Bircham International University Directors & Staff 


Bircham International University offers Bachelor's Degrees (B.B.A., B.S., B.A.), Master's Degrees (M.B.A., M.S., M.A.), Doctor Ph.D. Degrees, and professional diplomas of Specialist & Expert through distance learning higher education programs.


Bircham International University instructors are in charge of the evaluation of student work, guidance and tutoring. Bircham International University staff manage the different BIU offices, provide a first line service to applicants, students, and graduates, and supervise the different procedures required by adult distance learning higher education programs.


Bircham International University directors and staff provide service and support to students and graduates worldwide through the different Bircham International University offices. The Bircham International University directors and staff will duly inform the candidates, assist the student process, and service any needs from candidates and students. There is a Bircham International University Office assigned to each world cultural environment: North America, Central & South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. You may check all of them at the Bircham International University network.



Directors & Staff




Abdul Hannan Kakar:

Master in Community and Social Development

Bircham  International  University (2012)

Bachelor in Political Science

University of  Karachi - Pakistan (2006)



Abdul Qayeum Karim:

Master in Hydrologic Engineering

University of Rurkee - India (1992)

Bachelor in Civil Engineering

University of Kabul - Afghanistan (1984)



Ahasan P. Khandker:

Master in Business Administration & Marketing

London College of Management & Research - London, United Kingdom (2002-2003)

Bachelor in Business Administration & Finance

East West University - Dhaka, Bangladesh (1998-2001)



Ahmad Khodaverdi Darian:

Ph.D. in Project Engineering Management

Bircham International University - USA (2007)

M.S. in Computer Science

American Institute for Computer sciences - USA (1996)

M.S. in Social Sciences

Tehran University - Iran (1985)

B.S. in English Literature

Allameh T abatabai University - Iran (1978)



Akbaruddin Ahmad:

Doctor Ph.D. in Finance & Banking

Bircham International University - Spain & USA (2012)

Master of Business Administration & Banking

Edward University - USA (2008)

Diploma in Operations Management

Pakistan Institute of Management - Pakistan (1973)

Diploma in Accounting

Institute of Chartered Accountants - Pakistan (1971)

Bachelor in Commerce

Dhaka University - Bangladesh (1965)




Antoine K. Abou Assaf:

Doctorate in Public Law

Lebanese University - Lebanon (1969 - 1970)

Bachelor in Lebanese Law

Lebanese University - Lebanon (1964-1968)

Bachelor in Financial Sciences & Economics

Lebanese University, Institute of Administration & Finance - Lebanon (1953 -1957)

Superior Study Diploma in Ancient & Medieval  History

Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts - Beirut, Lebanon (1953)



Antonio Vilches:

Expert in Mining

Secretaría Regional Ministerial de Salud - Chile (2006)

Expert in Instrumentation & Nuclear Energy

Secretaría Regional Ministerial de Salud - Chile (1996)



Arnaldo Puati Tomas:

Doctor Ph.D. in Education & Pedagogy

Bircham International University - Spain (2009-2010)

Doctor Ph.D. in Human Resources

Bircham International University - Spain (2008-2009)

Diploma in Higher Education and University Teaching

Universita Degli Studi Gulglielmo Marconi - Italy (2009)

Master in Clinical Psychology

Instituto Tecnico de Estudios Aplicados - Spain (2008-2009)

Master in Human Resources

Formaselect Business School - Spain (2008-2009)

Specialist in Human Resources

Instituto Superior de Tecnicas y Practicas Bancarias - Spain (2006)

Diploma in Human Resources

EE Business School - Spain (2007-2008)

Diploma in Business Administration

Centro Universitario de Parana UNIFAE - Brazil (2005-2006)



Cesar Corbacho Martínez:

Licentiate in History

Universidad Católica do Salvador - Brasil (1996-2002)

Licentiate in Foreign Lenguage Teaching

Universidad Federal da Bahia - Brasil (2000 - 2006)



Elsa Olsen :

Diploma in Administration

Saint Charles College - Spain & UK (1965)



Emmanuel Amaglo:

Doctor in Holistic Medicine

Open International University of Alternative Medicine - India (2013-2015)

Master in Psychotherapy & Counseling

Open International University of Alternative Medicine - India (2013-2015)

Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

International Forensic Science Institute - India (2012 - 2013)

Advanced Diploma in Community Medicine and Health

Kintampo College of Health - Ghana (2005 - 2006)

Proficiency Certificate in Health Education

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Kumasi - Ghana (2002)

Diploma in Mental Health Nursing

Pantang Nursing Training College - Ghana (1998-2001)



Fouad A. Assaf:

Certified Quality Management Auditor (QMA)

Lloyd's - UK (2000)

Bachelor in Business Administration

Beirut University College - Lebanon (1989-1992)

CEO - ProActive IG  Holding - UK



Ghowsuddin Amirian Parandeh:

Master in Political Sciences-International Relations

Bircham International University - Spain & USA (2014)

Bachelor in Business Administration - Global Management

Bircham International University - Spain & USA (2006)



Guy Marc Bonem :

Doctorate (PhD) in Creative and Script Writing

Bircham International University (2004-2008)

Certificate in Creative Writing

Long Ridge Writers Group, USA (1997-2003)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Sacred Heart University, USA (1991-1993)

NASD & NYSE licenses for U.S. securities brokers (Series 3, 5, 7, 8, 9,15)

National Association of Securities Dealers, USA (1984-1989)

Dip. Commercial & Economical Sciences,

Luxembourg (1980)



Hady Safa:

Ph. D. in Human Resources Management & Talent Management

Fairfield University - USA (2010)

Masters of Business Administration

Fairfield University - USA (2006)

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - International Business Management

Kingston University - UK (2004)

Diploma in Hospitality Management

American Hotel & Motel Association - USA (1999)



Herve Salkin:

Ph.D. in Economics

University of Western Brittany - France (2008)

Master in Materials Science

Ecole des Mines de Paris - France (1979-1981)

Master in Engineering

Ecole Polytechnique de Paris - France (1976-1979)



Hou Hsueh Ni:

Certificate in Public Relations

PR Professional Institute - Taiwan (2000)

Bachelor in Communication

Coventry University - UK (1996)

Diplomate in Photography

London College Printing - UK (1997)



Irene Fernandez Montes:

Bachelor in Business Administration 

Bircham International University- Madrid, Spain (2002-2004)

Diploma in Accounting 

Camara de Comercio - Madrid, Spain (1998)

Former Interrnational Product Manager - Sony Music



Iryna Panchenko:

Licenciate in Socio-Political Sciences

University of Kiev "Taras Shevchenko" - Ucrania (1992)

Diploma in Business Administration

CENEC Training Center - Spain (2007)

Diplomas in Web Design

CENEC Training Center - Spain (2009)



Joe A. Rosa Rodriguez:

Doctor Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology 

Bircham International University - Spain (2011)

Master in Counseling Psychology 

Universidad del Turabo - USA (2007)

Master in Counseling 

University of Phoenix - USA (2000)

Bachelor in Industrial Arts

University of Puerto Rico - USA (1998)



José Luis Wagener Martinez:

Master in NLP -Neuro Linguistic Programming

Universidad Camilo José Cela - Spain (2009)

Expert in Coaching

Universidad Camilo José Cela - Spain (2008)

Master Practitioner in NLP -Neuro Linguistic Programming 

Instituo Español de PNL (IEPNL) - Spain (2008)

Coronel of the Spain Air Forces (1994)

Office of the Spain Air Forces (1965)



Juan Carlos Bernial:

Dr. Honoris Causa

Universidad Politécnica Javeriana del Ecuador (2006)

Dr. Ph.D in Economics

Columbia S. University, USA (1999)

Master in International Business Law

Columbia S. University, USA (1997)

Bachelor in Economics and Finance

Columbia S. University, USA (1997)

Graduate in Marketing Intelligence

Escuela de Economía y Finanzas  Bank Boston, Argentina (1988)

Graduate in Latin American Organization of Social Security, Spain (1973)

Graduate in International Organization for Technician Training. Spain (1973)

Licenciate in Law

Colegio Mayor Cardenal Cisneros, Argentina & España (1968-1973)



Lorena Cano Camarero:

Master in Marketing

Centro Español Nuevas Profesiones - Spain (1997)

Certificate in Mass Media

Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Spain (1995)

Diploma in Advertising

Centro Español Nuevas Profesiones - Spain (1993-1996)

Specialist in Graphic Design

INEM - Spain (1994)



Luis Geovani Gomez Oliva:

Postgraduate in Restaurant Management

INCAE, Costa Rica

Postgraduate in Applied and Advanced Management

Universidad del Istmo, Guatemala

Master of Business Administration

IPADE, México

Licenciate in Business Administration

American Capital University, USA



Mark H. Schaeffer:

CEO International Business Company Formation, Inc.



Nada Bifani:

Master of Business Administration

Ecole Supérieure des Affaires - Lebanon (2001)

Master in Economic Sciences

Saint Joseph University - Lebanon (1988)

Lebanese Baccalaureate in Experimental Sciences (1983)

Managing Director

Business Improvement Services (BIS) - Beirut, Lebanon



Nkululeko Ndlovu:

Master of International Business Management       

South Asia University - UK (2009)

Advanced Diploma in Education

Morgan Zintech Collage Zimbambwe (2003)

Diploma in Computer Science

Morgan Zintech Collage Zimbambwe   (2001)



Octave Semwaga:

Ph.D. in Agricultural Management

Bircham International University - Spain (2005-2008)

Master in Banking & Finance

Eastern Mediterranean University - Cyprus (2013-2014)

Master in Strategic Marketing

Bircham International University - Spain (2003-2005)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Integrated Regional Development Planning

Development Study Center - Israel (2001)

Bachelor in Agronomy (1992-1996)

University of Burundi

Higher Diploma in Pharmacy

University of Burundi (1988-1990)



Ricardo Miralles Damm:

Master in E-Business Design & E-Commerce

Bircham International University (2009)

Specialist in E-Business & Internet

Escuela Superior de Informatica, Madrid - Spain (2003)

Expert in Web Design & Development

Escuela Superior de Informatica, Madrid - Spain (2001)

Specialist in Multimedia Design & Production

Ayuntamiento de Majadahonda, Madrid - Spain (1997)

Bachelor in TV & Video Production

Centro de Estudios Del Video y la Imagen - Spain (1993 -1996)



Shahida Yousufzai:

B.A. in English Literature

Umahat-Ul-Momenin University - Pakistan

Human Resources Management Workshop

ASGP Creative Associations USAID - Pakistan

Business & Management Training Peace Through Business

Institute of for Economic and Empowerment for women - Afghanistan



Tatiana Griaznova:

Bachelor in English & Spanish Linguistics

People's Friendship University - Moscow, Russia (1998-2002)

Teaching Practice Certificate

People's Friendship University - Moscow, Russia (2001)



Tersia Scholtz:

Higher Diploma in Education

UNISA University of South Africa (2009)

Certificate in Early Childhood Development

UNISA University of South Africa (2008)



William Martin Olsen:

Doctor of Science in International Relations

International University of Fundamental Studies - Russia (2007)

Ph.D. in Communications

Bircham International University (2000-2002)

Doctor of Science Honoris Causa

Open International University of Complementary Medicines - Sri Lanka (2000)

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration & Marketing.

European Business School - Spain (1988 -1992)

Licentiate in Advertising & Public Relations

Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Spain (1986-1991)

BIU Vicepresident & Chief Executive Officer



Yean Rithy:

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Marketing

Preston University, USA, Phnom Penh Campus (2006-2007)

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) 

Preston University, USA, Phnom Penh Campus (2005-2006)

Professional Doctoral Diploma in Finance 

Institute of Professional Financial Managers (IPFM), London, England (2004-2005)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance and Accounting

Preston University, USA, Phnom Penh Campus (2004-2005)

Bachelor Degree of Business Administration in Banking and Finance 

Irish University Business School, Malaysia (1996-1998)

Diploma in Accounting 

Regent College, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (1996-1999)



Youssef Hadare:

Master in Human Resources Management

Cambridge International College - Morocco (2007)

Master in International Business

EENI Business School - Spain (2007)

Bachelor of Economics

University of Lille - France (2006)Higher Technical Diploma in Computer Science and Electronics.

University of Lille - France (2002)



Yusuf Olawale Fatai:

Master of Business Administration

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology - Nigeria (2011)

B.Sc. in Accounting

European American University, Dominica (2011)

Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Information Technology

HIIT Institute of Ikeja - Nigeria (2008)

Higher National Diploma (HND) in Accounting

Lagos City Polytechnic - Nigeria (2006)



Zainulabuddin Hamid:

Master in Construction Management

Bircham International University - Spain & USA (2012)

Specialist in Leadership and Management

United Nation Institute for Training & Research - UNITR - (2010)

Bachelor in Civil Engineering

University of Herat - Afghanistan (2000)