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Academic Acceptance & Recognition.

Bircham International University


BIU Founder - Deric Bircham


Prof. Dr. Deric Bircham is the designer of the BIU pedagogical system and the heart that gives impulse to the BIU Academic Board and Instructors Network.


Prof. Dr. Deric Bircham is the designer of the BIU pedagogical system and the heart that gives impulse to the BIU Academic Board and Instructors Network.

The BIU pedagogy, teaching & academic network.

The ancestral family of Bircham settled in the area of West Anglia England around the 12th century in a place named Bircham: a group of three villages in West Anglia, Norfolk, England. The name of these three villages were Bircham Newton, Bircham Tofts, and Great Bircham. Today, the town of Great Bircham is the only remain. The Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Great Bircham was built in the early 14th century starting with the Chancel about 1300, and was completed around 1345 and has received Royal Patronage since Henry the 8th was King of England, and still continues in this tradition. There is a Great Bircham Windmill, which is still fully functional and a tourist attraction.

William Bircham was the last Squire of the Village of Great Bircham 1750-1796. The Bircham family can be traced back in a direct line to the year 1360 through the Squires of the Village of Great Bircham. Further research could and should lead to the family being traced back to the foundation of the Villages of Great Bircham around 1066 AD, and who knows perhaps even further?

Family name of Bircham can be seen in other villages in Norfolk that the Family migrated to over the past 600 to 700 years. Such records can be found in Oxnead, Alysham, Buxton, Brampton, Booton, (where the last Lord of the Manor was a Samuel Bircham), Reepham, (where the Lord of the Manor resided). There is also the Bircham Library and Bircham Arts Centre. Records of the Bircham name are also found in North Creake, Dorking and elsewhere in Norfolk.

This Noble family dedicated itself to the agricultural exploration of the area. The Bircham's became an example to the dwellers of the area and they introduced new crop techniques, helped in the design of a new windmill, and so forth.

Times became hard in the Nineteenth Century and the wealth of the region was stuck. The Bircham's pioneer spirit was calling for further development. New lands promised new futures on the other side of the world. So one of the Bircham's, Stanley Ernest Bircham immigrated to New Zealand, some of his brothers to Canada and the United States of America. There were many things to do in these new lands as had happened before in the ancient village of Great Bircham. The Bircham's put aside their Noble origins and dedicated themselves to the many works that were required in the new colonies. Years passed by and those families settled into their new Countries and were very comfortable with their new lives. None of the Bircham's returned to reside in the Villages of Bircham. The past origins and pioneer spirit was buried by the comfort of the new life, but not for all.

One of the sons of Stanley Ernest Bircham was Deric Bircham who was himself an adventurer at heart and captured the beauty of New Zealand by writing and illustrating published books. Deric was born in December 16, 1934. He dedicated time to cover the country and had published the first “Coffee Table” Full Colour Visual Photographic Essay book about New Zealand. This turned out to become a “best seller” going into 5 editions. He has written and illustrated many books since then covering many topics.

Deric Bircham became involved in the academic world but never forgetting his outstanding skill in photography. In the early 1970’s he pioneered in the Southern Hemisphere the technique of Photographic images onto Canvas. This technique along with his skill in Portrait Photography brought about commissions to Portray onto Canvas many Royal’s including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, His Royal Highness Duke of Edinburgh, Their Royal Highnesses Duke and Duchess of Kent, Nobles of Europe, several Prime Ministers, Governor Generals and the distinguished.

He received countless nominations and honors as tokens of appreciation for his contributions and expertise in many areas such as Education, Visual Communication, Literature, Religion, Natural and Complementary Medicine (Acupuncture & Reiki), Philosophy, Management and International Law.

As an Academic he graduated with several Doctorate Degrees and rose to the status of Consulting Professor, Visiting Professor, Full Professor, and later conferred Emeritus by three separate Universities and Colleges. Prof. Emeritus Dr. Deric Bircham presented Lectures, Seminars, Master Classes in many Countries on an equally large number of topics, and his largest audience in China was estimated at 2,000 eager students hanging on his every word and his Philosophy.

While teaching he came to realize that educational strategies should be different when aimed towards higher adult education. For some years he strove to get the traditional educational establishment to consider his pedagogical ideas (that are synthesized in the BIU Study Guide), but the traditional educational establishment was too much tied and restricted by its own regulations, and could not establish a system that was not discriminatory. All students must study the same way despite their age. There cannot be a system so different for adults than for the young. That is discriminatory and out of the norms. A no-end street had been reached. This was in the early 1990.

Destiny brought together Prof. Emeritus Dr. Deric Bircham and the Martin-Alonso Martinez family from Spain, another Noble tracked family with high pioneering spirit. Other like minded people joined with them from England, the USA, and the Commonwealth. Adding the managing drive of Prof. Dr. Laurence Cheng Wen Hung they created a team that firmly believed in the distance learning higher education pedagogical approach for the professional adult that had been achieved. This group of well educated men concluded that the traditional educational establishment was not going to ever accept this peculiar higher education pedagogical approach, and decided to establish an independent higher education institution apart from the traditional educational establishment. Then, Bircham International University was born.

Bircham International University was initially established in the England, in the town of Oxford as a College, a symbol of the English pioneer spirit of the Bircham's family. It also opened offices in Miami (USA), Madrid (Spain) and Kaohsiung (Taiwan). It was intended to really provide a multicultural and multi-language new approach to adult higher education. Soon the executive development of the BIU changed the organizational map. The United Kingdom Office was not very functional and William Martin demonstrated an excellent capacity to run the project worldwide from Madrid with the collaborations of many other partners.

Bircham International University now has operational offices around the world, thousands of students, a permanently increasing recognition as an institution out of the traditional educational establishment and an excellent team of academics and directors with unquestionable reputation.


Professor Emeritus Dr. Deric Bircham carries duel citizenship of both New Zealand and Great Britain.

Prof. Dr. Deric Bircham holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Visual Communication (1995) and Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in Psychological Management (1997) from California University for Advanced Studies in San Francisco. He completed a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Arts and Letters (2005) from Academie Europeenne D’Informatisation in Belgium. He also earned an Honorary Doctor of Laws for merit (LL.D.(H.C.)) in Business Law (2007) from the 19th century (1899) Southern Eastern University in London.

Deric's nobility status is named by the territorial designation of Bircham of Norfolk in England, the origins of his dynastic nobiliary house since the 12th century, which continued through Deric as the 3rd Baron of Kingston (since 1999). He was established as Prince of the indigenous Ogba Kingdom of Nigeria by its Royal House of Asade (1995), officially recognized as “Prince Palatine” by the Ministry of Culture of Albania (1999), and registered by the Chief Magistrate Court of Lagos (2003). The Ogba Kingdom was recognized by Queen Victoria of the British Crown in 1850. He was also established as Prince (“Knyaz”) of the Royal House of Korbat-Paze of Imperial Holy Russia (2009), granted Royal Protection and Fons Honourum for the Noble House of Bircham.

His career path was spent with 26 years in the New Zealand Public Service in Wellington from 1952-1978 in the Ministries of Soil Conservation and Rivers Control, Tourist and Publicity, Works and Development and Foreign Affairs, after which time he relocated to the Southern City of Dunedin where he was appointed onto the staff of the University of Otago from 1978 - 1989 after which time he returned to the Capital to commence his own Business in Visual Communication (Photography, Video & Film) as well as in Natural and Complimentary Medicine and also help establish several International Organizations.

Fellowships in Professional Organizations have been from the Royal Photographic Society, and Royal Society of Arts (England), International Biographical Centre United Writers Association. (Bombay, India), New Zealand Institute of Management, Beijing Institute of Management (China), Mazdayashnie Monastery (India) and Life Patron of Genesis Business Institute (Ghana, West Africa) and Senior Life Patron (Honourary) Zoroastrian College, India. 1995 he pursued studies in the area of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine under Lord Pundit Professor Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya in the field of Acupuncture at the South Colombo Hospital in Sri Lanka. Deric Bircham also undertook studies in the ancient form of healing known as Reiki to Master level. (Shamballa Method of Healing).

Prof. Dr. Deric Bircham has received many Honors, Medals, Citation, and Accolades over the years including the 1986 Albert Einstein Peace Medal. Awards of Excellence and Special Certificate of Merit in Health Sciences (Mazdayashnie Monastery, India), Awards of Excellence in Education and Services to Humanity, together with Holistic World Health Congress Certificate, Millennium Award for Education, Zoroastrian College (India).

Prof. Dr. Deric Bircham was awarded lifetime status of Academician (Academico) by Academia Ciencias Humanisticas y Relaciones in Dominican Republic (1982), Accademia Constantiniana de Lettere Arti e Scienze in Italy (1999), Mazdayashnie Monastery in India (2002), and the International Diplomatic Academy of Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and Russia (2005).

He holds lifetime Professorship status as Professor Emeritus from the United Nations University for Peace (UN Charter No. 35/55/X11/1980) in Belgium (1990), Zoroastrian College in India (2003).

Prof. Dr. Deric Bircham is the author and co-author of the following books:

- Seeing New Zealand (5 Editions)
- Waitomo Tourist Caves
- Towards a More Just World
- Table Tennis, Thirteen Facets
- A Day In The Life Of New Zealand
- Old St. Paul's, Rhapsody
- Dunedin-New Zealand's Best Kept Secret
- St. Joseph's Cathedral
- Work's of Gottfried Lindauer
- Course Design and Turf Care at the Royal Melbourne Golf Course
- I Shall Pass This Way But Once
- New Zealanders of Destiny
- Deric's Photo Notes Volume 1 & 2
- Discover the Way of Survival
- Hospitality Management
- Management Made Easy
- Hands on Reiki
- Nerve Stimulation
- Nerve Stimulation Therapeutics
- Staff Training and Development
- Aspects of Marketing
- Choose your Destiny
- A Philosophy for Life
- Success Never Sleeps
- New Zealand Mini Series Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
- My Alpine Paradise

Prof. Dr. Deric Bircham has also followed the calling of the Holy Spirit as career Clergy in traditional and classical Churches: He was ordained as a Priest in New York (1999), consecrated a Bishop in Saint Petersburg (2005) and elevated to Archbishop (“Patriarch Vladika”) of New Zealand (2008) by the Holy Orthodox Church of Russia (2013). He was incardinated as a Cardinal of the Pontifical Curia of the 12th century Ancient Catholic Church of the original 1st century denomination of Ancient Catholicism (2017).


BIU Founder - Deric Bircham

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BIU Founder - Deric Bircham

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Bircham University BIU Founder - Deric Bircham


Bircham University BIU Founder - Deric Bircham