registrars who are located in the USA (Delaware), the European Union (Spain) & the Commonwealth (Bahamas). More info...


Academic Supervisor - Network

The Bircham International University Academic Board ensures the quality and availability of different programs of study and develops the pedagogical aspects of the distance learning system. This board is in charge of designing programs and evaluating student work. It provides the academic validity and effectiveness of Bircham International University programs through a sound academic team of teachers, supervisors and doctors from prestigious traditional universities of different countries. This academic team is supervised by the Chief Academic Officer and the Administrative Center. More info...


Bircham International University

The Bircham International University Offices service BIU students worldwide. Students may only enroll in a BIU program through a corresponding Bircham International University Office. The Office will duly inform the candidates, assist the student process, collect the tuition and service any needs from candidates and students. Bircham International University is thus in contact with such candidates and students through its offices. There is a Bircham International University office assigned to each world cultural environment: North America, Central & South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. This network is supervised by the International Coordinators and the different Bircham International University Division Directors. More info...


BIU OFFICES - Contact ...
If you have any further questions, please let us know. :)


In today's world, companies often require employees not only to have acquired professional experience but also a university education. BIU offers you the opportunity of boosting your professional career with our many distance learning degree programs.


A university education is a lifetime asset.


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Non formal and independent education leading to degrees not formally recognized by a Ministry of Education.
Acceptance of these distance learning higher education academic credits is always the prerogative of the receiving institution or employer. Recognition criteria differ depending on each educational institution or company policy and country legal framework.


Bircham International University - Network