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BIU References 


Academic Acceptance & Recognition.

Bircham International University


USA Non Profit 501c3 Status





In the year 2000, Bircham International University was formally established and registered as a non-profit organization in the State of Delaware, USA with the Registry number 001051898-3169257 and with the purpose of providing higher education and degrees.

Education in the USA is decentralized by the Constitution, so each State holds the legitimacy to authorize educational institutions. Accreditation is a voluntary and non governmental regulatory process to ensure academic quality and mobility.

In 2010, Bircham International University finally achieved the IRS USA Non Profit 501c3.


The most common type of tax-exempt nonprofit organization falls under category 501(c)(3), whereby a nonprofit organization is exempt from federal income tax if its activities have the following purposes: charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering amateur sports competition, or preventing cruelty to children or animals.

A USA Non Profit 501c3 organization is a United States nonprofit organization that has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service to be tax-exempt. A USA Non Profit 501c3 organization activities have the following purposes: charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, and others.

An approved USA Non Profit 501c3 exemption allows donors to the organization to reduce their own taxable incomes by deducting the amounts of their donations given, and thus to reduce their personal income taxes, and it allows the USA Non Profit 501c3 organization to avoid federal income taxes on the difference between revenues (donations, grants, service fees) received vs. expenses (wages, supplies, state and local taxes paid, etc.) in its main operations. In a for-profit business, that difference would represent taxable income and be taxed at federal corporate tax rates.

Obtaining tax-exempt status is a process that requires through inspection of the organization and may take years. This status may only be granted by the United States Internal Revenue Code (IRS). Bircham International University spent two years of paperwork and reports to achieve the USA Non Profit 501c3 status.

Regulations specify that deductions must be verifiable to be allowed (e.g., receipts for donations over $250). Due to the tax deductions associated with donations. Before donating to a USA Non Profit 501c3 organization, a donor may wish to consult the searchable online IRS list of charitable organizations.

If you make a donation or want to help someone to study at Bircham International University do always request your donation invoice from the BIU office.

Bircham International University (BIU) website provides information about the total amount of money assigned to scholarships every year, the number of students that have received scholarships, and the average amount granted per person.

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USA Non Profit 501c3 Status

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USA Non Profit 501c3 Status

& Bircham International University.


Bircham University USA Non Profit 501c3 Status


Bircham University USA Non Profit 501c3 Status


Bircham University USA Non Profit 501c3 Status