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Review Bircham University graduation.



Bircham International University graduation ceremonies are discussed in this website. Review Bircham University previous ceremonies dates and location in addition to information pertaining to upcoming events. You'd better stayed tuned! Next ceremony may be in your country or somewhere nearby.



We always welcome you to Bircham University graduation events!





Prof. William Martin, BIU CEO, or other BIU Directors travel to various locations around the globe and along the year to offer to all Bircham International University graduates proper graduation ceremonies where they can take individual and family pictures, receive their diplomas, and meet other fellow graduates.



Bircham University GRADUATION Protocol

  • Prof. William Martin or other BIU Directors are charged with taking cap and gown sets to the attending graduates.
  • An original copy of the Bircham International University graduate diploma and transcript will be handed for those graduates who had confirmed their attendance one month before the graduation date.
  • A flat fee of 200 US$ is charged to each attending graduate to contribute to the trip expenses incurred in offering this graduation ceremony to you.
  • Graduates may invite family and friends to attend the event at no further costs.
  • The graduation event will be held at a selected hotel or other facility depending on the number of graduates. Specific details will follow for those confirming attendance.



Bircham University MEETINGS Protocol

Students and candidates are free to requests scheduled meetings with Prof. William Martin, CEO of Bircham International University, or other BIU Directors. Meetings places will normally take place in the selected hotel lobby or at other facility. Meetings will be held by appointment only. Appointments will be coordinated and confirmed with the corresponding Bircham International University staff responsible for the coordination of the graduation events.


Review next SCHEDULED Bircham University graduation ceremony:


EL SALVADOR - November 22, 2022

Hotel Sheraton Presidente - Av. De La Revolución, San Salvador - El Salvador

Click to see map. Organized by BEC - More information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



LUANDA (ANGOLA) - Last Week of November 2022

Individual Graduation Pictures with Cap & Gown

Hotel Florença (next to Belas Shopping in Talatona), Luanda.



SANTIAGO DE CHILE (CHILE) - February 18, 2023 (Saturday)

Individual Graduation Pictures with Cap & Gown

Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Santiago Kennedy.

Presidente Kennedy Avenue 4422, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, 7630467 Chile.



MADRID (SPAIN) - April 15, 2023 (Saturday)

BIU Offices - Avda. Sierra, 2 - Urb. Guadamonte, Villanueva de la Cañada 28691, Madrid - Spain

Click to see map. Pick up service at Metro Ligero Station: "ML 3 - Puerta de Boadilla".



DARWIN (AUSTRALIA) - May 10, 2023 (Wednesday)

Individual Graduation Pictures with Cap & Gown

Hotel Hilton Darwin, Northern territory, Australia.



MIAMI (USA) - Date not confirmed yet

Individual Graduation Pictures with Cap & Gown

1221 Brickell Ave Suite 900, Miami, FL 33131 - USA

Click to see map. Miami Downtown.



PARIS (FRANCE) - Date not confirmed yet

Individual Graduation Pictures with Cap & Gown

Paris Gare du Nord, 14 Rye de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris - France

Click to see map. Metro & Train Gare du Nord.



JOHANNESBURG (SOUTH AFRICA) - Date not confirmed yet

Individual Graduation Pictures with Cap & Gown - Hotel to be confirmed.




Virtual Graduation

Some people are finding difficulties to attend graduation ceremonies and/or travel to the BIU offices.

Consequently, we thought of a way to provide you with unforgettable graduation pictures from your home or office.


How? Very easy.


1. Just get the BIU flags and logo background picture by dragging it from our web. You may find this photo at this link

  • If you want this picture with a HD resolution, you may ask BIU staff to deliver it by email.


2. Dress with a formal attire or with the corresponding degree cap and gown, if you want to portrait a perfect moment. 

  • The BIU web provides a visual example of the different graduation options: Professor Doctor - Doctor Ph.D. Master & Bachelor’s degree.
  • You may get a set of a cap and gown from a US provider such as
  • Note that shipping and customs taxes may be more expensive than the cap and gown itself for shipments outside the United States.
  • If that is the case, you should look for option within your country. You may even rent it for a few hours for the picture, or just use a formal attire.


3. Take some good pictures with your formal attire or cap and gown in front of a simple or uniform background (a white wall, simple curtains, etc...). Medium and close up shots work better. Then, select the pictures you like the most.


4. Use any remove background application to substitute your original photo background with the BIU flags and logo picture. Here is one that works online and is free.

  • (Drag the your picture to the web clean the background, then click edit  on the top right corner of the picture and select the BIU background)


Then you are all set!!!

You now have a BIU graduation picture.

Note that applications like Zoom and Skype provide utilities to change the background in order to take pictures or make a video. There are other applications with similar utilities. Feel free to use your own. We just want to provide a nice BIU institutional background and samples of our graduation attire in case you can not attend our ceremonies.


Do not forget to share your virtual graduation picture or video with us.

If you send your testimony and your picture by email, then we will publish it on the BIU web.


Examples of Bircham International University Caps & Gowns




Review past Bircham University graduation ceremonies: