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Academic Acceptance & Recognition.

Bircham International University


UM - University of Memphis (USA)


The University of Memphis is an American public research university located in Tennessee and founded in 1912.


The University of Memphis is an American public research university located in Tennessee and founded in 1912.

The University of Memphis has an enrollment of more than 22,000 students and 25 Chairs of Excellence.

Prof. Mohammad Samir Hossain, a Bircham International University doctorate graduate, has published several research work that have been selected for the University of Memphis library.


UM - University of Memphis (USA)

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Reference from the following BIU graduate or professor:


Mohammad Samir Hossain (Bangladesh):

Instructor - Bircham International University
Advanced Studies in Medicine [Psychiatry]
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA (2005 -2009)
Psychiatry and Emergency Medicine
Harvard Medical School, USA (2005)
Master in Abnormal Psychology - An
Dr. Sanderson Beck [University of Golden Age], California, USA (2002)
MBBS [Medical Bachelor and Bachelor of Surgery]
Sir Salimullah Medical College, under Dhaka University, Bangladesh (2000)
Bircham International University Degree:
Doctor Ph.D. in Psychotherapy - Completed (2004)
Thesis: Death and religiosity in muslims of Bangladesh.
Publication: Human Immortality. Death and Adjustment Hypotheses Elaborated (ISBN-13: 978-1419689420)
Publication: Quest for a new death: Death and Adjustment Hypotheses (ISBN-13: 978-1419684548)

Testimony about Bircham International University: You know very well what Bircham University did for me! I could never gain further knowledge and learn to research if Bircham University were not this much positive about helping in gaining knowledge, not just degree! It was you who taught me that. I have enough international recognitions and a Dr. title, so why should I seek a PhD if I do not seek knowledge. My eyes were opened and I agreed for all text work required by my PhD. Now I am matured enough to find my way to Harvard or Johns Hopkins. I have two hypotheses of my own from my research and two theory books one of which has already been recommended to be adopted at University of Memphis Library for researchers and clinical students. I am the first Muslim and also eastern person to conduct such a research on death (according to the Editor of the Famous Death Studies journal of Taylor and Francis). All these are rooted to my interactions with Bircham University. There are references behind the statements too. My research thesis and later publication has been adopted by Bangladesh College of Phisicians & Surgeons library. My research was also endorsed by the Royal College of Psychiatrist at London and the Department of Psychology of the University of Memphis (USA). These are the comments from Robert A. Neimeyer, PhD, Department of Psychology of the University of Memphis about my Research Thesis and later publication. “I am pleased to inform you that in my role as a Professor of Psychology at the University of Memphis, I have recommended the recent book by Dr. Mohammad Samir Hossain, Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychiatry of your medical college, entitled Quest for a New Death: Death and Adjustment Hypotheses, for adoption by our university library.”


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UM - University of Memphis (USA)

& Bircham International University.


Bircham University UM - University of Memphis (USA)