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Bircham International University References
Discussion & Review


Constructive opinion and discussion are a very healthy way to improve Bircham International University distance learning higher education.


Completing a distance learning degree demonstrates an unquestionable level of willpower, responsibility, motivation, and capacity for self-improvement very much appreciated by top companies.



Reviews and opinion about Bircham International University.


Anybody has the right to express an opinion about Bircham International University. This web is meant to provide our own review about the reputation of Bircham International University and other related issues. More info...


We encourage you to build your own opinion about Bircham International University based on facts and your own research. Read our website, talk to the BIU staff, visit our offices. The more questions you ask the more convinced you will be about the excellency of BIU distance learning higher education. You are also welcome to submit your own reviews or opinion about Bircham International University, as well as any ideas that may contribute to BIU improvement. The opinion of hundreds of BIU graduates speaks for itself. More info...


Along the years there have been some news and websites expressing some opinion about Bircham International University and its reputation. Those articles were usually written based on misconceptions and a superficial understanding of the nature of BIU. A deeper review of Bircham International University legitimacy, distance learning higher education programs, academics, staff plus many of the available references provided led the reporters to write a corrected version of the initial article or to delete any incorrect statements. More info...


Reviewed opinion about Bircham International University.


Consumer Fraud Reporting (USA)

DegreeDiscussion.com (USA)

DegreeInfo.com (USA)

El Nuevo Siglo de Colombia

Metro News NY (USA)

Nairobi Business Daily (Kenya)

Voltaire Network (Mexico)

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Bircham International University


Reviews and opinion about Bircham International University.



John Bear's review about Bircham International University.

John Bear is an expert on distance learning that has written about hundreds of online institutions including some reviews about Bircham International University. In 2013, John Bear stated: "For many years, we have written that in the process of choosing any school, the prospective student should determine, as best he or she can, that their credential will meet both their current and predictable future needs. Based on the testimonials offered by Bircham, it seems clear that there are many satisfied people with the their credential." More info...



An opinion about Bircham International University by Quackwatch.

Stephen Barrett M.D., owner of the Quackwatch network, conducted a review of Bircham International University reputation. Quackwatch expresses his personal opinion against all alternative therapies and the institutions promoting them. Quoting Stephen Barrett: "At least 90% of BIU's programs and course appear to straightforward and fact-based. Assuming that the textbooks are appropriately selected, students can absorb information that is valid and presumably useful. Most of BIU's teachings are straightforward, but some promote pseudoscientific concepts and practices. None of its health-related programs—by themselves—provide an adequate basis for clinical practice." More info...



Bircham International University - A fake institution?

Of course not. Quoting the US Department of Education: "Despite the widely recognized benefits and accountability of accreditation, some institutions choose, for various reasons, not to participate in an accreditation process. According to the United States Department of Education, it is possible for postsecondary educational institutions and programs to elect not to seek accreditation but nevertheless provide a quality postsecondary education. Yet, other unaccredited schools simply award degrees and diploma without merit for a price." More info...



Beware of Diploma Mills.

An ongoing problem within distance learning higher education is the existence of diploma mills. These organizations exist to grant apparent degrees without academic course work or give a willing buyer a degree for money. The USA Better Business Bureau and the USA Department of Education suggest to watch for the following features to identify a diploma mill: Degrees can be earned in less time than at an accredited postsecondary institution, apparent legitimacy and references may not be verified, excessive academic credits granted for lifetime or professional experience, little or no interaction with professors, similar names to well known reputable universities, no real contact offices or staff. More info...


BIU OFFICES - Contact ...
If you have any further questions, please let us know. :)



USA State Restrictions for unaccredited education.

In the United States, unaccredited degrees may not be acceptable for financial aid, civil service or some employment. Criminal penalties sometimes apply should such a degree be presented in lieu of one from an accredited school. The use of unaccredited degrees are restricted in Oregon, Maine, Texas and Michigan. For example, an Oregonian wishing to use an unaccredited degree not approved by the State should make clear that Bircham International University is an unaccredited foreign degree in Oregon. Despite of some restrictions from some US States, Bircham International University degrees may be used successfully for many professional activities. More info...



The Mexico Secretary of Public Education (SEP).

In 2007, the Mexico Secretary of Public Education (SEP) stating that "The certificates, diplomas and degrees issued by institutions lacking the official recognition (RVOE) will not be acknowledged or recognized by The Secretariat of Public Education in Mexico." The SEP also published a list of distance learning higher education institutions lacking this official validation. BIU was included in this list. Other institutions that were accused of academic fraud were also included in this list, which led some newspapers to publish articles that did not differentiate the fraudulent institutions from legitimate ones. More info...



Bircham International University in Kenya.

In April 2008 the Nairobi Business Daily reported that Bircham International University was operating in Kenya without authorization. An official of Kenya's Commission for Higher Education was quoted as warning that BIU degree certificates would not be recognized. In March 2010, the same newspaper deleted all references to such article and published a correction, explaining that the April 2008 story had been provided by a person "who at the time of publication had a partnership dispute with Bircham over rights to represent the university in Kenya". The correction stated that BIU "is a Spanish institution of distance learning and is in good standing with Spanish authorities that offers alternatives to formal adult higher education specifically aimed at adult working professionals" and that its programs "can be legalized and validated by the Embassy of Kenya in the USA or Spain despite the institution not being registered by the Commission for Higher Education in Kenya". More info...



Wikipedia & Bircham International University

Wikipedia is often considered as a credible source of information, although this brilliant idea of an online free encyclopedia has not yet reached high credibility levels. Issues with the Bircham International University article at Wikipedia are a clear example. Wikipedia looks like a "Free Encyclopedia" but it is actually a forum of opinion, where thousands of anonymous users may edit what they think is correct, according to some rules set by Wikipedia. Anyone can edit Wikipedia, both right or wrong. Wikipedia administrators are also volunteers that have spent more time editing, so they are granted administration powers as motivational reward. Dedication to Wikipedia is what appoints any volunteer to the administration level. There is no need to be qualified on any topic to write about any topic. The content that prevails shall be the one that meets common consensus, in other words what fits an administrator’s point of view; thus Wikipedia articles' quality may be determined by looking at who contributes to them. Continuos and majors mistakes are the result of this operational procedure. Some of this mistakes are fixed more easily than others. Along the years, Bircham International University article at Wikipedia has been influenced by the biassed perspective of some administrators, unable to assess Spanish references, or beholding their own prejudices against distance learning. Undoubtedly, Wikipedia editors community has become a very interesting sociological experiment. Universities and newspapers worldwide have warned that any input from Wikipedia should be considered not completely reliable, and that they should be doubled checked, consequently we invite you to check other references about Bircham International University. More info...





Reviews and opinion about Bircham International University.


Constructive opinion and discussion are a very healthy way to improve Bircham International University distance learning higher education.



Consumer Protection & Guaranties

Bircham International University offers a unique refund policy in addition to other consumer protection guaranties. This refund policy will allow any student to try any Bircham International University distance learning higher education program of study and cancel the program with minimum financial risk. Full tuition refund up to 10 days notice, 80% tuition refund up to 90 days notice, and 50% tuition refund up to one year notice. More info...


Online Trust Seal - Sello de Confianza Online
Spain Ministry of Consumer Affairs (INC)



Conflict Resolution Policy

All staff, management, collaborators and professors from Bircham International University (BIU) will abide to this conflict resolution policy, and will strive to avoid any conflict of interest between themselves, BIU and its students. This includes avoiding actual conflicts of interest as well as the perception of any conflicts of interest.


The purpose of this conflict resolution policy is to protect the integrity of Bircham International University decision-making process, to enable our students, staff and collaborators to have confidence in our integrity, and to protect the expectations and reputation of anyone involved in our organization. This conflict resolution policy is intended to supplement, but not replace, any applicable laws governing these conflicts. More info...



Bircham International University wants to congratulate and to thank all the graduates that have trusted our distance learning degrees and higher education. All and each of them deserve the best in their future endeavours. More info...



BIU OFFICES - Contact ...
If you have any further questions, please let us know. :)


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A university education is a lifetime asset.


Bircham International University References
Discussion & Review