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Bircham International University.
Current Students from the Faculty of Natural Health Science.


Faculty of Natural Health Sciences


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Abdulakeem Miftahudeen Ogunlana

Doctor Ph.D. in Human Biology


Abigail Gillian Wilson

Master in Scientific Nutrition


Adriano José dos Santos

Bachelor in Naturopathy


Alceu Ferreira Nunes

Doctor Ph.D. in TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine


Alessandra Petraglia de Freitas

Specialist in M. T. C.


Ana Celdran Ferrera

Bachelor in Natural Psychotherapy


Angel R. Barreiro Maymí

Doctor Ph.D. in Naturopathic Sciences


Artemis Michaletos

Bachelor in Kinesiology - Aromatherapy


Aspirante Guia Manuel

Bachelor in Natural Health Science


Begoña Vega Ramirez

Doctor Ph.D. in Naturopathic Medicine


Bibhuprasad Bhattacharyya

Doctor Ph.D. in Homeopathy


Carine Pieterse

Doctor Ph.D. in Naturopathy


Caroline do Nascimento Franco

Bachelor in Ayurveda


Cleofer Guzmán Rengifo

Bachelor in Scientific Nutrition - Diet Theraphy


Clovis Jose Ferreira Junior

Bachelor in Sports Training


Craig Martin Canedy

Doctor Ph.D. in Sensory Therapy


David Queiroz de Sousa

Bachelor in Sports Training


Dorothy Ann Dexter Fulton

Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Elisa Maciel Costa

Bachelor in Natural Health Science


Elsio Dinis Correia da Silva

Bachelor in TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine


Emil Marinov Enchev

Master in Naturopathy - Nutrition / Diet Therapy


Estibaliz Rubio Lavin

Bachelor in Scientific Nutrition


Fernando Guedes José Balanga

Bachelor in Human Biology


Festus Madu Afamefule

Doctor Ph.D. in Public Health


Francisco Javier Lorente Ortega

Specialist in Psychotherapy


Gabriela Segura Ten

Doctor Ph.D. in Natural Health Sciences


Gilit Steiner

Doctor Ph.D. in Naturopathy


Gilvânia Climaco da Silva

Specialist in Naturopathy


Giovanni Costa Cavalcanti

Specialist in Naturopathy


Indira Marinela Figueira Nobrega

Bachelor in Biology & Life Science


Ingrid Marcela León Díaz

Doctor Ph.D. in Gestalt Therapy


Isolda Beatriz Maciel

Bachelor in TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine


Istvan Sabo

Expert in Natural Health Sciences


Janeta Kostadinova Hristova

Specialist in Gestalt Therapy


Joaquim Aguiar

Bachelor in Manual Therapy & Massage


José Augusto Maciel Torres

Doctor Ph.D. in TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine


José Sam Victorio

Doctor Ph.D. in Coaching & Leadership - NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming


Kelly Susann Jordan

Specialist in Ayurveda


Keyona N. Glenn

Expert in Natural Health Science


Lahlou Mariam

Doctor Ph.D. in Scientific Nutrition


Lampros Rossis

Doctor Ph.D. in Homeopathy


Marcela Bezerra Coelho

Master in Nutrition & Diet Therapy


Marcelo José Silva Santos de Castro

Specialist in Scientific Nutrition


Marcos Mazzuka P.

Doctor Ph.D. in Anti-Aging Therapy


Maria Azul Sallovitz

Expert in Scientific Nutrition


Maria Casellas Robirola

Specialist in Yoga Therapy

Master in Naturopathy


Maria Cicera Aranha

Specialist in Iridology


Maria del Pilar Mendez Castro

Expert in Nutrition


Maria Dolores Gómez Corral

Specialist in Naturopathy


Melodie Idaszek

Bachelor in Natural Health Sciences


Mirisse Galbokka Hewage Thilakaratna

Master in Sports Training


Mlungisi Patrick Msibi

Master in Human Biology


Paula Gómez Patiño

Expert in Sensory Therapy


Ray Dela Cruz

Doctor Ph.D. in Natural Health Science


Rim Eisa

Specialist in Clinical Nutrition


Rolando Leal Martinez

Doctor Ph.D. in Holistic Sciences


Rosivaldo Silva Santos

Bachelor in Naturopathy


Rui Miguel Alves Santos

Expert in Homeopathy


Samir G. Taleb

Specialist in Yoga Therapy


Seba Ali Ebrahim

Expert in Nutrition & Diet Therapy


Sidónio Malamba de Carvalho Inácio

Bachelor in Sports Training

Master in Sport Management


Tani Elena Eyzaguirre Pinto

Doctor Ph.D. in Natural Medicine


Tikouoka Jean Robert

Expert in Health Care Administration


Turki Nasser Garip Al-Solagi

Master in Manual Therapy & Massage


Valdeci Almeida Souza

Bachelor in Natural Health Science


Valia Alexieva Popova

Expert in Nutrition / Diet Therapy


Vasco Domingos Jundo

Bachelor in Public Health


Virgilio Junquera Moreso

Bachelor in Homeopathy

Master in Human Biology


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