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Bircham International University.
Current Students from the Faculty of Life & Earth Sciences.


Faculty of Life & Earth Sciences


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Abdulhameed Omer Ali Al Shoukry

Bachelor in Chemistry


Al Mutairi Ahmad Sulaiman

Bachelor in Physics 


Alberto Boaventura

Bachelor in Geography


Anthony Atanga Kutwa

Specialist in Food Science


Arthur Ndong Ovono Dieudonne

Doctor Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics - Finite Elements 


Benior Chombe Kamuli Maneira

Bachelor in Geology


Benjamin Ovídio Catengue Simão

Master in Mathematics


Caillavet Marie-Laure

Specialist in Ethology


Carlos Antonio Oliveira Rodrigues

Bachelor in Etology


Celso Barbiero Alves

Bachelor in Genetics


Chentouf Aouatif

Expert in Toxicology

Doctor Ph.D. in Toxicology


Clara Ines Pinilla Moscoso

Doctor Ph.D. in Ecology & Environmental Health


Cynthia Jean Wright

Doctor Ph.D. in Biology & Life Science


Daniel, Vincent Ntiense

Master in Geology


David Miguel Torres Ojeda

Bachelor in Microbiology


Elena Apostolou

Doctor Ph.D. in Microbiology & Immunology


Emma Ruth Baldwin

Master in Ecology - Wildlife Management


Erika Lara Chan

Expert in Zoology & Ethology


Eva Mª Morón Manchado

Bachelor in Biology


Fayez Seifeddine

Doctor Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics - Math Education


Francesc Caralt Rafecas

Bachelor in Biology & Biochemistry - Botany

Doctor Ph.D. in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology


Francisco Manuel Gaspar

Bachelor in Sustainable Agriculture


Francisco Martins da Costa

Bachelor in Geology


Gerardo Luisemilio Telon Rodriguez

Bachelor in Sustainable Agriculture

Master in Livestock & Animal Science


Hermenegildo Martins Ferreira da Costa

Bachelor in Geology


Icola Alfred Warda

Master in Earth Science


Isamu Wada Alkhulifi 

Master in Zoology & Ethology


Javier de Jesús Mora García

Doctor Ph.D. in Microbiology & Immunology


João da Silva

Bachelor in Agriculture Management


Joe Perez Baez

Specialist in Biochemistry


John Silba

Doctor Ph.D. in Biology & Life Science - Botany & Plant Science


Jonathan Christopher Greyling

Bachelor in Geology


José Caetano Tavares

Doctor Ph.D. in Microbiology & Immunology


José do Espírito Santo

Bachelor in Soil Science


Joseph Charbel Nakhoul

Doctor Ph.D. in Environmental Health


Juan Salvador Zarate Smith

Bachelor in Biology & Life Science


Karolyn de Leon Amarillo

Master in Ecology & Environmental Health


Kazuo Noda

Bachelor in Optics


Leopoldo Arcanjo Camuto

Bachelor in Fire Science


Lorenço Emanuel da Cunha Paulo

Bachelor in Sustainable Agriculture


Louise Evangeline Anthony

Bachelor in Environmental Health


Maicon Santiago Aliaga Machado

Doctor Ph.D. in Astronomy - Astrophysics


Marat Safine

Doctor Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology


Maria Camila Corredor Londoño

Specialist in Ethology

Doctor Ph.D. in Ethology


Maria Teresa Parra Gamero

Bachelor in Pure Sciences


Marisol Corridori

Bachelor in Zoology


Mark Stephen Fensom

Specialist in Meteorology


Mary Eustacia Fevrier-Yotte

Master in Environmental Health


Michael T. Combs

Expert in Botany & Plant Science


Miguel Simão Paulo

Master in Sustainable Agriculture


Mohamed El Sayed El Sonbaty

Master in Applied Mathematics  


Pablo Jesús Sesma Valles

Specialist in Applied Mathematics

Expert in Physics

Specialist in Computation Engineering


Patricia Solange Pires Candeiro

Bachelor in Earth Science & Geology


Paulino Antonio Garcia

Bachelor in Sustainable Agriculture


Pedro Ernesto Meléndez Russel

Bachelor in Sustainable Agriculture


Phortune Dina Tjivikua

Master in Microbiology


Prosper Dzisah

Bachelor in Sustainable Agriculture


Ramón A. Antelo Reguengo

Expert in Biochemistry


René Maqueta Sabino Correia

Bachelor in Occupational Safety & Health


Rinaldi Anwar

Doctor Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics


Rosa M. Morales Martin

Specialist in Sustainable Agriculture


Saad G. Hussain

Doctor Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology


Sarah L. Reagan

Master in Human Animal Studies


Sebastiao Caetano Cristovao Nogueira

Specialist in Geology

Bachelor in Geology


Sellaya Dit Tran Van Tai

Master in Genetics


Sherifa Ahmed Hamed Omran

Doctor Ph.D. in Molecular Biology


Simón Bolivar Pérez Rossó

Specialist in Genetics


Venâncio Manuel José Namuele

Master in Physics


Waldemar Sérgio Tavares

Master in Geology


Wellington Leon Silva

Bachelor in Ecology - Marine Science


Yerecê da Silva Pereira

Bachelor in Geology


Zwelonke Simela

Doctor Ph.D. in Astronomy


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