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BIU References 


HU - Haigazian University (Lebanon)


Haigazian University is a higher education institution founded in 1955 in Beirut, Lebanon as Haigazian College.

Haigazian University offers programs leading to Bachelor's degrees in the Arts and Sciences as well as Business Administration and Economics, in addition to Master's degrees in the Arts, Sciences and Business Administration. English is the main language of instruction, although some courses are offered in Armenian and Arabic. All degrees from Haigazian are recognized by the Lebanese government and the Association of International Colleges and Universities. It is supported by the Armenian Evangelical community, and was established primarily to meet the needs of the large Lebanese-Armenian population. However, the university is open to all students, regardless of race, nationality, or creed, and has professors and student body from all sections of Lebanese society.

Since 2008, Prof. Elie George Shbeir, a Bircham International University doctorate graduate, has been teaching at Haigazian University.


HU - Haigazian University (Lebanon)

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Elie George Shbeir (Lebanon):

Bircham International University Degree:
Doctor Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics

Bircham International University Degree Research:
The role of grammar in essay writing at the university level

OPINION & TESTIMONY: I completed my Ph.D. at Bircham International University and since then I have been appointed teacher of English Language for some years at Haigazian University and Middle East University in Lebanon. These universities are recognized by the Ministry of Education in Lebanon. Thank you BIU.



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HU - Haigazian University (Lebanon)

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HU - Haigazian University