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BIU References 


EDUCAUSE - Higher Education Through Information Technology


EDUCAUSE, the association for information technology in higher education, is the sole registrar for names in the .edu domain.

The US Department of Commerce awarded the management of the .edu domains to EDUCAUSE in October 2001. Only post-secondary institutions that are institutionally accredited are eligible to receive a .edu domain. Only a single name in the .edu domain will be assigned to any given institution. Institutions holding names as of October 29, 2001 in the .edu domain were exempt of meeting some institutional eligibility requirements at that time.

Bircham International University was given a .edu domain in the year 2000 after a through evaluation of the legal documents stating its legitimacy, which were sufficient to the EDUCAUSE eligibility requirements for the .edu domain for the BIU English language web.

Bircham International University also holds a .edu.es domain for its Spanish Language web. The .edu.es domain is exclusively granted by authorization from the Government of Spain to Spanish higher education institutions that prove legitimacy and a sufficient level of recognition and good standing. BIUs was granted the .edu.es domain in 2015.

Additionally, Bircham International University was granted a .edu.pt domain by the the Government of Portugal internet agency for its Portuguese Language web, after due compliance with all the requirements. BIUs was granted the .edu.pt domain in 2015.

Today, Bircham International University holds 3 .edu domain names.

www.bircham.edu (English)
www.bircham.edu.es (Spanish)
www.bircham.edu.pt (Portuguese)


EDUCAUSE - Higher Education Through Information Technology

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EDUCAUSE - Higher Education Through Information Technology

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