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Bircham International University


BIU Founder - Wen Hung Cheng


Prof. Dr. Laurence Wen-Hung Cheng is the adopted son of Prof. Dr. Deric Bircham and he provided the initial financial and business drive that allowed BIU to commence internationally.


Prof. Dr. Laurence Wen-Hung Cheng is the adopted son of Prof. Dr. Deric Bircham and he provided the initial financial and business drive that allowed BIU to commence internationally.

The BIU business resources & structure.

He was born on November 16th 1962 at Kaohsiung County Taiwan into a family of three sisters and a brother from a family with a background in Chinese Medicine that went back several generations. He was educated at Fu-Jen University Taiwan. In his early years he was involved in sport excelling in Tennis, Track and Field events winning 3rd position in the Nation when he was a University student. He is married with three boys.

On leaving College he chose a career in Advertising which he pursued with great vigour and determination becoming the most Qualified Consulting Director in Taiwan receiving Gold Medal, Bronze Medal and the Best Creation Award for Advertisements in 1988 and again in 1989. His career path was spent with more than 10 years in the field of Marketing Consulting and he became one of the most popular and outstanding consultants and lecturers in Taiwan. Supervisory Projects were awarded for "Excellence" of a Demonstrated Corporation by the Ministry of Economy of Taiwan, and he was invited to present over 200 Public Lectures and Presentations

He completed a Bachelor in Business Administration from Fu Jen University of Taiwan in 1985. In 1991 he graduated with a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Michigan State Madonna University (U.S.A.). He also received some Professorial Academic appointments. In 1999 Member of Honour from the Academia Ecologica (Romania), Certificate of Honour and Honourary Membership from the Institute of International Affairs (France) and Professor and Attache of Research at the Alliance University for Peace (UNESCO and UNICEF) in Belgium.

In 1996 he started being more interested in Mental Arithmetic and established the World Mental Arithmetic Co. Ltd and later in association with the International Institute of Mental Arithmetic, New Zealand Founded in 1999.

He has been Director and Speaker at various Seminars and Lectures at Congresses and Conferences in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, in the areas of Advertising, Management Studies, Natural and Complementary Medicine, Education and Marketing.

Apart from being Head for all of Asia for Bircham International University he is also the President of several Companies and Organisations such as "Grace Times Co Ltd", "Supropower Digital Hi-Tech Inc", "World Mental Arithmetic", " Supro Marketing Consulting Corp", "Bircham International Investment Inc", "International Institute of Mental Arithmetic", "Chinese Internet World Intelligence Network Hi-Tech Digital Inc", he is also the Founder of the "International Consulting Institute for Natural Medicine" and Vice-President of the "International Institute of Natural Medicine", Vice-President of the "International Institute of Mental Arithmetic", and Vice President of the “Mei Yuan Group” (China).

His Biodata is included in "Dictionary of International Biography", “2000 Scholars of the 20th Century” he also received the "21st Century Achievement Award" as well as the Presidential Distinguished V.I.P. Award from President Lee of Taiwan for his research in Mental Arithmetic in 1998 amongst other honors.

However the greatest honor in his life was his contribution to make Bircham International University a reality. BIU was the dream of his adopted father, Prof. Dr. Deric Bircham. Laurence acted as Head of the BIU in Asia for several years until he delegated this managerial position to William Martin in 2006.


BIU Founder - Wen Hung Cheng

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BIU Founder - Wen Hung Cheng

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Bircham University BIU Founder - Wen Hung Cheng