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BIU References 

BIU References 


QAC - Quality Assurance Commission


The Quality Assurance Commission (QAC) was formed as an autonomous not-for-profit organization in Asia, in the year 2011. It was established as an accreditation organization in education & training for learning programs at vocational and professional levels.

The Quality Assurance Commission (QAC) intended to promote a better understanding of the Western vocational and professional higher education for students in Asia. The Quality Assurance Commission (QAC) upheld the view that education is every citizen’s right. In this respect, it is the foremost duty of the countries worldwide to create an environment which is conducive to the attainment and realization of each and every individual’s potential by providing opportunities for all learners to acquire good quality formal education from basic to the highest level, and in so doing enable the country to grow and develop into a healthy and prosperous nation.

Bircham International University chose to prepare the paperwork required by QAC in order to facilitate the acceptance of BIU degrees and academic credits in Asia. BIU was granted accreditation by QAC in 2011, and included in the listing of accredited universities. Apparently, the QAC initiative was not as solid and estable as it pretended to be. The Quality Assurance Commission (QAC) was closed in 2012. In 2013, Bircham International University replaced this reference for Asian students with the World Council for Regular and Distance Education, based in India.


QAC - Quality Assurance Commission

Reference - Accredited. Year: 2011... 2013.

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Replaced by (Click below for more info):

WCRDE - World Council for Regular and Distance Education


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QAC - Quality Assurance Commission

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QAC - Quality Assurance Commission