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BIU References 

BIU References 


Academic Acceptance & Recognition.

Bircham International University


UniLu - University of Luxembourg


The University of Luxembourg is the only public university in Luxembourg. It was founded in 2003. The University of Luxembourg makes now possible for these students to complete their studies in their own country.


The University of Luxembourg is the only public university in Luxembourg. It was founded in 2003. The University of Luxembourg makes now possible for these students to complete their studies in their own country.

The studies at the University of Luxembourg are characterised by their multilingualism and international scope. Courses are usually held in two languages: French/English, French/German, or English/German. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings in 2016 ranked the university 193rd worldwide.

Prof. Guy Marc Bonem, Director of Bircham International University French division and former BIU graduate as well, received an acceptance letter from the University of Luxembourg for BIU graduates who may meet the university's admission criteria.


UniLu - University of Luxembourg

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Reference from the following BIU graduate or professor:


Guy Marc Bonem (Spain):

Director - Bircham International University
Doctorate (PhD) in Psychotherapy
Bircham International University - Madrid, Spain (2014)
Doctorate (PhD) in Creative and Script Writing
Bircham International University - Madrid, Spain (2004-2008)
Master in General Psychology
Bircham International University - Madrid, Spain (2013)
Certificate in Creative Writing
Long Ridge Writers Group, USA (1997-2003)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Sacred Heart University, USA (1991-1993)
NASD & NYSE licenses for U.S. securities brokers (Series 3, 5, 7, 8, 9,15)
National Association of Securities Dealers, USA (1984-1989)
Dip. Commercial & Economical Sciences,
Luxembourg (1980)
Bircham International University Degree:
Doctor Ph.D. in Journalism - Creative & Script Writing - Completed (2008)
Cum Laude in Creative & Script Writing - Completed (2008)
Master's Degree in Psychology - Completed (2013)
Doctor Ph.D. in Psychology - Psychotherapy - Completed (2015)
Cum Laude in Psychotherapy - Completed (2015)
Beyond Three-Act structure in cinema, writing, leisure, virtuality - tradition, evolution, outlook.
Cinematic Repetition & the American Remake or from Freud to Lacan
to Deleuze to Zizek in a Möbius Band.

Testimony about Bircham International University: As a firm believer in ‘a healthy body needs a healthy brain’ (or the other way around), I have decided, a long time ago to adhere to ‘Life Long Learning’. With an MBA degree in Marketing Communications dating in the mid 90s, I thought (back in 2003) that time had come to get myself tempted by the next logical adventure – a PhD degree in Philosophy. It was certainly not for the sake of a career, or the search of an additional title, what triggered my will and determination. Living on a small island, with no real university background and tradition, I navigated the Internet until I found Bircham International University, with its European headquarters in Madrid, its unique and malleable program approach. Let me first thank Dr. William Martin and his entire team for always being dedicated and willing to help in all imaginable forms and aspects. Flexible tuition, a specifically tailored program, most generous time frames – these are only a few of the most outstanding aspects readily offered by the University. In my own case, as I had decided to write about the 7th Art (Cinema), my special focus had to be readdressed several times (same as the pace with which films become popular and forgotten about). Thus, I felt forced to start all over again, three times in four years, fully assisted and always readily encouraged by Bircham University Madrid. Finally, I not only got my PhD degree, but with a Magna Cum Laude on top. I am especially thankful to my professors, for the trust and honour conferred. I do warmly recommend Bircham International University to everyone willing to and ready for a new learning experience, extremely efficient and offside the traditional paths. I will further deepen my study experience and sincerely hope to be able to give some of it back, within Bircham University, to future students...


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UniLu - University of Luxembourg

& Bircham International University.


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