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BIU References 

BIU References 


MMU - Masinde Muliro University (Kenya)


MMU - Masinde Muliro University holds the view that science and technology is an indispensable tool in harnessing resources of nature for sustainable development and creating an environment in which human beings can survive and realize their potential.

MMU - Masinde Muliro University considers that the human person has the moral obligation to creatively improve the environment. This can be achieved through a well-conceptualized educational, scientific and technological package through which every human being must rightfully experience and acquire the tools to facilitate this mission.

Bircham International University had some collaborative links with MMU - Masinde Muliro University through former BIU Africa director, Prof. Sarel Francois Ackermann. Incorrect management from this former director and some agents in Kenya led Bircham International University to suspend any activities in this country.


MMU - Masinde Muliro University (Kenya)

Reference - University. Year: 2006... 2008.

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Sarel Francois Ackermann (South Africa):

Professor - Bircham International University
Master in Counselling Psychology
University of Stellenbosch, South Africa (1984-1986)
Bachelor's of Hons. in Counselling Psychology
University of Stellenbosch, South Africa (1984)
Bachelor in Psychology
University of Stellenbosch, South Africa (1979-1981)
Former Rector/Vice Chansellor of Belcher Open University (Namibia)  
President of Namibian Institute of Socioeconomic Development.
OPINION & TESTIMONY: During the time I was a professor of BIU in Africa I signed some collaboration agreements with some universities and institutions in Kenya. Masinde Muliro University was one of them.



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MMU - Masinde Muliro University (Kenya)

& Bircham International University.


MMU - Masinde Muliro University