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UK Ogba Kingdom Royal Charter


In may 2006 Bircham International University was granted a Royal Charter by the ancient kingdom of Ogba (Africa)

A Royal Charter is a Document granting privileges patronized by a King or Queen that records a public act. In English history Royal Charters are associated with the delegation of authority and were used by Medieval Kings and their descendants to give some powers of self-rule to the urban communities.

These days Royal Charters granted by a Sovereign in England are on the advice of the Privy Council. In most African Kingdoms it is usually on the recommendation of the Council of Chiefs or the prerogative of the King (Oba). Other Sovereigns in other Countries have differing procedures towards conferment of a Royal Charter. The original purpose of granting a Royal Charter was to create public or private corporations (including Towns and Cities), and to define their privileges and purpose. Nowadays, though Charters are still occasionally granted to Cities, new Charters are normally reserved for bodies that work in the public interest such as professional institutions, and charities that can demonstrate pre-eminence, stability and permanence in their particular field. Many older Universities are also Chartered bodies.

The Ancient Kingdom of Ogbaland has been acknowledged by the British Crown since the 1850's and His Majesty King (Oba) Dr. Ibrahim Sanni Arolagbade Ashade (IV) The Ologba Of Ogba Kingdom has used His Royal prerogative to Grant a Royal Charter to Bircham International University as a Gift by the Kingdom of Ogbaland (Nigeria) to its Inaugural President, Academician Professor Emeritus Dr. Deric N. Bircham, a Prince and Chief of Ogbaland for his individual prominence in the area of Education. Professor Bircham has accepted this most generous Gift by His Royal Majesty King Ashade IV, and in turn presented it to Bircham International University as his Gift to this University.


UK Ogba Kingdom Royal Charter

Reference - Legal. Year: 2006... Today.

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UK Ogba Kingdom Royal Charter

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UK Ogba Kingdom Royal Charter