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Bircham International University Graduation

Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Doctor Ph.D. Degree Online via distance learning.


Nelly Sereya Konchella

Bachelor of Science - Organizational Psychology

"An investment in education always pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin.


Nelly Sereya Konchella (Kenya)
Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Psychology - Completed (2011)
Testimony about Bircham International University: Will it be possible for one to graduate again? It would be wonderful for me to graduate again in the presence of my lecturers, family members and friends who were not able to make it to Namibia, to share my success.


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Nelly Sereya Konchella
Bircham International University Graduation


Nelly Sereya Konchella


Nelly Sereya Konchella


Nelly Sereya Konchella