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Professional success with Bircham International University


Completing a distance learning degree demonstrates an unquestionable level of willpower, responsibility, motivation, and capacity for self-improvement very much appreciated by top companies.


Most modern companies today believe that a distance learning degree is as valid as a degree obtained by attending classes on campus. Moreover, the skills demonstrated through the completion of a distance learning degree are highly appreciated at the workplace.

For freshmen, a distance learning university like Bircham is only recommended as a complement to on-campus education. For adult working students, who cannot afford to leave their employment and/or families, and who do not require the social experiences a campus university normally offers, a BIU distance learning degree can be exactly what they need.

Distance learning higher education should, by no means, be perceived as a substitute for traditional education; it is rather an alternative. Distance learning degree programs offer a convenient educational experience but also one that demands a greater degree of self-motivation and self-discipline. Many departments of Human Resources highly regard those employees capable of earning a distance learning degree.

Bircham International University students and graduates have gotten jobs or promotions in leading companies worldwide with their distance learning degree. More than 70 % of the students surveyed two years after completing their distance learning degrees felt a considerable increase in their self-esteem and social status. Most of them had moved on to a better job, had been promoted, or had received a salary raise. More info...


Bircham International University wants to congratulate and to thank all the graduates that have trusted our distance learning degrees and higher education. All and each of them deserve the best in their future endeavours.


Company Training


Bircham International University introduces a unique online company training via distance learning formula. We may prepare a program of study any time of the year, in any specialization, and from anywhere in the world. The company does not pay unless there is an effective learning.


Company Training - More info...
Formación Corporativa - Más info...
Formação Corporativa - Mais info...
Formation Corporative - Plus d'info...
企業研修 - さらに詳しい情報は...
企业培训 - 更多信息...
Корпоративное обучение - Далее...
التدريب للشركات - لمعلومات أكثر...


Nowadays, a distance learning degree is highly valued at the workplace.


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Study from anywhere in the world and at any time in the year.

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Top Companies

Here are some multinational and top companies where Bircham International University students, graduates and staff got jobs and/or promotions.


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BIU Top Companies
BIU Top Companies
BIU Top Companies
BIU Top Companies
BIU Top Companies