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Testimony from Bircham International University graduates


It is not the degree that makes a great person;

it is the person that makes the degree great.


A person's reputation depends much on his or her professional career and achievements. It also depends on a good education the individual has acquired, firmly established with a university diploma. Most companies employment criteria is driven by the candidate's know-how, ability to solve problems, and other practical skills, and not just the university degree. Bircham International University students and graduates have gotten jobs or promotions in leading companies worldwide. Many felt a considerable increase in their self-esteem and social status. Most of them had moved on to a better job, had been promoted, or had received a salary raise.


There are many success stories among Bircham International University graduates, but we do not know all of them. With all the respect for the privacy of your life, we would like to read your testimony here. Your story may be helpful for other people. It may motivate current students to continue working in their programs of study, it may encourage BIU graduates to aim high in their personal lifes and professional affairs, it may help the decision of those candidates who are now considering Bircham International University a suitable option for their future education.


Probably you would have loved to read some of these stories.

Well, why don't you start telling yours?

You may send your testimony to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks in advance for sharing.



Testimony from Bircham International University graduates



Abdikadir Issa Farah (Somalia):
Doctor Ph.D. in Educational Administration
TESTIMONY: "Opportunity knocks the door once not twice. Learning from BIU is unique, and its learning sessions are different from on campus learning universities. In my opinion BIU fulfilled international learning and teaching standards (i.e.  inclusiveness in education, quality education, equity and equality, integrity and validity)."


Abdikadir Mohamed Haamud (Somalia):
Bachelor's Degree in Community and Social Development - Social Work
TESTIMONY: "I joined Bircham University from Puntland State of Somalia, during my learning I really gained knowledge, skills and progress. I feed my children, stay with them at home and learn from Bircham University at the same time. It is a great golden, learning staying with your family/space. I say once again thanks to Bircham University that facilitated my learning while studying at my own pace."


Abdo Miled Abou Jaoude (Lebanon):
Doctor Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics
Doctor Ph.D. in Applied Statistics & Probability
Cum Laude in Applied Statistics & Probability
TESTIMONY: "I thank Bircham University because it gave me the chance to continue my education on a distance learning program. I completed at Bircham University three Ph.D's, the first in Applied Mathematics, the second in Computer Science with Magna Cum Laude, and the third in Applied Statistics with Magna Cum Laude also. If I have the time I would complete also my knowledge in other fields of knowledge, and all this thanks to Bircham University, and with the support and valuable guidance of Dr. Antoine Abou Assaf, Bircham University's delegate in Middle East and North Africa, and Dr. William Martin, Bircham University's CEO. They both provided me with all the help I needed to complete all the work that I have done during those years. Moreover, the distance learning program is a fantastic adventure rich of pleasure and knowledge that I invite everyone seeking knowledge and self discipline to experience. I have been appointed teacher of mathematics and statistics for over three years at Notre Dame University NDU in Lebanon and also at Middle East University, both recognized by the Ministry of Education. My sincere thanks to Bircham University."


Abdul Hannan Kakar (Afghanistan):
Master's Degree in Community and Social Development
TESTIMONY: "This is to confirm the receipt of my master degree and the supporting documents. I take this opportunity to thank you for your professional and timely correspondence and excellent support throughout my degree program. During the last one year, I really enjoyed the innovative method of studying and therefore hope to continue my Doctorate at Bircham University in the nearest future. Please also extend my special thanks to the entire team of Bircham University and Mr. William Martin, the CEO and Vice-president for providing such a great opportunity to the working professionals to pursue their higher education with a flexible schedule and no interference with professional life."


Abdul Qayeum Karim (Afghanistan):
Doctor Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering - Hydrology
Cum Laude in Hydrology
TESTIMONY: "I would like to thank all BIU colleagues and friends who were involved in the organization of the graduation ceremony such as the professors and staff. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your support and cooperation in obtaining the visa to travel to Spain, in all the arrangements for the graduation ceremony, for the on time approval of my Ph. D. Thesis and awarding us with the degree and making our travel and efforts a success. I strongly hope that the Afghanistan will be peaceful, and I will be able to benefit from my experience and knowledge of the topic/subject I studied during my Ph.D. studies for the rehabilitation, education and prosperity of Afghans as a member of the global community. I wish all of you further success in spreading education globally and helping the human communities in development activities."


Abed Al Hafiz Al Atassi (Syria):
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Master's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "It was great meeting other graduates at the UAE Dubai Graduation in 2015."


Adão Henrique Saldanha Ribeiro Pizarro (Portugal):
Specialist Diploma in Natural Heath
TESTIMONY: "Tive a felicidade de conhecer a Bircham University. Depois de muitas perguntas que fiz, e sempre prontamente elucidado de forma categórica pelo Exº Sr. Cesar Martinez, não exitei mais e me inscrevi na formação de Especialista em Saude Natural. Já tinha efectuado em Portugal várias formações nesta área, em E-larning, mas com a Bircham University, tudo foi diferente. Diferente na exigência e no rigor, na forma e no método que têm de nos enviar os livros e respectivo material de estudo, na calma que nos transmitem durante o processo e o tempo de estudo, tirando-nos qualquer dúvida e aconselhando-nos para a devida calma, mas sempre pedindo o nosso esforço e dedicação com os principios definidos que não me canso de repetir. Assim, o seu método, de fazer com que sejam lidos os respectivos livros, a forma como temos que reler para ir anotando as nossas descobertas para a elaboração do nosso trabalho é tão intensa, que sem darmos conta disso, já lemos os diversos capítulos de cada livro 3 ou 4 vezes. Dessa forma, é bem claro que aprendemos mesmo as matérias por eles estipuladas e fazemos o nosso trabalho e com o orgulho de dever cumprido, fixando essa aprendizagem para o resto da vida."


Ahmad Timor Qayoomi (Afghanistan):
Master's Degree in Construction Management
TESTIMONY: "I am happy as a member of Bircham University students."


Ahmed Mohamoud Warsame (Somalia):
Master's Degree in Public Administration - Human Resources Management
TESTIMONY: "You kept me pushing my career forward since I joined this honorable university and at last here I am reaping my rewards. For me it was an incredible dream to have a post graduate degree in Somalia where I live now, where there was no functional government for the last 20 years. I still remember when i was collecting some of my colleagues to join this university with me and how hard it was to convince them to do their masters through distance learning. I confess that many of them have already had their master degrees before me from Bircham University. Thanks to the staff of Bircham University MEA, specially Graziella who was the bridge between me and the university, and who was coordinating the program tirelessly. In fact text books were being sent on time, evaluation reports on time, and any other needed information was timely circulated. After that, as you stated I am satisfied that I made great development and career building, and benefited from the courses I have been given through your distance learning programs with your continuous whisper in my ear day and night. I have to say that unless I would not join this university, my dreams would still remain dreams and would not see the light."


Ajayi Ezekiel Oluranti (Guinea Ecuatorial):
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting
Master's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "Bircham International University is a very professional university, they have a great reputation internationally. First time I have ever seen in my life as an online university. This university changed my life in so many ways, because they gave me the gift of education. The experience has broadened my view about many things. I have met so nice people. Thanks to BIU. I believe that BIU is very beneficial for those who would like to do any online course."


Akbaruddin Ahmad (Bangladesh):
Doctor Ph.D. in Finance & Banking
TESTIMONY: "I attended a special graduation in Madrid with the Bangladesh Ministry of Youth. I visited the nice BIU Offices in Madrid where Prof. William Martin and I celebrated the mutual recognition agreement with Darul Ihsan University."


Alejandro Iglesias Costas (Spain):
Specialist Diploma in Police Self Defense Instructor
Bachelor's Degree in Self Instructor Sciences
TESTIMONY: "Participé junto con mis compañeros del Instituto Europeo de Autodefensa en graduacion de Madrid del año 2014 que tuvo lugar en el Palacio Duarte. Fue algo inolvidable."


Alex Vicente Gonzalez (Switzerland):
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering
TESTIMONY: "Quiero dar mi testimonio en agradecimiento a todo el staff de Bircham International University por los excelentes servicios prestados a mí como estudiante. Bircham International University me inspiró en mi carrera profesional y en mis deseos de continuar educándome, cuando en su brochoure decía: Lo importante no es de donde el estudiante se gradúe, sino, lo que el estudiante puede hacer con su trabajo para darle prestigio a la institución de donde se graduó. Ahora me encuentro realizando un postgrado en SEAS centro de formacion abierta en Redes y comunicacion. Gracias una vez mas."


Alfredo Eduardo Manuel Mingas (St. Tome Principe):
Bachelor's Degree in International Relations
TESTIMONY: "As autoridades angolanas invalidaram todos os documentos académicos que atestam a conclusão de formação graduada e pós-graduada na American World University. A decisão veem expressa no despacho n.º 2477/13, assinado pelo Ministro do Ensino Superior. Um dos seus mais notáveis estudantes em Angola e o actual embaxador de Angola em São Tomé, Alfredo Mingas Eduardo “Panda”, que esteve a fazer um curso ligado a gestão de empresas na American World University, mudou-se depois para a “Bircham International University”, onde estudou Relações internacionais."


Alfredo Zenteno Torres (Peru):
Doctor Ph.D. in Naturopathy
Cum Laude in Naturopathy
Master's Degree in Herbology & Phytotherapy
Bachelor's Degree in Energy Healing
TESTIMONY: "Quiero informarles que en el ejercicio profesional como Dr. en Naturopatia, estoy atendiendo  como promedio a 50 personas diarias, en la ciudad de Puno, PERU. En mi consultorio trato a la gente más necesitada y a los deshauciados por la Medicina Alópata. Los resultados obtenidos en la atención a los pacientes me califican como el más prestigiado y eficaz en virtud de sus enseñanzas, por lo que les expreso mi gratitud."


Ali Salissou (Togo):
Doctor Ph.D. in Ecology
TESTIMONY: "I participated in the 2014 Madrid Graduation held at a beautiful palace in the city. It was a remarkable experience. It was nice to meet some of the BIU staff and professors."


Alicia Carmona Martinez (Spain):
Expert Diploma in Coaching
TESTIMONY: "Como directora de la Asociación San José en Guadix (Granada) reconozco que fue una sorpresa conocer que la formación en coaching impartida por el profesor Francisco Yuste en nuestra asociación estaba reconocida por Bircham International University. No sólo estabamos encantados con la excelente formación que estabamos recibiendo sino que además pudimos optar a recibir un diploma que avalase dichos estudios. El profesor Yuste y el director de Bircham International University tuvieron a bien organizar una ceremonia de entrega de nuestros diplomas en la propia asociación. Fue un momento entrañable que pudimos compartir los directivos que completamos dicha formación con nuestra familia y amigos."


Amon N’Guessan Broutch Charles (Ivory Coast):
Certificate's Degree in Petroleum Industry Management - course only
Certificate's Degree in Diplomatic Relations
Certificate's Degree in Cert. Total Quality Mgmt.
Master's Degree in Executive Leadership
Master's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "Une bonne nouvelle: grace au "petroleum industry management" certificate, je commence a travallier à BOLLORE AFRICA LOGISTICS/OIL & GAS."


André Antonio Buanga Cala (Angola):
Master's Degree in Business Administration
Doctor Ph.D. in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "Tive a felicidade de conhecer a Bircham International University através do Dr. Arnaldo Puati Tomas e André Binda Casimiro, actual Secretário da Juventude e Desportos de Cabinda que aprofundou-me o conhecimento desta Universidade. Andre Binda Casimiro põs-me de imediato em contacto com Exº Sr. Cesar Martinez. Depois de muitas perguntas que fiz, e sempre prontamente elucidado de forma categórica pelo Exº Sr. Cesar Martinez, não hesitei mais e me inscrevi. Na verdade, foi uma experiência bastante desafiante, pois cumulativamente e sobretudo sem prejuízo das minhas obrigações profissionais e familiareas, foi possível apreender novos e avançados conhecimentos e experiências sobre a Administração de Empresas. Gostei a forma padagógica como inculcam os conhecimentos nos estudantes, a exigência e o rigor, a forma e o método que têm de nos enviar os livros e o respectivo material de estudo, na calma que nos transmitem durante o processo e o tempo de estudo, tirando-nos qualquer dúvida e aconselhando-nos para a devida calma, mas sempre pedindo o nosso esforço e dedicação com os principios definidos que não me canso de repetir. Assim, o seu método, de fazer com que sejam lidos os respectivos livros, a forma como temos que reler para ir anotando as nossas descobertas para a elaboração do nosso trabalho é tão intensa, que sem darmos conta disso, já lemos os diversos capítulos de cada livro 3 ou 4 vezes. Dessa forma, é bem claro que aprendemos mesmo as matérias por eles estipuladas e fazemos o nosso trabalho e com o orgulho de dever cumprido, fixando essa aprendizagem para o resto da vida. De enfatizar que, esta Universidade prima pela criatividade do estudante. O que faz com que este desenvolva e esteja preparado para os desafios do dia a dia sobretudo no ramo de Administração de Empresas."


Andrew Austin (Ghana):
Master's Degree in Management Information Systems
TESTIMONY: "I am very happy to be part of Bircham University because of how organized things are and hope to personally meet you one day. I have benefited from my program and I have started introducing Bircham University to my colleagues who are interested in upgrading themselves. It was my headache to leave my job to school because I needed its proceed to support myself my upgrade and Bircham University provided me with the solution. Thank you so much William for your personal motivation to work harder till the completion of my degree program."


Anton D. Buttigieg (Malta):
Doctor Ph.D. in Information Technology
Cum Laude in Information Technology
TESTIMONY: "Talking from my personal experience, I had spent 4 months searching throughout the web for distance learning universities throughout the world. I was looking for flexibility, value for money, organization and professionalism. I found all these attributes in the Bircham University degree I pursued, through which I could read, study and write at my own pace, and balance my time between full-time work, study and my personal life, thereby practising time management and self discipline. I am doing my best to encourage my friends and colleagues to consider taking a Bircham University degree so that they may share the same rewarding experience as myself. Since graduating with Bircham University, I've never looked back and my career keeps on flourishing."


Antonio José Ernesto Ngunza (Angola):
Bachelor's Degree in Petroleu & Gas Engineering
TESTIMONY: "I participated in the 2014 Madrid Graduation where I met the BIU staff and some professors. I enjoyed very much this event."


Antonio Pedro Joaquim (Angola):
Master's Degree in Human Resourses
Doctor Ph.D. in Human Resourses
TESTIMONY: "O comandante nacional da Polícia de Guarda Fronteiras de Angola (PGFA), comissário-chefe António Pedro Kandela."


Arnaldo Puati Tomas (Angola):
Bachelor's Degree in Human Resourses
Doctor Ph.D. in Human Resourses
Honoris Causa Doctor in Outstanding professional career
Doctor Ph.D. in Pedagogy
Cum Laude in Pedagogy
TESTIMONY: "Lembro-me com limpidez de memória como se fosse hoje, quando navegava pela internet em 2007 e tendo descoberto o site www.bircham.edu, e daí impulsionado pelo mesmo a pensar na continuação da minha formação em Recursos Humanos, já que antes havia-me formado até ao mestrado nessa especialidade. Dizer que, fui um dos primeiros Angolanos a matricular-me nesta Universidade realizando aqui um Doutorado Ph.D. e hoje também graças as competências, destrezas, habilidades e aptidões aqui adquiridas, sou nesta mesma Universidade doutorado por duas vezes, Doutor Honoris Causa, Professor e Instrutor, Membro do Conselho Académico e Decano orientando dezenas de estudantes angolanos dessa universidade de ensino à distância. Essa Universidade oferece uma metodologia significativa da pesquisa científica através de Análise crítica sobre os livros de texto, elaboração de relatórios, monografias, projectos de dissertação e Teses doutorais, forma muito rica de estudo e aprendizagem baseada nas Normas APA e ABNT, o que agradeço a Deus todos os dias por isso, pois é nesta Universidade onde efectivamente a minha formação vem do palco, proporcionando elementos à educação e a estudos superiores, com eficiência e eficácia bastantes, atingindo hoje patamares e altos níveis de conquistas, não só concluindo o meu Doutorado Ph.D. em Recursos Humanos, como também o Doutorado Ph.D. em Educação e Pedagogia. Confesso hoje que, aquilo que para muitos quadros superiores das universidades é ainda um empecilho e o grande (quebra cabeças) nas instituições universitárias em Angola (que é a elaboração dos trabalhos académicos fins de curso, monografias, projectos e/ou dissertações de mestrado e Teses Doutorais) causando barreiras a milhares de finalistas na sua graduação hoje, para mim é um caso ultrapassado e faço um desafio para a orientação futura de (N) trabalhos nos campos do saber de minha formação na Bircham International University. Distinguido no seio dos meus serviços, graças à essas formações, pelas competências, aptidões e capacidade, fui hoje colocado como pessoa certa na função certa, como Director Provincial de Recursos Humanos da Delegação Provincial do Ministério do Interior em Cabinda, onde todo o meu saber é objecto de empenho e dedicação. Agradeço ao Professor e Director da Bircham University Brasil o excelentíssimo senhor César Corbacho Martinez e o Professor Doutor William Martin Olsen, que me indicaram o caminho a seguir e no qual foi possível erguer os pilares desse grande edifício do saber levando-me nessa progressiva compreensão e sobretudo agradeço a amizade e a inteligência com que me conduziram. A Deus, o meu maior tributo. Sem Ele, nada do que foi feito seria possível."


Arturo Eugenio González Pareja (Spain):
's Degree in
TESTIMONY: "Mi nombre es Arturo Eugenio González Pareja y soy profesor desde hace más de 35 años y en concreto, llevo 22 en la “European School of Management” de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Me considero un entusiasta de la formación a todos los niveles y disfruto impartiendo o recibiendo conocimientos, si eso se denomina “vocación”, soy un profesional de la enseñanza por convicción y por satisfacción personal. Mi experiencia a lo largo de los años me ha servido para intentar mejorar cada día, cada mes y cada año, tratando de simplificar el estudio de mis alumnos, que les sea fácil y atractiva la materia de estudio y que adquieran los conocimientos necesarios para desenvolverse en el mundo de la empresa. No me guardo conocimientos reservados solo a los profesores, pues creo que los alumnos de cualquier género y condición, deben de superar a sus profesores, no olvidemos que si Sócrates fue grande es por haber sido maestro de Platón y a su vez éste lo fue de Aristóteles. Además según el dicho popular “por sus obras los conoceréis”, si se ha realizado una buena obra en la docencia, vivirás en el recuerdo de algunos de aquellos a los que impartiste clases y eso es una forma de alcanzar la pervivencia. Con esa filosofía sigo formando parte de E.S.M. y desde hace unos años de “Bircham Internacional University”, una de las mejores Universidades de adultos del mundo, con relaciones en infinidad de países y un envidiable claustro de profesores de muchas nacionalidades al que pertenezco desde mi incorporación, lo que es para mí todo un motivo de orgullo y satisfacción. Confío, espero y deseo lo mejor a nuestra juventud, pues es la mejor preparada en la historia de nuestra nación y no dudo que tras la finalización de los problemas económicos que nos han golpeado desde el año 2007, se estabilice el mercado laboral y se pueda desarrollar todo el potencial que poseemos sin desperdiciar a nadie, trayendo nuevamente a todos los que por diversos motivos tuvieron que abandonar nuestro país. Un fuerte y cariñoso abrazo a todos aquellos que estudian, han estudiado y estudiarán así como a todos aquellos que están o estarán encargados de su formación."


Bahati Lukwebo Modeste (R. D. Congo):
Doctor Ph.D. in Applied Economics - Accounting
TESTIMONY: "Bahati Lukwebo est un économiste et homme politique de la République démocratique du Congo. Professeur d’université de son état, élu de Kabare, Président du Groupe parlementaire des Députés Indépendantes (GPI); Député national à l’Assemblée nationale de la R.D. Congo; Président de la Commission de la Bonne Gouvernance du NEPAD ; Consultant agréé de la Banque africaine de développement (BAD)  ; Président de l’Organisation pour la Paix, la Démocratie et la Sécurité dans les pays des Grands Lacs ONG « OPDGL » ; Fondateur et autorité morale de l'Alliance des forces démocratiques du Congo (AFDC). Il est ministre de l'Économie nationale depuis le 7 décembre 2014 dans le gouvernement Matata II."


Balinda Manzi William (Rwanda):
Master's Degree in Business Adminstration
TESTIMONY: "I'm very happy with your service. The diploma also looks very good. I will be your ambassador everywhere I will go."


Bassey Bassey Elijah (Nigeria):
Bachelor's Degree in Logistics
TESTIMONY: "Studying in Bircham International University was an awesome experienced and opportunity. The method of study was very innovative and on point, the amazing side was during my study in BIU I didn’t loosed track with family and my job which was a key motivating factor to push on. Special thanks to Mr. William Martin and his professional team for providing this innovative and flexible platform. Words aren’t enough to express my sincere gratitude to Irene Fernandez and Diana Simpalean, who made BIU a school next door for me. I appreciate your timely correspondence, support and priceless guidance."


Belmiro Figueiredo Cipriano (Angola):
Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering
TESTIMONY: "Bircham University is having a great impact in my daily life. As a student at Bircham University I learned how to communicate efficiently and trust people that you do not see."


Benigno Horna de la Cruz (Spain):
Expert Diploma in Integral Therapy MHRP
Doctor Ph.D. in Psychotherapy - Hypnotherapy
Cum Laude in Hypnotherapy
TESTIMONY: "Para mi ha sido inestimable contar con el apoyo de BIU para el desarrollo y reconocimiento de mi programa de Terapia Integral MHRP."


Bernard Benedict CSJM (Curaçao):
's Degree in
TESTIMONY: "I am very happy and satisfied that we have been able to organize the graduation for the students of Bircham International University in Curacao. For most students Bircham International University has brought the opportunity that has been lacking in their life: to achieve the degree, which would take them to the next step. As the Academic Liaison I am proud of all the students who have worked with all of their hearts, to achieve their goals. Thanks to Bircham International for presenting this opportunity of excellence to our students in Curacao."


Bernardo Casimiro Conceição Cambinda (Angola):
Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology
TESTIMONY: "É com satisfação que partilho o meu testemunho e análise, do quanto enriquecedor foi a licenciatura em Tecnologia de Informação pela Bircham International University. A BIU distingue-se pela sua política de ensino a distância. A BIU desafia os seus alunos a adoptarem uma atitude participativa, pró-activa e interventiva nas suas disciplinas mesmo a distancia, onde assimilar a teoria não basta, mas aprender a questionar, procurar respostas e trabalhar a informação gerada. Na BIU, também não basta responder aos Relatórios, mas aprender a comunicar com a ciência a distancia, através da escrita científica e apresentação dos relatórios. Na BIU, transmitem-nos a importância do trabalho autodidáctico, treinando-nos a coordenar as competências individuais para atingir com sucesso o objectivo comum. A BIU preocupa-se que seus estudantes aprendam , A staff da BIU apoia os seus estudantes na evolução em todos os níveis organizacionais académicos com a grande ajuda do nosso coordenar Cesar Martinez. De salientar ainda, a importante rampa de lançamento para o mundo profissional que a BIU proporciona nos conhecimentos científicos para encarar o mundo profissional com certeza. https://youtu.be/XvQNUKJKV80 Pessoalmente, esta base sólida de formação deu-me a oportunidade de desenvolver, de forma autónoma, e crescer mais no meu serviço."


Birendra Nath Sikder (Bangladesh):
Doctor Ph.D. in International Law
TESTIMONY: "Thank you BIU! It was very nice to visit your offices in Madrid and share my graduation with the Bangladesh community in Spain.Ministry of Youth & Sports from Bangladesh."


Blanca Elvia Narváez Rodriguez (U.S.A.):
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology
TESTIMONY: "Escribo esta nota para darle mis sinceros agradecimientos, pues he recibido la noticia de que fui admitida en la Universidad Leon, para estudiar la Maestria en Salud Mental y Bioetica, aunque finalmente decidí continuarlo en la Universidad de La Laguna (Tenerife). Ambas universidades son de reconocido prestigio en España y estan reconocidas por el MInisterio de Educación. Pasare a contarle mis logros desde que empece a estudiar en Bircham International University. - Maestria Salud Mental y Bioetica, Universidad de Leon - 2009 (admitida)     - Diplomado en Tanatologia, Universidad Latinoámericana de Mexico - 2008 (realizado) - Master en la Universidad de La Laguna, en Tenerife, España - 2011 (realizado) Ademas pertenezco a la Asociacion de Psicologos de Puerto Rico y tambien a la Asociacion Latinoamericana de Cuidados Paliativos. En el 2011 finalice un Master en la Universidad de La Laguna, en Tenerife, España. La base principal de mis logros los he adquirido por medio de mis primeros estudios en la Universidad Bircham International, ya que al terminar mi carrera en Psicologia, me abrió muchas puertas para seguir cosechando exitos. ologa de Bircham International University. Esto me da mucha alegria, pues ustedes bien saben todas mis angustias por los inconvenientes que ustedes ya conocen ocasionados por referencias y comentarios incorrectos en Internet sobre Bircham University. Agradezco a todos ustedes que por su intermedio yo pueda realizar mis sueños de realizarme como una profesional."


Bonerge Amilcar Mejia Orellana (Guatemala):
Honoris Causa Doctor in Academic Merits
TESTIMONY: "Como decano de la Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales de la Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC) me honra firmar un acuerdo de reconocimiento con Bircham International University para ciertos programas que desarrollaremos en conjunto."


Bret D. Weekes (U.S.A.):
Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems
TESTIMONY: "BIU provided a quality educational experience that has benefited my professional endeavors and positioned me for success in the work force. The educational content was professional, relevant and contemporary to my area of studies. I am a supporter of BIU and the programs provided."


Brigitte Johannilla Maria De Lange (France):
Master's Degree in Neural / Brain Science
TESTIMONY: "Today, I received my diploma (master of science neural/brain science) which finalizes two years of studying at Bircham University. As a whole, my studying experience at Bircham University was a pleasant one. I want to congratulate Bircham University on the choice of the name of the program, neural and brain science. It results to be a progressive name since science has proven the brain to be not only about neurons, but more about glia, the 'other' brain cells, as you may have read in my final report. So neuro (neural) science is only half the game. I also wanted to share some good news with you. My first book about the brain has been published!   It is about brainconscious living and how to keep your brain healthy into old age. The book is based on the final paper I wrote for Bircham University, but it is adapted for the general public. I also developed a special website about brainconscious living http://www.leefbreinbewust.nl I want to thank Bircham for giving me the tools to pursue this new direction in my life."


Cardoso Armando Francisco Narciso (Angola):
Expert Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Business & Economic Consulting
Master's Degree in Process Instrumentation Technology
TESTIMONY: "Momento único e de satisfação ao concluir a jornada do conhecimento na Bircham."


Carlos de la Cruz Ubach (Spain):
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "Para mí fue un gran orgullo recibir el título de Bircham International University tras completar mis estudios en ESM European School of Management. https://vimeo.com/134315849 Mi objetivo era realizar un Master en Madrid una vez terminada mi carrera. El título de Bircham International University legalizado con la Apostilla de la Haya me sirvió perfectamente para ser admitido en un posgrado en la Universidad Nebrija de Madrid. También agradezco la invitación a participar en la última graduación organizada por Bircham International University en Madrid. Fue un evento entrañable que me gustaría que mis compañeros de ESM hubieran podido compartir."


Carlos Norberto Monárrez (U.S.A.):
Doctor Ph.D. in Comparative Religion
TESTIMONY: "Me siento orgulloso de pertenecer a su alumnado y les doy las gracias por el soporte brindado."


Carmen Antoine Karam (Lebanon):
Master's Degree in Genetics & Molecular Cell Biology
Doctor Ph.D. in Genetics & Molecular Cell Biology
Cum Laude in Genetics & Molecular Cell Biology
TESTIMONY: "Bircham University university, with its organization and professionalism, gave me the chance to continue my education without loosing my current job. I have benefited from your programs, courses, flexible services to complete my master degree and PHD in molecular biology, genetics. I am grateful for the opportunity given by your university, I made great development in my career. Thank you for Bircham University directors and staff especially MEA staff, Dr. Antoine Bou Assaf and Layal for their support and help."


Carmen Ramirez Hurtado (Spain):
Master's Degree in Music Pedagogy
Honoris Causa Doctor in Development of this University
TESTIMONY: "Para mi es un placer contibuir con mi bagage acádemico a la excelencia de Bircham International University desde hace tantos años."


Cecilia Caballero Ortiz (Poland):
Doctor Ph.D. in Sociology
TESTIMONY: "Estaba muy contenta de poder asistir a la ceremonia de graduación en Madrid. El entorno era precioso. Era un pequeño palacete y tuve la ocasión de conocer a muchas de las personas con quien había hablado por teléfono o escrito emails."


Claudio Sungo Puati Tomás (Angola):
Bachelor's Degree in Health Care Administration
Master's Degree in Public Administration
TESTIMONY: "O prazer e a alegria ao receber um diploma acadêmico sempre é algo especial e receber o diploma da Bircham não foi diferente."


Cliff Nwagbara (Nigeria):
Doctor Ph.D. in Maritime Transportation - Port Management
TESTIMONY: "I prepared and took a skill test. I am elated to inform you that I passed. I was interviewed for a higher position yesterday."


Dan M. Gama (Swaziland):
Master's Degree in Microbiology & Immunology
TESTIMONY: "Let me share with you and the world what education with Bircham University has done for me. As you may remember, it is not too long that I have graduated from Bircham University with an MSc in Microbiology & Immunology. Since December last year, I was able to get a prestigious job with the Center for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) in Atlanta (USA). My position is Laboratory & Blood Safety Specialist, I am based in Swaziland which is my home country as you know. Now my former coleagues are starting to take Bircham University very serious."


Daniel Scott Janik (U.S.A.):
Doctor Ph.D. in Education - Linguistics
Cum Laude in Education - Linguistics
Honoris Causa Doctor in Adult Education
TESTIMONY: "Thank you so much for faxing my professor comments. I forwarded them to the publisher of the book based on my thesis at BIU. I'm still awaiting their reviewer's comments, but Dr. Ramirez's comments seemed to help a lot. You are the kind of mentor that makes learning a lifelong pleasure. We are both looking forward to our visit to the BIU office in Madrid. I look forward to receiving the diploma. BIU has been a wonderful experience - one that has opened may doors for me. As an American holding American undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees, I wanted to experience the "European Approach" to graduate education and found BIU to provide exactly that, but in an innovative, and thankfully distance learning framework."


Daniel Werner Morduch (Israel):
Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy
Doctor Ph.D. in Philosophy of Mind
TESTIMONY: "Bircham University has certainly more than satisfied my expectations. In the beginning of the program, I asked if Bircham University would help me to decide the title of my thesis. Bircham University replied that in their experience reading and studying for the books assigned would suggest the best thesis topic. Indeed, so it has been. The more I immersed myself in my studies the clearer did it become what the thesis would be about. I’m now writing my PhD thesis (Philosophy of Mind) and take this opportunity to thank the Bircham University for all that it has given me during my years of study. I am reflecting on what you wrote in your letter and believe that it is not the words and sentences in the books that I have studied that have created the interest in me to study but rather it is the way that the Bircham University has influenced me to look for the deeper truth in the books which I read. I have felt the personal interest which the examiners, especially Professor Carmen Ramirez Hurtado, took in my work and which encouraged me to delve deeper into the meaning of the sentences in the books. That part of my studies is now officially behind me but my studies will always be part of me. For this I am grateful!"


Darryl Herrington (U.S.A.):
Doctor Ph.D. in Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering
TESTIMONY: "My experience with Bircham University in Madrid Spain was very rewarding. Working with my advisor was of great help. He was an inspiration to my spirit and encouragement to complete one of my life's goals set when I had first entered University many years ago. Having to work to support my home and family I was encouraged by all to complete my dreams. Having succeeded from my studies and hard work I have grown in confidence and mental abilities. I share my knowledge with others to help better their lives and tasks. I take pride in Bircham University as being one of the best international universities where its students share from their world experiences. My mind was not confined to traditional classes and limited experiences. From the use of the Internet our time has come to expand our minds into the far reaches where there is no limits. Like an old Chinese proverb, "seek not to find answers but seek to understand the questions". Bircham University provided ability for me to accomplish this as ongoing in my quest for knowledge. Thank you Universidad Bircham Madrid de España.  I am now living back in Texas. I have left the company that I was with in Australia and am now working with a major oil company and with one of the largest oil industry engineering companies. I am a chief consulting engineer responsible for deep offshore drilling and completion engineering operations. Just before being accepted for work with these companies, they had a full back ground check made on me as well as looking into my Ph.D. degree from Bircham University and other education degrees plus my engineering certification. I was passed with a full acceptance for work and ability. This was good for I thought that maybe someone would make a debate over my schooling with Bircham University. But this was not the case. They were proud to have me on board handling critical engineering applications with responsibility of 150+ million dollar drilling programs. I have been approved by the UK government Engineering Councils Register for professional engineer. I thank you and all at Bircham University for your support and advanced education. I will continue to do my best and provide good engineering practices and respond to the needs of others. I will serve in good standing all that I had learned from Bircham University. Well you will not believe this, after a long interview via phone conference with the director of the school science department from Oxford University in the UK and with two key professors and from many difficult questions, I thought that I would not be accepted. They asked me many things on my past schooling dating back when I first went to college and my studies and grades to my time up to Bircham University and my experiences with Bircham studies programs. After the interview I thought that I had not done well and that it was over as far as me being accepted or attending school at Oxford University. The next day the school phoned me and also sent a special delivery letter and sent an email stating that I am accepted to attend University of Oxford post graduate studies in Nanotechnology. I had been selected one out of hundreds that had applied. I was also admitted at Walden University in Florida. The president of Walden University wrote a personal letter to me explaining how a distance learning degree program, like the one from BIU,  is very well considered by the US Department of Education and by them. See attached."


David Nana Ofori Jr. (U.S.A.):
Doctor Ph.D. in Occupational - Industrial Safety & Health
TESTIMONY: "Thank you for your thoughtfulness. It is very unique to have a faculty that cares and follows up with its graduates."


David Wayne Deeds (Georgia):
Doctor Ph.D. in Educational Technology
Cum Laude in Educational Technology
TESTIMONY: "I work and live overseas... I'm a teacher. From 2002 to 2008, I taught at a university and college in Korea; now I'm at an international school in Georgia. After finishing two master's degrees, I searched all over the world for a Ph.D. program that was: (a) affordable, which includes not requiring obsolete residency periods; (b) online, so I could do my research via the Internet; (c) flexible enough to allow me to write a dissertation that could/would be published and thus read. Only Bircham University met every one of my requirements. I wrote my thesis as a series of articles, 100% (110% actually, considering a follow up piece also got accepted) of which has appeared in peer-reviewed, professional journals. I didn't have to fly around the planet to sit in dusty libraries...I did everything from the comfort of my Asian apartment...books and the WWW were all the sources/references I needed. Having my Bircham University Ph.D. has opened several entire career fields to me...for now I'll be pursuing becoming an Internet Technology Director for a school...via being the Educational Technologist (my doctorate is in this area). The academic world is not populated with the open-minded...on the contrary, schools are the worst for harboring dinosaurs who are threatened by progress. People are going to tell you Bircham University is unaccredited. Accreditation is a financial matter, which determines whether or not an organization can offer federal loans...that's all. People are going to tell you an online Ph.D. isn't as good as an on ground one. It wasn't so long ago that the same thing was said about online master's degrees...now an online MS/MA is considered more prestigious because of the self-motivation and other qualities students must possess in order to succeed at them. Don't listen to the Luddites. Bircham University will have ISO accreditation soon and this will shut up the critics for good. In the meantime, have faith in what you know is right...and what hundreds of satisfied Bircham University graduates tell you. Get started now and beat your competition to the punch. Sooner or later everyone will come to Bircham University... Be one of the pioneers... The early adopters!"


Dina Ramzy Zaklama (Egypt):
Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Doctor Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
TESTIMONY: "First of all I was so surprised and touched by the fact that you are registering my birthday and sending me wishes. This is a human touch that is very much appreciated. First of all, I would like to express how satisfied I am with the learning experience at Bircham University. Ms. Graziella can explain to you how much I was worried before entering the Master's program. I am 52 years old, loaded with responsibilities and already working on two jobs. I have a husband and two adult children. I always wished to complete my higher studies, but did not have a chance in my life to do so. Had it not been for Bircham University and the support I got from Ms. Graziella, I wouldn't have decided to do so. During my studies, it went so smooth and my grade point average is 4.0, and I finished my thesis, and now I am enrolling to proceed with Ph.D., which I did not have the intention before, but because of the pleasant time I spent, I decided to do so. The university has been so flexible, co-operative and supportive that I enjoyed the learning experience. I am already giving my word of mouth to a lot of people here in Egypt about my great experience with Bircham University, and of course I would be honored to give my testimony, as an aged adult who, with the help of Bircham University was able to make it. Just give me a chance to prepare some flowery words that suit what I really feel about the university. Again I am thanking you for your support and co-operation and above all your human and friendly touch with the students, who though are far away in distance, but you always make us feel as close as can be. My very best regards and appreciation. Actually my experience with Bircham University was more than satisfactory. I benefited so much, and I was able to finish in due time with excellence. Everybody was super co-operative and it felt great. However, I have had a major problem with my certificate that makes me not a good candidate for the testimonials. Here in my country, in order to obtain a license as a psychologist, my certificate needs to be accredited from the association AMIDEAST. This association mentioned that Bircham University is not listed among the universities they give accreditation for. Hence I was not able to get my license and probably never will. However, Bircham University did their utmost to help me with my problem. They gave me other legalizations, and they stamped my certificate from the State Security office and the Egyptian consulate in Spain. But still it didn't work, because as long as the AMIDEAST refuses, nothing will work regarding my license. That is why my experience and satisfaction is not complete. However I continue to thank Bircham University for their co-operation with me on this issue. I am always so happy to receive anything from my dear Bircham University, the institution that I had the most wonderful experience with. My testimony: "The excellent service and care I experienced in Bircham University, like attending promptly to emails, understanding my problems, and showing personalized care, truly impressed me. It felt like being there rather than "distance" learning.""


Donald Mauricio Solano Monge (Costa Rica):
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Master's Degree in Marketing & Communication - Advertising Creativity
TESTIMONY: "Quedé encantado con mi título y todo el sistema de BIU. Creo que ofrece grandes oportunidades y me gustaría colaborar en su promoción."


Earle Taylor (Namibia):
Honoris Causa Doctor in Academic Merits
TESTIMONY: "Thanks for your visit to Windhoek in Namibia to do a presentation of BIU and graduate some students. We will use this visit to sign a mutual recognition agreement with the International University of Management. I am a professor at IUM. Incidentally, the Founder/Chancellor of the IUM is now the Minister of Education so this will be a good opportunity for BIU and IUM."


Eduardo Lando Casimiro (Angola):
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Master's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "O conhecimento adquirido na universidade Bircham não tem preço, e receber o diploma é o momento máximo dessa etapa de estudo."


Elias Freitas (Angola):
Master's Degree in Public Administration
Doctor Ph.D. in Public Administration
TESTIMONY: "A Universidade Bircham proporciona a realização de um sonho acadêmico que nos completa com o recebimento deste diploma."


Elie George Shbeir (Lebanon):
Doctor Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics
TESTIMONY: "I completed my Ph.D. at Bircham International University and since then I have been appointed teacher of English Language for some years at Haigazian University and Middle East University in Lebanon. These universities are recognized by the Ministry of Education in Lebanon. Thank you BIU."


Elie Tanos El Helou (Lebanon):
Honoris Causa Doctor in Services to the Human Kind
TESTIMONY: "I highly appreciate your cooperation and I appreciate thay BIU is more reputable than other University. It gave me great pleasure to chat with you all that time and I appreciate your support I do not want to miss the chance by not getting this degree from BIU."


Eliezer Kibaara Kithieka (Kenya):
Bachelor's Degree in Developmental Psychology
Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology
Doctor Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology
Cum Laude in Psychology
TESTIMONY: "I have pursued my undergraduate and post graduate degree programs in psychology through the Bircham International University distance learning. Currently I am working on my Ph.D. thesis in counseling psychology after having completed the course work. My supervisor for the thesis is a professor of psychology in a local state university. I am also doing my internship in a reputable counselling organization. The practicum and supervision are standard requirements by the B.I.U academic board. Studying through B.I.U programs is a rewarding experience because as a student I have been at liberty to plan my reading schedules to meet my assignment deadlines and to fulfill the stringent requirements of the B.I.U curriculum. As an adult student I am able to meet my employers obligations at the work place and also create time to be with my family while I study. B.I.U student support is is very efficient, therefore I have enjoyed reliable feedback from my professors on a regular basis. This has ensured that I am abreast with the curriculum and assignments standards of the university. The assignments have been marked on time as stipulated in the B.I.U assignments instructions form. I have noticed that the grades I acquire are commensurate with the quality of the assignment I have forwarded to the professor. My professional degree qualifications from B.I.U place me at a vantage position in my practice, since I am much more informed in my area of specialization, which also makes me more competitive in the job market. I personally feel much more confident knowing that I have achieved such mileage in my life through Bircham International University."


Elis Castillo Medina (Mexico):
Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy
Bachelor's Degree in Childhood & Special Education
TESTIMONY: "Personalmente Bircham University ha satisfecho mi busqueda de una educacion de calidad, donde se toma en cuenta la experiencia y la persona y no solamente una acumulacion de contenidos para obtener un titulo, si no un aprendizaje para la vida. Valoro mucho la pedagogia de Bircham University y creo que es una pedagogia que necesitamos actualmente en nuestra sociedad y los felicito por llevar a cabo su labor educativa con una pedagogia unica y necesaria en nuestros tiempos."


Enrique Merello Guilleminot (Uruguay):
Doctor Ph.D. in Musical Studies
TESTIMONY: "Desde hace muchos años estoy vinculado a ambientes académicos, pero nunca antes me había 'permitido' yo mismo embarcarme en un proyecto académico de la envergadura de un doctorado. Tras haber concluido mi doctorado en Estudios Musicales, quisiera expresar mi beneplácito sobre esta experiencia formativa enormemente enriquecedora para mí. Para mí es un honor haber sido parte del alumnado de Bircham International University, cuyo prestigio y misión de educar en la distancia y allende las culturas mediante una metodología moderna y eficaz, constituyen una contribución decisiva en la universalización del conocimiento y de las oportunidades. Doctorado en Estudios musicales por la Bircham International University y Primer Premio por unanimidad en Canto gregoriano en el Conservatorio Nacional Superior de París, el profesor Merello-Guilleminot es fundador y director de la Schola Cantorum de Montevideo y miembro del Coro Gregoriano de París. Autor de cuatro libros y decenas de artículos de investigación y difusión sobre esta especialidad, ha recorrido el mundo tanto en giras artísticas como en misiones docentes. http://merello-guilleminot.blogspot.com Seguramente le interesará saber que mi tesis doctoral, presentada y defendida ante BIU, fue editada por Jesuitenmission de Nürnberg (Alemania) en Asunción del Paraguay. La presentación de la obra tuvo lugar aquí en Montevideo, el 13 de agosto de 2015 en la Universidad Católica del Uruguay. http://www.ucu.edu.uy/es/node/35699#.VeiFAXjtLaa"


Evaristo Salas Marin (Spain):
Specialist Diploma in Graphopsychology
Specialist Diploma in Graphotherapy
Expert Diploma in Calligraphy
TESTIMONY: "El respaldo de BIU a mi formación de SOESPGRAF, la Sociedad Española de Grafología del profesor Mauricio Xandró, me ha resultado muy positivo."


Fabio B. Herrera (U.S.A.):
Doctor Ph.D. in International Business - Finance
TESTIMONY: "Fue para mi un verdadero placer poder integrar a Bircham International University. Después de haber obtenido mi Maestría en Administración de Empresas (MBA), los deseos de seguir aumentando conocimientos en la rama de negocios me motivo a obtener un Doctorado (Ph.D) en Administración de Empresas y Mercadeo (Business Administración & Marketing), pensé que esta ya seria mi última etapa relacionada a mis estudios académicos. Sin embargo, quería explorar un poco más la empresa privada, pública y educacional a nivel internacional y encontré un programa que satisfacía mis necesidades y una universidad de gran prestigio a también nivel internacional “Bircham International University (Bircham University)”. En Bircham University encontré un nivel académico alto y profesional. El método de estudios que brinda esta universidad es eficaz, y guían al estudiante de una manera sencilla, práctica con apoyo de parte de la BUI increíblemente amigable e incondicional. De tal manera que aquí termine otro doctorado (Ph.D) en Negocios Internacionales (International Business). En esta carrera explore todo lo relacionado con el mercado internacional, recorriendo en los libros país por país. Aprendiendo las ideologías, religiones, economía, importaciones, exportaciones, culturas radicales, demócratas e individualistas. Así también como las religiones y creencias democráticas, socialistas y comunistas que en general juegan papeles importantes dentro de la política y, desarrollo de un país con deseos del poder. Bircham University ofrece diferentes ramas de estudio a nivel de licenciaturas, maestrías, doctorados e inclusive certificaciones y diplomados. La gran oportunidad que la universidad ofrece es que un estudiante pude tomar las clases en ingles o español. Así que para aquellas personas que busquen una universidad para estudiar, Bircham International University es una opción… una opción sin duda alguna."


Fabiola Lidia Marcos (Curaçao):
Bachelor's Degree in International Business Administration - Real Estate Management
TESTIMONY: "After finishing my Bachelor in Social Sciences and thus becoming a Social Worker I was satisfied but sensed there was more for me. I got interested in the field of Real estate and thought it could be my real vocation. Bircham International University made it possible for me to study and receive a degree in my field of interest. Real Estate is my love and my business. Thank you Bircham International University. I will continue spreading the word."


Fanny Rocio Flores (Italy):
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "En primer lugar, quisiera agradecer enormemente a todo el staff de BIU, gracias a ellos pude lograr finalmente mi meta, ellos estuvieron siempre pendientes y atentos cada vez que yo lo necesitaba; y qué decir de la ceremonia de graduación, fue un bellísimo encuentro al cual asistí con gran parte de mi familia y será un recuerdo que guardaré siempre en mi corazón; gracias infinitas BIU!"


Faustino Lede Chimpolo (Angola):
Master's Degree in Public Administration
Doctor Ph.D. in Public Administration
TESTIMONY: "Estudar é um dos bens mais preciosos desta vida e se o fazemos numa instituição séria e conceituada o beneficio é ainda maior."


Federico Fidel Alberto Acuña (Argentina):
Bachelor's Degree in Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering Management
TESTIMONY: "La oficina de Bircham University en Buenos Aires siempre me ha atendido en tiempo y forma, sosteniendo sus inquietudes cuando no mantenía contacto seguido, atento a mis funciones laborales. Insisto en que la bibliografía utilizada era muy buena y de calidad. Recomiendo a Bircham University para estudios superiores. De hecho estoy analizando el próximo paso con Bircham University para un MBA o Doctorado. Mientras tanto, en el año 2013, solicité mi ingreso en UNLA, la Universidad Nacional de Lanus (Argentina). El rectorado se reunió expresamente para valorar la aceptación de mi título de Bachelor de Bircham International University y me complace enviar la resolución adoptada por dicho rectorado, en la que no sólo confirman mi admisión sino que reconocen la aceptación de los títulos de Bircham International University."


Felipe Cardenas Tamara (Colombia):
Doctor Ph.D. in Antropology
Cum Laude in Antropology
TESTIMONY: "Les comparto con alegría y sencillez la comunicación que me otorga el IV Premio de Antropología (2016), dado por la Asociación Iberoamericana de Antropólogos en Red por el artículo: “El signo paisaje cultural desde los horizontes de la antropología semiótica.” Los premios pueden consultarse en el siguiente enlace: http://www.aibr.org/antropologia/netesp/premiados.php http://www.aibr.org/antropologia/netesp/numeros/1101/110106.pdf Les agradezco el apoyo por el trabajo de investigación que motivo el premio. "


Felix Serrano Mendez (Spain):
Doctor Ph.D. in Philosophy Therapy
TESTIMONY: "Quiero dar las gracias por la oportunidad de haber estudiado en Bircham Internacional University. Ha sido constante la atención personalizada recibida, con rápidas y eficaces respuestas a mis solicitudes. Quiero agradecer el respeto mostrado por todos y cada uno de los miembros del equipo de Bircham University Europe. En cada una de las ocasiones que he requerido de sus servicios, me he encontrado bien tratado. He disfrutado ampliamente el programa para la obtención del grado de Doctor of Philosophy. Para mí, durante estos estudios, en una etapa de constitución y puesta en marcha de una nueva empresa, saber que podía compaginar el ritmo de estudios con el trabajo, sin entrañar una carga adicional de estrés, suponía la motivación de seguir aprendiendo. Los espacios dedicados al desarrollo del programa suponían el bienestar del reencuentro con el aprendizaje. Me siento contento al pensar en la Bircham University. Gracias a William Martin, Lorena Cano, Tatiana Griaznova, Irene Fernández, Roberto Revenga y Ricardo Miralles. Gracias al equipo de Bircham University en el resto del mundo, que también ha servido en mi formación. La presentación del Diploma y resto de los documentos es elegante, impecable. Vuestra labor en un mundo tan necesitado de educación es elogiable."


Fermin Cabal Menendez (Spain):
Honoris Causa Doctor in Natural Health Sciences
TESTIMONY: "He sido un gran defendor de las medicinas naturales toda mi vida. He luchado por conseguir a los naturópatas de España un epígrafe fiscal que avalase su actividad. Soy presidente de AHINACO y fundador del Consejo Español de Medicos Naturistas, y es para mi un honor recibir este reconocimiento de Bircham University por todos estos años de dedicación y lucha."


Fonseca Rafael Antonio (Angola):
Master's Degree in Educational Administration
Doctor Ph.D. in Educational Technology
TESTIMONY: "A Bircham mostra a sua veracidade e a confiança do estudante prestigiando os estudantes graduados com a cerimônia de entrega de diplomas em Angola."


Francisco Javier Yanez Cardenas (Ecuador):
Doctor Ph.D. in Education
Cum Laude in Education
TESTIMONY: "I founded ESPOJ - Universidad Politécnica Javeriana in Ecuador in 1983 and it was recognised as a university in 1995 by the Law of the Congress in Ecuador. This university was part of the Consejo Nacional de Educación Superior CONESUP. I was vicepresident of the Corporación de Universidades Particulares del Ecuador (CEUPA). ESPOJ was also member of the OUI-IHOE (Organización Interamericana de Universidades) and UDUAL (Unión de Universidades de América Latina). RIP: Ing. Francisco Yanez Cárdenas died in 2012. Since then the ESPOJ - Universidad Politécnica Javeriana had severe education quality issues and was finally suspended in 2013."


Francisco Yuste Pausa (Spain):
Doctor Ph.D. in Emotional Intelligence - Coaching
Doctor Ph.D. in Neural & Brain Science
TESTIMONY: "Encontré en Bircham International University el respaldo institucional y académico que necesitaba para la formación en coaching e inteligencia emocional que imparto a empresas y profesionales del sector. http://www.franciscoyuste.es/ Ahora que algunos de mis alumnos han recibido el diploma de Bircham International University, quiero gradecer a la BIU su cariñosa acogida, más allá del protocolo que el evento requiere, en la entrega de títulos en el Experto de Inteligencia Emocional para Niños, donde nos reencontramos con los compañeros del curso. Y Felicitarles por su organización y por la agradable velada posterior con la que nos agasajaron. Enhorabuena."


Gabriel Landu Vangu (R. D. Congo):
Master's Degree in Management
Doctor Ph.D. in Finance
Cum Laude in Finance
TESTIMONY: "Je remercie fortement Bircham University parce que je venais d'avoir la chance de poursuivre mes études doctorale dans le programme EàD et j'ai terminé mon doctorat en finance avec une mention excellente accompagné de magna Cum Laude. Je remercie grandement à ce sujet Mme NADA BIFANI une connaissance du Liban qui m'avait convaincu lors d'une exposition qui avait eu lieu à Beritech en 2004 ainsi à Abbou Assaf,un grand homme intègre pour ces conseils de sage et enfin au Dr William Martin chef de direction de Bircham University sans oublier tout les personnels de Bircham University moyen Orient. Mes sincères remerciements de cœur."


Galo Wilson Enriquez (U.S.A.):
Bachelor's Degree in Journalism
Doctor Ph.D. in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "I was so glad to have the opportunity of visiting the BIU Madrid Office and the nice graduation that they organized."


Gaspar Pascoal Joaquim (Angola):
Master's Degree in Sociology
TESTIMONY: "A graduação na Bircham não é o fim da caminhada em busca do saber, mas sim o inicio de uma longa jornada de sucesso profissional e acadêmico."


George Sakala (Zambia):
Bachelor's Degree in Building Technology
TESTIMONY: "Since my graduation from Bircham University, I have been promoted to run a very busy construction division in my company. Imagine, they will pay for my fuel, water bills, electricity bill, medical bills, school fees for my children and above all i will be entitled to 1 fully paid for holiday with my family anywhere in Africa. Its been a huge change in my responsibility and life. I owe it all to Bircham University and you in particular for all your help and support rendered during my studies. I thought I should share the good news with my pal."


Ghowsuddin Amirian Parandeh (Afghanistan):
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration - Global Management
Master's Degree in Political Sciences - International Relations
TESTIMONY: "I do appreciate your professional support providing through your respected university. This is an asset for me, while i applied for a position of procurement officer under United Nation office (UN HABITAT) after i got the degree of Bircham University this was really recognized by the evaluation team of United Nation Development Program (UNDP) Country Office Afghanistan. Now i have a very senior position in this office and managing a team."


Gilbert Duane Masona (Swaziland):
Master's Degree in Microbiology & Immunology
Doctor Ph.D. in Microbiology & Immunology
TESTIMONY: "It was a superb experience to visit Madrid and attend a graduation in an old palace in the heart of the city. I enjoyed meeting other graduates, the staff and some professors. After that I decided to go on with my studies at BIU to get another degree."


Guadalupe E. Rivera (Austria):
Master's Degree in Public Administration
TESTIMONY: "Fue muy emotivo asistir a la graduacion de BIU en el Palacio Pinto Cohelo de Madrid, conocer a otros graduados de todo el mundo y al personal con quien tantas veces había hablado."


Guy Marc Bonem (Spain):
Doctor Ph.D. in Journalism - Creative & Script Writing
Cum Laude in Creative & Script Writing
TESTIMONY: "As a firm believer in ‘a healthy body needs a healthy brain’ (or the other way around), I have decided, a long time ago to adhere to ‘Life Long Learning’. With an MBA degree in Marketing Communications dating in the mid 90s, I thought (back in 2003) that time had come to get myself tempted by the next logical adventure – a PhD degree in Philosophy. It was certainly not for the sake of a career, or the search of an additional title, what triggered my will and determination. Living on a small island, with no real university background and tradition, I navigated the Internet until I found Bircham International University, with its European headquarters in Madrid, its unique and malleable program approach. Let me first thank Dr. William Martin and his entire team for always being dedicated and willing to help in all imaginable forms and aspects. Flexible tuition, a specifically tailored program, most generous time frames – these are only a few of the most outstanding aspects readily offered by the University. In my own case, as I had decided to write about the 7th Art (Cinema), my special focus had to be readdressed several times (same as the pace with which films become popular and forgotten about). Thus, I felt forced to start all over again, three times in four years, fully assisted and always readily encouraged by Bircham University Madrid. Finally, I not only got my PhD degree, but with a Magna Cum Laude on top. I am especially thankful to my professors, for the trust and honour conferred. I do warmly recommend Bircham International University to everyone willing to and ready for a new learning experience, extremely efficient and offside the traditional paths. I will further deepen my study experience and sincerely hope to be able to give some of it back, within Bircham University, to future students..."


Heddi Amabellsa Chappelle (U.S.A.):
Master's Degree in Plant Science - Molecular Cell Biology
TESTIMONY: "I am quite happy about my M.S. Plant Science, Molecular Cell Biology program. I am learning so much, and the flexibility of time allows me to delve into my areas of interest. It is nice that as a student, one has time to reflect on the information in the textbooks that Bircham University assigns as the textbooks are quite comprehensive and excellent and are the main ones on the university marketplace in the U.S. I am very happy with my Bircham University M.S. Plant Science/Molecular Biology studies. The program is so flexible--with flexible time to finish a report, that I am able to enjoy the "herculean" tasks of seriously delving into the subject matter that I am interested in learning. Currently, I am currently working on the Glick/Pasternack "Molecular Biotechnology" textbook assigned by Bircham University, and I am able to compare and contrast the material with other leading science textbooks such as those published by Cambridge University Press and similar on the subject so that I can write theoretical case studies on how to tell if an organism is a product of biotechnology. This said to be relatively new area (biotechnology) is also an important area of study to me for many botanical reasons such as plant quality and environmental safety. I am able to accomplish my research goals because of the flexibility of time that offers me the time to also use other quality textbooks, and other recent, leading scientific information. Due to Bircham University's flexibility and progressive learning style, I am able to surpass obstacles and increase my quality of learning in an efficient, productive manner that appeals to my lifestyle. I am learning so incredibly much. The Bircham University learning education system is what one makes out of it, and I find it quite advanced in that one can modify it to one's personal learning goals and time constraints. Now, as I am working on my thesis, I realized that I can also even incorporate important math/physics formula issues of plant science and cell biology. And, this is because of the flexibility of time that allows one to really study. I am just learning more, and more, and more in a very productive way. Thanks again."


Heino Matzken (Germany):
Doctor Ph.D. in International Relations
TESTIMONY: "I would like to take this opportunity to talk about my experiences with the education at Bircham University and agree to a publication of this testimony in the Bircham University Human Network. After having worked in the international environment as an German officer for quite a long time I started thinking about a PhD in international relations in 2003. Unfortunately, my university background was very IT heavy. I had studied computer science at the German armed forces university in Munich and passed a Masters of Science in professional computing at the British Stafford University. Due to this fact I had difficulties to find a Ph.D. program in international relations. Fortunately, I found the Bircham University, which took my language skills (German, English, French, Spanish and Arabic) and my experiences in international relations (military operations in Bosnia and Kosovo, German-French Brigade, NATO Headquarters in Belgium) into account. I started the Ph.D. program in 2003 with an comprehensive introduction in international relations, which lay the basis for my further work. After this intensive and interesting "learning phase", during which I was constantly supervised and accompanied by the experts of Bircham University, I started the work on my thesis concerning an "European Army". Thanks to the useful help of my Prof. I finished the work after twelve months and proudly received my degree. Now, five years after my PhD program, I look back and value the effort I put in this "follow-on education". Thanks to the PhD and what I have learned at Bircham University, I was able to develop my professional career. Since 2008 I am one of two German exchange officers at the French Minister of Defence in Paris where I constantly develop my knowledge in international relations. Furthermore, I was accepted by several journals (Europäische Sicherheit, Österreichische Militärzeitschrift ÖMZ) to publish regularly articles about geo-political developments in the Near East. Looking back, I am proud having successfully finished the Bircham University program. Even more important is the fact that the education I got by Bircham University helped myself to change and develop my professional career in a way I always wanted to do. Finally, I would like to encourage everybody to take his destiny in his own hands and to start an education at Bircham University."


Higinio Menendez Milanes (Spain):
Honoris Causa Doctor in Outstanding Professional Career
TESTIMONY: "Como profesor de la Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio me complace contribuir con mi experiencia y rigor académico a que una iniciativa educativa como BIU se convierta en un ejemplo de excelencia en la educación para adultos."


Hubert Lacombe (U.S.A.):
Master's Degree in Theology
Doctor Ph.D. in Theology
TESTIMONY: "I, Rev. Hubert Lacombe along with my daugther Annie Soraya Leon Lacombe and church member sister Marie Lourde Salvant, would like to thank you for all that you have done for us during our graduation trip in 2010 and 2015. From the very first day I had met you to now, you have demonstrated nothing less than kindness. Your patience is extraordinary. You are always tehre to help me, and never grow tired from any questions that I may have asked. You are an excellent person. I will continue to keep you in my prayers, and that God continues to bless you. Thank you my friend."


Ignacio Hernandez Sanmames (Spain):
Doctor Ph.D. in Parapsychology
TESTIMONY: "Hace mas de diez años que me gradué en Bircham University y todavía hoy después del paso del tiempo estoy muy satisfecho de haberlo hecho, ya que a partir de entonces todo han sido éxitos académicos, reconociéndome mis estudios, en muchos países y ámbitos, al mismo nivel prácticamente que los títulos oficiales de dichos países, ya que mis estudios en Bircham University, venían legalizados con la Apostilla de la Haya."


Imbuki Kennedy Osotsi (Kenya):
Doctor Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology
TESTIMONY: "It gives us confidence for those of us who are graduates of this Institution. This reminds me of the hard work I put in to be able to get my degree. The degree from this institution is credible looking at the work and the time I had to put in. It is practical and yet it is inclusive of the people who are working and do not have time off to go to a formal collage for a long time. The program has been helpful. I have achieved a lot. I am currently a lecturer. I now have 5 publications. I am currently a head of department at the university where I teach. I am proud of Bircham. it has made me what I am."


Jacob Sagoe (Ghana):
Bachelor's Degree in Architecture
TESTIMONY: "It was great to attend the 2014 BIU Madrid Graduation. Thanks for this event and all your help!"


Jad Gergi Matta (Lebanon):
Doctor Ph.D. in Computer Science
Cum Laude in Computer Science
TESTIMONY: "I received my degree. Thank you so much. It was really a pleasure studying at Bircham University. Hopefully in the next two years I will start another Ph.D. in applied math."


Jaime Cirilo da Cruz (Angola):
Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering
TESTIMONY: "Foi uma excelente experiencia vivida na BIU, primeiro pela abertura que existe, boa comunicação, ágil e responsabilidade dos Lideres da Universidade. Tive boa troca de experiencias com os colegas Professores através de emails e grupos nas redes sociais, foi bom e devo dizer que estudar na BIU para mi também permitiu-me fazer o Doutoramento presencial na Universidade Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD) de Portugal sem dificuldade. Apenas tive que pedir o reconhecimento da Apostila de Haya e assim a universidade portuguesa aceitou o meu diploma de Mestrado na BIU. Por isso devo dizer que é um ensino sério, o meu muito obrigado a todos os estudante, colaboradores, professores e Lideres da Universidade."


Javier Guajardo-Fajardo Colunga (Spain):
Doctor Ph.D. in Philosophy
Cum Laude in Philosophy
TESTIMONY: "A nivel personal BIU me ha aportado la posibilidad de concluir algo que había comenzado en otra universidad pero que, por necesidades laborales, tuve que interrumpir: el doctorado en Filosofía. Con el método de enseñanza a distancia se hace compatible el desempeño de tareas laborales y familiares con la investigación, al no tener que estar atado a horarios, fechas inamovibles, etc. En definitiva, permite desarrollar capacidades y cumplir objetivos que de otra manera quedarían frustrados. A nivel laboral, el doctorado me ha abierto las puertas para publicar en revistas de carácter científico y me ha posibilitado integrarme en un grupo de investigación de la universidad en el que varios profesores de forma conjunta una línea de estudio que se se va consolidando como una oferta permanente del centro."


Javier Julian Enriquez (Spain):
Bachelor's Degree in Linguistic - English Language Teaching
Master's Degree in Linguistic - English Language Teaching
TESTIMONY: "I received yesterday a letter from the University Memphis, Tennessee, USA informing me they will consider my employment with my degree of Master of Arts (MA) in Linguistics from Bircham International University. I will be employed as Instructor at the Spanish Department if they confirm that the Bircham University degree is equal to the regionally accredited degree. This was achieved with the help and endorsement of the CUFCE Validation of my Bircham University degree. Me dirijo a ustedes una vez más para darles mis más sinceros agradecimientos por el apoyo prestado durante mis estudios de "Bachelor y Master of Arts in Linguistics". Ya he recibido algunas propuestas de algunas Universidades de Estados Unidos para impartir clases de Español; en concreto de Breyer State University, Los Angeles, California. Asimismo, he propuesto a la Universidad de Valencia matricularme en un curso de doctorado; su respuesta fue la siguiente: "Podrán también acceder a los cursos de doctorado aquellas personas que estén en posesión de títulos de Masters extranjeros legalizados por la apostilla de la Haya, sin necesidad de su homologación, pero previa comprobación de que los Masters acrediten un nivel de formación equivalente a los correspondientes títulos españoles de Master y una carta de la universidad extranjera en que conste que el alumno está capacitado para seguir los estudios de Doctorado. El acceso por esta vía no implicará, en ningún caso, la homologación del título previo de que esté en posesión el interasado, ni su reconocimiento a otros efectos que el de cursar enseñanzas de doctorado. Una vez superados los estudios de Doctorado, el título de doctor obtenido tendrá plena validez oficial". En la actualidad (2014) me encuentro realizando un Máster en Lenguas y Tecnología en la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (España), gracias a los estudios realizados en Bircham International University."


Jean Ngezahayo (Rwanda):
Doctor Ph.D. in Busisness Administration
Cum Laude in Busisness Administration
TESTIMONY: "Hereby I thank God, first, in the Holy Name of Jesus-Christ for He is the provider of Eternal Life, Health and everything with them. Secondary, I express my deep gratitude to Bircham University, for the assistance and the training I profit from since January 12, 2007 to September 26, 2011. I am delighted with your financial assistance and your understanding during the progress of my studies. The outcome was a great success. This success is due to the steady management of Bircham University. I recognize for Bircham University the objectivity and rigor in its scientific activities and I am committed to promote its interest through the valorization of the degree I gained in my work and the marketing development of this institution. I am so grateful for your invaluable contribution. I address equally my thanks to the Evaluation Committee and to the countries directly related to my training in the Bircham University. May they holistically prosper for the World Construction of peace, the reverence to God and the respect of Human Dignity."


Jenaro Romero Pastor (Spain):
Expert Diploma in Ergonomy & Psychosociology
Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Safety & Health
Doctor Ph.D. in Electronical Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering
Expert Diploma in Industrial Safety & Health
TESTIMONY: "Quiero manifestar públicamente, como egresado de Bircham International University, la calidad demostrada en el largo periodo de estudios como alumno primero de cursos de Experto, posteriormente en carreras de grado y finalmente de postgrado logrando Doctorarme tanto en Ingeniería Electrónica como en Ingeniería Industrial, tanto en el trato exquisito administrativamente, como por los profesores tutores, y el cuadro rectoral, la prontitud en las respuestas, y consejos para llevar a buen fin mis proyectos y tesis, que finalmente logre superar y conseguir mi graduación doctoral. Recuerdo con mucho cariño y gratitud el día de mis graduaciones, como el responsable del área industrial el Doctor Higinio Menéndez Milanés, me felicitaba por mi buena nota en mi tesis doctoral un 3.5 sobre 4. Así mismo mi agradecimiento por la invitación de Bircham International University, a diversos congresos y conferencias, como alumno graduado de la universidad. Los conocimientos y especializaciones derivados de mis estudios en Bircham International University, han abierto un mundo de oportunidades, académicas y profesionales para mí en diferentes áreas y países del mundo. Quiero ofrecer con mi agradecimiento, respeto y consideración, para el equipo de profesores, doctores, catedráticos, y empleados de Birchan International University. "


Jesus Sanchez Espinosa (Spain):
Specialist Diploma in Neurolingustic Programming
Bachelor's Degree in Education - Pedagogy
Master's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "Siento un profundo agradecimiento por la labor que Bircham University ha realizado en torno a mi persona, durante los años que estuve como alumno de Specialist / Neurolingustic Programming y posteriormente Bachelor / Education - Pedagogy. Una vez finalizado el tiempo de formación tengo que decir que el apoyo y el trato desde el punto de vista profesional, ha sido excelente. Para mí ha supuesto una gran ayuda tanto en lo personal cómo en lo profesional,. El partido y rendimiento pedagogico que he sacado a estas enseñanzas se puede ver reflejada en cantidad de encuestas de calidad a las que afortunadamente he visto sometido mi trabajo diario como Formador. Repito mi agradecimiento como alumno y desde el punto de vista profesional tambien. Un excelente equipo el de Bircham University."


Jie Li (Canada):
Master's Degree in Modern Chinese History
TESTIMONY: "I will never regret my choosing of Bircham University as the beginning of my professional life. Bircham University is a small but great institution, its learning mode based on distance education could be innovative for the ever-changing modern society. I gained a lot from the textbooks selected by Bircham University academic board, and the Bircham University administrative team is also helpful for me, not only in academic way, but in other aspects as well. Bircham University is a faraway place but you could still feel like as your home."


João Maria Sambo (Angola):
Master's Degree in Financial Management
Doctor Ph.D. in Public Administration
TESTIMONY: "Ter todo o suporte pedagógico da Bircham durante a carreira acadêmica na mesma foi muito importante para o êxito na profissão e na vida."


Joe A. Rosa Rodriguez (Puerto Rico):
Doctor Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology
Specialist Diploma in Meteorology
TESTIMONY: "En el año 2000 terminé mi grado de Maestría en Consejería, luego realizé una segunda maestría en Psicología. En el año 2004 quería realizar mi doctorado en una universidad a distancia. Estuve navegando por internet buscando opciones pero ninguna me convencían hasta que encontré Bircham International University. Llamé y me encantó su profesionalismo, el modo de tratar a los estudiantes, su accesibilidad y sobre todo hablan el idioma español. Rápidamente llamé a la Universidad y me matriculé. Mucha gente piensa que los grados universitarios a distancia no funcionan y que son bien fáciles de hacer. Yo les digo que si funciona y tienes que dedicarle tiempo y esfuerzo si quieres hacer un buen trabajo. En menos de un mes de haber terminado el doctorado, el mismo me ha abierto puertas en el mundo del trabajo."


Joel Acevedo Nieto (Puerto Rico):
Doctor Ph.D. in Neural & Brain Science
TESTIMONY: "Les escribo para agradecerles la formación que me han brindado, la misma ha rendido frutos. Les cuento que me asocié a la Society for Neuroscience en Estados Unidos y ellos realizaron un escogido de algunos estudiantes a los que becarian para tomar una certificación en investigación cientifica de 1 año con la Universidad Autónoma de Mexico. Tengo el placer de decirles que fui uno de los seleccionados ya que sometí mi información como estudiante de doctorado en neurociencias de Bircham International University."


John L. Greene (U.S.A.):
Doctor Ph.D. in Toxicology
Cum Laude in Toxicology
TESTIMONY: "I just would like to say, I had a great time studying with Bircham University, they stood by their words in every aspect of their program. Every e-mail, every call has been handled swiftly and professionally. Before enrolling, I inquired about Bircham University in 2004, I was please to know that Bircham University had the same staff and recognized me as a prospective student, which really convinced me I should enroll, so I did. After further research about Bircham University, I found the university to be a qualified recognizable degree granting institution. I highly recommend Bircham International University to any prospective student(s)."


José Adonay Aguirre Quiñonez (Guatemala):
Bachelor's Degree in Livestock Systems Engineering
TESTIMONY: "Estoy contento por el apoyo y el sistema de enseñanza de Bircham University. Me está sirviendo para mi vida personal y profesional porque estoy poniendo en practica todo lo aprendido. Estoy pensando en hacer una maestria el próximo año."


Jose Alejandro Navarro Torres (Chile):
Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering
Doctor Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering
Cum Laude in Industrial Engineering
TESTIMONY: "Me complace informarles que la Universidad Santa María de Chile en la que ejerzo como catedrático, profesor e investigador ha publicado en sus noticias la obtención de mi doctorado en Bircham International University y el respaldo que esta titulación está teniendo en mis investigaciones. http://www.noticias.usm.cl/2013/10/03/docente-de-la-sede-obtuvo-grado-de-doctor-en-ingenieria-industrial/ Fue un gusto visitar las oficinas de BIU en Madrid y tomarme las fotos de doctorado en ellas."


Jose Cerezo Sanchez (Spain):
Doctor Ph.D. in Naturopathy
TESTIMONY: "Yo os estoy muy agradecido, por toda la atención que me habéis prestado desde el primer momento que me puse en contacto con vosotros. Con mis mejores deseos para todo el equipo, os mando un abrazo de amistad."


Jose dos Santos (Angola):
Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration
Master's Degree in Human Resources
Doctor Ph.D. in Executive Leadership
TESTIMONY: "Aceitar a proposta de apresentar o meu testemunho enquanto estudante/mestrando da Bircham University e graduado no curso de Administração Pública, no ano de 2008. Na verdade, foi uma experiência bastante desafiante, pois cumulativamente e sobretudo sem prejuízo das minhas obrigações profissionais e familiareas, foi possível apreender novos e avançados conhecimentos e experiências sobre a Nova Administração Pública em construção. Portanto, sinto-me bastante estimulado e potenciado para o melhor desempenho das minhas actuais funções de Director Provincial dos Serviços da Administração Pública, Emprego e Segurança Social/Kwanza Sul - Angola. Recordo-vos que ainda não recebi o meu Diploma de graduação do Curso de Administração Pública, esperando recebe-lo tão logo seja reconhecido. Finalmente, dizer que tenho estado agradavelmente a receber do vosso Delegado no Brasil, o Dr César Martinez, todo o apoio e as informações necessárias para o desevolvimento do processo de aprendizagem."


Jose Felix Olaizola Garmendia (Dominican Republic):
Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology
Doctor Ph.D. in Human Resources
TESTIMONY: "Fue estupendo viajar a Madrid para conocer al personal de la BIU y a otros alumnos y festejar juntos nuestra graduación."


José Heriberto Baena Bustamante (Colombia):
Doctor Ph.D. in Sacramental Theology
TESTIMONY: "Sinceros agradecimientos por el paquete de grado doctoral qué recibí. Mil gracias por la calificación "Excelente" qué en la Universidad Gregoriana de Roma equivale a "Summa cum laude". Quedé muy contento. Dada la importancia y conveniencia para toda la Iglesia Universal del tema candente de mi tesis, le informo que dicho trabajo ya llegó a Roma y ya se le entregó un ejemplar al Papa Francisco, otro para el emérito Benedicto XVI, otro para el Cardenal Dario Castrillón, Presidente de la Congregación del Clero, otro para el Nuncio Apostólico de Italia, y otro ejemplar para la Sagrada Congregación de Ritos y Sacramentos. Y para nuestro orgullo, ha sido Bircham International University la gestora de mi proceso de mi doctorado. Espero que mi tesis cause un revolcón y una radical reforma litúrgico-sacramental en toda la Iglesia universal."


Jose Ignacio Valaer Rubio (Spain):
Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering
TESTIMONY: "El único recurso realmente importante en mi valor constante como profesional ha sido la fortaleza de mis conocimientos. Esto ha conducido mi vida académica y mi interés por estar siempre formándome. Cuando supe de la magnífica posibilidad que me ofrecía Bircham International University, entendí que debía aprovecharla. Destaco la colaboración que brinda al alumno, la realidad que consigue acercar estudios de distintas disciplinas a todo aquel, que de verdad, desea aprender, y la seriedad que infiere en su proceder en el hecho mismo del aprendizaje. Me sumo a su valor de enriquecimiento al alumnado, les agradezco la oportunidad que en su día me proporcionaron para poder finalizar mis estudios comenzados en otra Universidad (de las denominadas tradicionales) y apoyo su capacidad como Universidad que es y debe ser reconocida Mundialmente. No solo como alternativa, sino como una opción de estudio más. Enarbolando el potencial que cada alumno posee y que por diversas circunstancias no ha logrado el reconocimiento de tantos años de trabajo y estudios."


José López Miñón (Spain):
Doctor Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology
TESTIMONY: "A raíz de la obtención de mi graduación en esa Universidad, como Doctor en Psicología Transpersonal, mi vida comenzó a cambiar de forma muy satisfactoria. Tanto mi nivel económico como relaciones sociales han experimentado un positivo cambio. Me siento otra persona. Quienes acuden a mi consulta en solicitud de orientación psicológica o formación personal, tengo la satisfacción de informar que encuentran solución. Agradezco a Bircham University desde el corazón su apreciabilísima aportación a mi nueva vida."


José Luís Freitas Nunes (Portugal):
Bachelor's Degree in Sports Training
Master's Degree in Sports Training
TESTIMONY: "Estoy entusiasmado. Bircham University me ha dado la oportunidad de aumentar mis conocimientos y capacidades intelectuales. Considero que es la mejor inversión que podemos hacer en esta vida. Gracias una vez más."


José Luis Wagener Martinez (Spain):
Doctor Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology
Cum Laude in Transpersonal Psychology
TESTIMONY: "Nunca pasó por mi cabeza que a los 73 años, cuando ya casi se ha olvidado la etapa laboral y su diario ajetreo, y se tiene la sensación de que la vida se va deslizando suavemente hacia las últimas etapas, tuviera yo la oportunidad de acceder a un doctorado. Fue el Dr. William Martin, máximo responsable de la BIU en España, quien me metió dentro la inquietud y me animó a dar los pasos para obtenerlo. Este doctorado ha supuesto mucho para mí. Ha potenciado fuertemente mi trayectoria personal de salir de ese suave deslizamiento hacia las etapas finales de la vida y me ha movido a continuar dedicándome, con mayor entusiasmo todavía, a las actividades propias de quienes buscan hacer de éste un mundo mejor. Por otra parte, el sistema educativo de la BIU, que sin olvidar la ineludible adquisición del conocimiento pone un fuerte énfasis en la experiencia adquirida en la “Universidad de la Vida” (sin duda la mejor de las Universidades), es un ejemplo que debería servir de modelo a nuestras viejas Universidades, anquilosadas a veces en trayectorias seculares que han evolucionado más bien poco ante un mundo y un ser humano que no paran de cambiar."


Jose M. Estevez Laorga (Spain):
Bachelor's Degree in International Law
Bachelor's Degree in Political Sciences
TESTIMONY: "Tardé diez años desde que me matriculé hasta que terminé mi carrera. Mereció la pena y el esfuerzo. Agradezco a la oficina de BIU en Madrid que preparasen unas fotos especialmente para mi graduación."


Jose Manuel Abad Moya (Spain):
Doctor Ph.D. in Natural Medicine
Cum Laude in Natural Medicine
TESTIMONY: "Me dirijo a vosotros una vez más para daros mis más sinceros agradecimientos por el apoyo prestado durante mis estudios de Doctor Ph. D. en Medicina Natural (2004), con la mención de Magna cum Laude. ¡ Muchísimas gracias a todo el equipo de BIU España ! No puedo agradecer a cada uno de vosotros personalmente, ya que me olvidaría de alguien, así que por extensión… Quiero presentar con mis agradecimiento, respeto y consideración, para el todo equipo de profesores, doctores, catedráticos, y empleados de Birchan International University España. GRACIAS a tod@s !!! Asistir y conoceros en persona a cada uno de vosotros, en la Ceremonia de graduación, fue toda una experiencia enriquecedora. Quiero dar mi testimonio en agradecimiento a todo el equipo de Bircham International University España por los excelentes servicios que se me prestaron como estudiante. Como testimonio de gratitud y eterno reconocimiento a Bircham International University España, por el apoyo que siempre me han aportado, gracia al cual he logrado culminar mi carrera profesional. Y si en un futuro la BIU necesitara de mis servicios y experiencia estaría dispuesto a ayudar para que otros alumnos se aprovechen de mi experiencia profesional."


Jose Manuel Gil Lozano (Spain):
Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
TESTIMONY: "Completé mi carrera y lo celebré por todo lo alto con mis compañeros en un evento muy ameno organizado por BIU."


José Martins (Angola):
Master's Degree in Environmental Management
Doctor Ph.D. in Environmental Management
TESTIMONY: "A qualidade dos cursos e os profissionais de educação da Bircham fizeram a diferença para a escolha por essa instituição de prestigio."


José Moya Blasco (Spain):
Specialist Diploma in Self Defense Instructor
Bachelor's Degree in Self Defense Sciences
TESTIMONY: "Muchas gracias a todo el equipo de BIU! Asistir a la Ceremonia de graduación fue toda una experiencia."


Jose R. Vazquez (U.S.A.):
Doctor Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology
TESTIMONY: "Having completed a Ph.D. at Bircham University has opened up many doors in my teaching career. The individual attention given to me by the Bircham University staff helped accelerate the completion of the degree and the feedback received on my thesis helped to shape my paper for publication."


Juan Carlos Muñoz Torres (Spain):
Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering
TESTIMONY: "Al margen de reconcimientos externos, el mas importante es el reconocimiento propio, el de uno mismo. En mi caso, todo continua como antes, pero tras completar la titulación de Bircham University uno siente que ha cerrado una puerta que dejo entreabierta y eso repercute en uno mismo, ¿que no está reglada por el ministerio?, da igual, eso solo es para los que buscan empleo público. ¿Cómo ha contribuido Bircham University a mi trayectoria profesional o personal?. Creo que profesionalmente no ha contribuido, al menos en términos cuantitativos de remuneración y cargo dentro de una empresa (aunque nunca se sabe). Donde si ha contruido es en el ámbito personal. Es decir, en cómo uno se siente, aquí el beneficio, al menos en mi caso, ha sido infinito. Supongo que esa satisfacción personal y sentimiento de seguridad también revierte de algún modo en lo profesional."


Juan Carlos Navarro de Calin (Spain):
Doctor Ph.D. in International Business Law
TESTIMONY: "Un placer compartir mi graduación en Madrid con otros doctores de BIU."


Juan Eugenio Colón Cruz (Puerto Rico):
Doctor Ph.D. in Business Administration - Entrepreneurship Management
TESTIMONY: "Gracias por darme la oportunidad de graduarme en Puerto Rico."


Juan Jose Martinez Castillo (Venezuela):
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering
TESTIMONY: "Since my graduation, 2003, I dedicated myself to continue my Master studies in different universities in Spain (University of Catalonia and the University Ramon Llull), 2 master degrees, but more importantly, I engaged in research work in the field the computer engineering. I authored in major global conferences and world congress en computing and telecommunications, in countries like USA, Japan, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Africa and Spain. I think I left the university name on a high note, proving that the Bircham Iniversity can also give true scientific researchers."


Julian Percibal Redondo Rodriguez (Spain):
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology - Clinical Psychology
Doctor Ph.D. in Psychology
Cum Laude in Psychotherapy
TESTIMONY: "I am a Australia/Spanish citizen living in Spain. I work in a very reputable hospital in Madrid. The purpose of this letter is to assure that I have completed several degree programs at Bircham International University that have proven really useful in my professional career. I am very satisfied with the services and education received. Bircham University helped me to improve my knowledge and to support my activities with their degrees."


Kaneez Fatima Nasir (U.A.E.):
Bachelor's Degree in Human Biology - Genetics
TESTIMONY: "I am very pleased to have received the package. I want to thank you and the faculty at Bircham for your support and cooperation. My experience at Bircham has been both enjoyable and rewarding and there is a lot of learning from this experience that I carry with me for years to come. I will definitely recommend the programs at Bircham to anyone who is looking for a pleasant and rewarding experience."


Karen Dolcy-Joseph (St. Lucia):
Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Health
TESTIMONY: "I have recieved the approval letter granting the scholorship for the balance of the tution. I have attached a copy of the original approval letter from the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Human Services. Also there is so another co-worker who has aslo received a schlorship to pursue studies with Bircham University. Thanks again for all your help and support. It has been so much appreciated."


Kelly Cristina da Silva (Brazil):
Master's Degree in Social Psychology
TESTIMONY: "A Bircham chega com seu método de ensino a locais como o Afeganistão, ao qual nunca se imagina que pudesse conseguir fazer um curso superior e se graduar, algo que tem que se elogiar muito."


Khalid Mahmoud Ismail (Qatar):
Doctor Ph.D. in ELT - English Language Teaching
TESTIMONY: "My experience with Bircham University is great and its echoes will go on and on in my life as a teacher and educator. I feel proud when you say that I am one of Bircham University's elite alumni."


Lázaro Miguel Armas Rodriguez (Norway):
Doctor Ph.D. in Spanish Language Teaching
TESTIMONY: "It is a great pleasure to study in such a respectful university. It is fantastic that we can plan our studies according to our possibilities, but also I want to point out that Bircham is not a universiy for any kind of student. It is for students that are capable of doing research in all possible ways by themselves. This is something I consider one of the most important aspects that Bircham provides to their students. The capacity to become a real professional researcher. CONGRATULATIONS! I am very proud of been one of your students. Pido disculpas por no haber enviado un correo antes dando las gracias por darme la oportunidad de realizar mis sueños. Ha sido un gran honor y placer el haber podido estudiar en su centro, lo he disfrutado mucho. La forma en que se aprende en Bircham debería ser aplicada en todos los centros de aprendizaje. Permitir que un alumno sea capaz de demostrar su propia capacidad creativa es la representación más fidedigna del constructivismo en la enseñanza, que es en lo que considero debe estar basada la enseñanza de estos tiempos. he leído la carta enviada con los documentos y por supuesto que acepto que mi nombre aparezca en la lista de los graduados en la página web del centro. Es para mi un gran honor estar en ella. Un saludo cordial para todo el personal de Bircham por su buen trabajo."


Lecheron Saturniño Janga (Curaçao):
Bachelor's Degree in International Business Administration - Hospitality Management
TESTIMONY: "I am a Bircham University graduate of my Bachelor degree in Science in International Business Administration. Bircham University gave me the so needed confidence. I had to leave the Netherlands and return to Curaçao, without finishing my studies. For that reason I was unable to climb the ladder in the labor market. I will definitely never regret being a member of this honorable establishment: Bircham International University gave me the the chance to make a reality out of my dreams. i am not finished yet, but this is a definite powerful step in the right direction. Thanks Bircham!"


Leila Abdul Hafiz Abboud (Lebanon):
Doctor Ph.D. in Economics
TESTIMONY: "I completed a Ph.D. at Bircham International University and since then I have been appointed teacher of Economics, Commerce and Business for some years at the Beirut Arab University in Lebanon. This university is not only recognized by the Ministry of Education in Lebanon but has also affiliation agreements with many Universities worldwide."


Liliana B. Chocarro (Canada):
Doctor Ph.D. in Executive Management
TESTIMONY: "My experience with Bircham University was positive. As a mature student, while looking for the right educational institution, I had to find one that was serious and at the same time provided the necessary flexibility to work towards my Ph.D. I found those at Bircham. The kind of distance program they offered had the advantage of allowing me certain freedom in choosing the topic. In a way I think this lack of stringency at this point is because of their philosophy to put the responsibility on the student. The lack of supervision by the faculty was another point that was different from any other university, so I had to find guidance from other people outside the university. Lastly, the lack of public defense was another unique feature. The final evaluation was done thoroughly according to the comments received by the evaluation panel. In my case, this was a goal I had and Bircham met my needs, which may not be the same for other students wishing to pursue post-doc careers."


Lisette Chandnani-Poppen (Curaçao):
Master's Degree in International Business Administration - Organization & Management
TESTIMONY: "I'm a graduate Master in Business Administration from Curacao. We just had our graduation ceremony 15th of October 2016. I would like to thank all of you for such a beautiful moment and celebration, and I want to thank Mr. William for all professional information, help and understanding which has helped our study course. Thanks to the BIU degree I got a very important job opportunity! I would thank u from my heart to get a good life opportunity for me and my family."


Lorraine Kay Petitti (U.S.A.):
Doctor Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology
Cum Laude in Counseling Psychology
Doctor Ph.D. in Social Work
TESTIMONY: "I completed the last course for the social work degree. I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed doing the courses and how much I appreciate the help given to me. This has been such a positive experience for me and it's great achieving what I've wanted for some time. Thanks again."


Lucio Sungo Puati Tomás (Angola):
Bachelor's Degree in Human Resourses
Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology
TESTIMONY: "Eu Lúcio Sungo Puati Tomás, formado no Mestrado em Psicologia Organizacional na Bircham University, consegui a aceitação do meu diploma obtido na Bircham para fazer o meu Doutoramento em Projectos na Universidade Internacional Iberoamericana (UNINI) do México, no qual estou cursando neste momento, o que me trouxe uma enorme alegria. A nossa família deu o voto de confiança na Bircham e a retribuição em conhecimento e êxitos recompensou muito a escolha."


Luis Alberto Bolaño Heller (Chile):
Doctor Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering
Cum Laude in Industrial Engineering
Doctor Ph.D. in Civil Engineering
TESTIMONY: "Me he sentido muy bien el saber como ustedes han continuado mejorando la gestión de Bircham y que se ha plasmado en su acreditación, terrenos para la construcción de un edificio institucional, contacto de acuerdo con universidades de otros países entre otras gestiones, lo que habla muy bien de Bircham. Con Bircham University siento haber concretado una de mis decisiones y anhelo más grande de mi vida, que fue sacar mi doctorado y poder entregar mis conocimientos a  los alumnos a quienes he dedicado toda mi vida de docencia."


Luis da Silva Oliveira Filipe (Portugal):
Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
TESTIMONY: "Graças á Bircham University acabei de fazer uma pós-graduação na universidade de direito de Lisboa."


Luis de Oliveira Guerreiro de Matos (Angola):
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting
Master's Degree in Business Management & Consulting
Doctor Ph.D. in Financial Management
TESTIMONY: "Ter a Bircham não só como uma instituição de ensino na qual se estuda, mas também formar uma grande família acadêmica é uma realidade que ela conseguiu fazer com muito mérito e trabalho árduo."


Luis Enrique Lacayo Sanchez (Nicaragua):
Doctor Ph.D. in Business Management
TESTIMONY: "La graduación de BIU fue un evento entrañable. No olvidare mi visita. Gracias."


Luis Fernando da Conceição Pereira (Portugal):
Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Safety & Health
Doctor Ph.D. in Occupational Safety & Health
TESTIMONY: "A educação à distancia demanda aplicação, responsabilidade e dedicação aos estudos. Nesse aspecto a Bircham tem dado muito apoio aos estudantes na motivação, solução de dúvidas e suporte suficiente para que a formação durante o curso seja o mais agradável e organizado, com isso o estudante se sente mais capaz para realizar o sonho da sua graduação no ensino superior."


Luis Giovanni Castañeda Ramirez (Colombia):
Specialist Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology
TESTIMONY: "Buenas tardes, acabo de recibir los documentos enviados, entre ellos el diploma de graduación y las notas, les quiero agradecer a todos ustedes por todo el aporte que me hicieron durante este tiempo de estudios, mil gracias Lorena Cano, William Martin e Irene Fernandez, y a todo el equipo que conforma la Bircham University. Mil y mil gracias, y me despido no sin antes, y acudiendo a la carta recibida, ofrecer mi ayuda como graduado especialista en Psicología Transpersonal para tutorias en las que consideren puedo colaborar a otros alumnos. Les envío un fuerte abrazo desde Colombia."


Luz Divina López Nieves (Puerto Rico):
Doctor Ph.D. in Psychology - NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming
TESTIMONY: "Me place grandemente mi graduación y creánme, estaré en disposición de servirles a ustedes y de referir personas para su capacitación a través de su programa. No soy experta en la modalidad de internet, por lo que les agradezco la paciencia que han tenido conmigo."


M. Teresa Glez. de Echavarri S. Cuesta (Spain):
Doctor Ph.D. in Marketing & Communication
TESTIMONY: "Conseguí mi Doctorado PhD en Marketing y Comunicación en BIU, soy profesora de Marketing en ESM y también de BIU, y como directora de ESM preparo nuestras Graduaciones, a las que nos acompaña BIU desde 2012. Mi experiencia en todos los campos como Directora, profesora y Doctora PhD de Bircham International University, son muy positivas y enriquecedoras, por su alto nivel y exquisitas relaciones profesionales y personales, por su calidad humana. La profesionalidad de todo el equipo de BIU, hace que trabajar con ellos sea muy enriquecedor y fácil. Su internacionalidad y practicidad en todas las áreas, así como su contante innovación y mejora en todos los campos del aprendizaje, son un gran valor para todos los que formamos parte de su red de antiguos alumnos y colaboradores. Desde aquí mi enhorabuena por la labor realizada y mi agradecimiento. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDV_OqdUjWE https://vimeo.com/134315849"


Majib Tager Awe (Guatemala):
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "Como un testimonio de gratitud y eterno reconocimiento a Bircham International University, por el apoyo que siempre me han brindado y con el cual he logrado terminar mi carrera profesional, siendo para mí, la mejor de las satisfacciones, sabiendo que jamás existirá una forma de agradecer en esta vida de lucha y superación constante, deseo expresarles que mis esfuerzos y logros han sido también suyos y que gracias a Bircham International University se han abierto otras puertas para mi futuro profesional. He continuado preparándome con una Maestría en National Business School y por consiguiente ligado a Bircham University aportando en mi desarrollo personal y profesional para ser más competentes en este mercado laboral."


Marcellin Kitambala (Rwanda):
Doctor Ph.D. in Human Resources Management
TESTIMONY: "Today it's a special day in my life. I am very happy to share my joy with all of you. Since 2010 when I joined my coursework studies at BIU until today 2013. In short, I have completed my Ph.D. studies with a Grade of Excellent, it means 3.8 of 4 (81-90%) in coursework and 4 of 4 (91-99%) in Thesis (defence and the contents). I am telling you, it was not easy, working and studying. I have spent so many nights without sleeping normally, and week ends were not the time for enjoying but the time for studying. Once again thank you very much and may God bless you."


Marco Claudio Turco (U.S.A.):
Doctor Ph.D. in Rural Development
Cum Laude in Rural Development
TESTIMONY: "Well done to Bircham University on the steady progress that is the university is making. I have always been happy that I studied with Bircham University -- it fulfilled all the requirements I needed to ensure that I could keep working -- often in difficult Developing Country situations for the UN, and then I also want to remark the incredible support Bircham University gave me when the State University of New York's Human Resource Department tried to get rid of me because of the non-USA CHEA accreditation of Bircham University. The senior administration of SUNY did not agree with their Human Resources Department and I remain a Professor there."


Marco Tulio Illescas Flor (Guatemala):
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "¡Una experiencia inolvidable! Muchas gracias."


Marcos Mazzuka Petitta (Spain):
Doctor Ph.D. in Anti-Aging Therapy
Cum Laude in Anti-Aging Therapy
TESTIMONY: "Mi experiencia en BIU, ha sido muy satisfactoria debido a que en el programa de Doctorado que realicé de Terapia Anti-Aging, me encontré con la posibilidad de realizar un análisis profundo sobre las componentes más importantes en los que se debería sustentar esta especialidad, anteponiendo en todo momento mis conocimientos y experiencia. La evaluación fue con alto sentido crítico por parte de los monitores del doctorado así como el enfoque hacia la aplicación práctica de esos conocimientos. Como tesis final recibí el estímulo por parte de la BIU en concretar un proyecto que tenía desde hacía mucho, la realización de mi libro ‘Los 5 Equilibrios de la Salud’, donde explico las bases bioquímicas de la función celular y los equilibrios que deben existir para que todo el entramado molecular logre funcionar en perfecta armonía. http://www.prof-dr-marcos-mazzuka.com También me he convertido en profesor de un novedoso programa de Experto, Máster y PhD en Medicina Regenerativa Celular con el que quiero, con el respaldo de BIU, proporcionar a los profesionales de la salud nuevas herramientas concretas y respaldadas por numerosas publicaciones científicas."


Maria Elena Gonzales de Guzman (Guatemala):
's Degree in
TESTIMONY: "Bircham University contribuyó en mi formación profesional de una manera excelente, ya que en la empresa donde trabajo el tener una Maestría es símbolo de superación y esfuerzo. El esfuerzo valió la pena puesto que me ascendieron y esto vino a llenarme de satisfacción!"


Maria Guadalupe Velasco Ocampo (Mexico):
Doctor Ph.D. in Sociology
TESTIMONY: "Fue una gran experiencia poder asistir a la graduación de Madrid."


Mary Wambui Kamina (Kenya):
Doctor Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology
TESTIMONY: "I am  proud of my Bircham University degree, despite some issues here and there in Kenya. I hope one day we shall be fully recognized."


Marzena Wrzesien (France):
Doctor Ph.D. in Physics
Specialist Diploma in Genetics
Doctor Ph.D. in Aeronautical Technology
TESTIMONY: "2012: I have enjoyed studying at Bircham. Why was this experience so rewarding First of all I could study the subjects I like in my own time while working. The content is clearly specified yet it leaves a lot of liberty for individual creation. I would have no hesitation to recommend the University to potential candidates. 2016: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the BIU Team for the support through the years. I guess my time spent with Bircham International University comes to an end but I will surely stay in touch as I would like to publish certain works and I will keep you informed. I appreciate the flexibility of submitting the assignments and thesis as well as the quality of your professors evaluation. I wish you further success in your distance learning concept and execution."


Mason R. Robison (U.S.A.):
Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy
Master's Degree in Philosophy
Doctor Ph.D. in Philosophy
TESTIMONY: "Very Cool... I have learned more via Bircham University than any university or college previously attended... Thank you so much for your efforts in making Bircham University a lasting investment for me..."


Mira Sartika (Indonesia):
Master's Degree in Ancient History
TESTIMONY: "I am Mira Sartika from Indonesia. I graduated with Master Degree from BIU in 2012. I am proud to announce my publication based on my thesis of my Master degree earned from Bircham International University. Please visit http://www.getscoop.com/id/buku/the-map-of-civilization-a-geocultural-synthesis My book is entitled The Map of Civilization - A Geocultural Synthesis. The book will be on display in Frankfurt Book Fair 2015. Warm regards."


Mohamed Warsame Ashkir (Somalia):
Master's Degree in Finance and Economy
TESTIMONY: "It was a new day in my life, when I open my inbox and got my thesis result which I was waiting and thinking about in last week for what result and grade it will be, although I was working under difficulty circumstance and limited time. While i am happy and exciting of completing this course for partial of my objective I wish to continue to reach my goal and develop my career and life capacity and add-value my community and overall our world, I really appreciate you your encouragement and support. I would like to express you my highest gratitude, once again."


Mohammad Samir Hossain (Bangladesh):
Doctor Ph.D. in Psychotherapy
TESTIMONY: "You know very well what Bircham University did for me! I could never gain further knowledge and learn to research if Bircham University were not this much positive about helping in gaining knowledge, not just degree! It was you who taught me that. I have enough international recognitions and a Dr. title, so why should I seek a PhD if I do not seek knowledge. My eyes were opened and I agreed for all text work required by my PhD. Now I am matured enough to find my way to Harvard or Johns Hopkins. I have two hypotheses of my own from my research and two theory books one of which has already been recommended to be adopted at University of Memphis Library for researchers and clinical students. I am the first Muslim and also eastern person to conduct such a research on death (according to the Editor of the Famous Death Studies journal of Taylor and Francis). All these are rooted to my interactions with Bircham University. There are references behind the statements too. My research thesis and later publication has been adopted by Bangladesh College of Phisicians & Surgeons library. My research was also endorsed by the Royal College of Psychiatrist at London and the Department of Psychology of the University of Memphis (USA). These are the comments from Robert A. Neimeyer, PhD, Department of Psychology of the University of Memphis about my Research Thesis and later publication. “I am pleased to inform you that in my role as a Professor of Psychology at the University of Memphis, I have recommended the recent book by Dr. Mohammad Samir Hossain, Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychiatry of your medical college, entitled Quest for a New Death: Death and Adjustment Hypotheses, for adoption by our university library.”"


Mohammed Salah Hussien Basha (Egypt):
Specialist Diploma in Health Care Management
Doctor Ph.D. in Public Health
Master's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "I am Mohammed Salah Basha from Egypt, a Ph.D. graduate from Bircham University. I have two news that I felt should share with the university. First, I have two subjects published in The encyclopedia of Crisis Management, published by Sage publications in March 2013. At time of writing I was still studying at the university my Ph.D. and attached is a scan of the list of contributors with the Bircham International University listed as my university. Second, I am accepted as a speaker in the next World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine that will be held next May in Manchester by the World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine. My presentation is quite related to my Ph.D. research study at the university and I will be proud to wear the university pin I received in my graduation ceremony because I am really proud of your university that I graduated in. Please accept my thanks all at Bircham University and please pass my special thanks to Dr.William Martin whom I had the opportunity to meet with in Cairo last year in a graduation ceremony. My discussion with him was really very fruitful and helped me a lot thereafter in planning my path."


Monika Reitmajerova (Czech Republic):
Specialist Diploma in General Psychology
Expert Diploma in Philosophy & Critical Thinking
TESTIMONY: "Bircham university teaches me every day to the responsibility and organization.  I like it very much! I recommend it to everyone who struggles with responsibility, because this distance learning will definitely guide you to the right path!"


Muhammad Siddique Ali (Pakistan):
Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering
TESTIMONY: "Thanks for invitation letter. Thanks for clarifying my concerns. I am preparing my papers to apply for visa, I booked my flight and I will see you soon in Madrid to celebrate at the graduation."


Mukalalirya Kambale (R. D. Congo):
Expert Diploma in Political Sciences
Doctor Ph.D. in Applied Economic Sciences
TESTIMONY: "Bircham University est véritablement une grande famille. Votre message m'encourage à travailler dur afin d'être courronné dans un proche avecnir du diplôme de Docteur PhD de la grande université véritablement internationale B.I.U."


Mukandayambaje Dative (Rwanda):
Master's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "I sincerely appreciate the way Bircham University offers services to the students in methodic way. I promise to always do my best to inform all of those in need of self accomplishment and realize through distance learning. Whenever I plan to go ahead with any other specialization that will be Bircham University preference."


Munir Alejandro Sabas Shajhuan (Honduras):
Doctor Ph.D. in Chemistry
TESTIMONY: "When I finished my university studies in the faculty of chemistry at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras I was immersed in the world of work, then over time came the children and the opportunity to continue my postgraduate studies were very difficult. University researcher found Bircham International University and I realized that they offered just what I needed. Your staff is first rate and my queries were always answered in good time and very polite. That way I complete my Ph.D. in Chemistry.Thanks to my graduate diploma could find a job opportunity with the Universidad Tecnologica de Honduras as Professor of Industrial Chemistry class. Where I've been working since more than 5 years. I am pleased to recommend Bircham International University as the best option to continue graduate studies. Bircham University thank you very much!!"


Munyaneza Patrick (Rwanda):
Master's Degree in Bank Management - Finance
Doctor Ph.D. in International Business - Finance
TESTIMONY: "I would like to inform you that Bircham University Masters Degree permitted me to teach as a part-timer lecturer at one of Rwanda Universities named ULK courses called “THEORIE ET PRATIQUE BANCAIRE and MARCHE ET INSTITUTION FINANCIER” This part-time job allowed me to resolve some of my family problems as I can get form them an amount approaching 1,000 USD. Professor, please also be informed that because of my MS Degree I am now getting a job in ECOBANK where I will be in charge of Consumers Banking. With this new job, my salary will increase of about 40%. I think I cannot get better words to express my gratitude to Bircham University. Only, I will continue to pray God to help my school to go further and further. I am also planning to do my PhD with Bircham University. Be blessed, my dear school."


Munzir Omer Elawad Awaad (Saudi Arabia):
Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
TESTIMONY: "I am very happy and satisfied with Bircham University. Now I am maintenance manager for heavy equipments workshop. I learned a lot with Bircham University and I hope one day I can come to visit Bircham University in Spain. Please keep contacting me."


Nader Ahmed Rajab (Bahrain):
Master's Degree in Sociology
Doctor Ph.D. in Sociology
Cum Laude in Sociology
TESTIMONY: "I would like to submit my application to your esteemed university to study the PhD (Doctor) in the field of Sociology. I have been a researcher and lecturer in the past 10 years in the fields of history, cultures, human development as well as political science and human rights. I attended many regional and international conferences and forums delivering several research papers, presentations and speeches in the mentioned fields. I was a board member for 3 consecutive terms in the most renowned cultural research center in the Kingdom of Bahrain. As an accomplished corporate strategist, I thank BIU for this valuable opportunity. I’m already promoting studying at BIU for all those who can benefit from BIU’s method of corresponding study."


Nader Yama (Afghanistan):
Bachelor's Degree in Executive Leadership
TESTIMONY: "Bircham University is earning more credibility and playing an important role to provide a wonderful opportunity to adults across the world, in particular, to the countries that have no access and less chances to be able to proceed with their education in Europe, US and other parts of the world. We are enormously happy seeing us undergone and finished our education in such a prestigious university known across the world, and yet seeks to serve the more to have a knowledge-based world. "


Naira Zhora Khachatryan (Armenia):
Master's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "I would like to thank the whole Bircham University team, all those who supported me and thanks to whom I have felt me a part of Bircham University since the first day of studying. Time spent with Bircham International University is a part of my life full of major events: I simultaneously acquired my second bachelor degree at Engineering University and gave birth to my second child. Studying at Bircham University raised my self-esteem and helped me feel firm ground under my feet. I proved me myself and people surrounding me that even having 2 little children and working full-time, it is possible to get an on-line degree, acquire knowledge, and bring life up to higher standards. With my deepest regards to the whole Bircham University staff."


Nelly Nduta Ndirangu (Kenya):
Bachelor's Degree in Counseling Psychology
TESTIMONY: "Actually Bircham International University is my mother of education. I have been able to move on very well. With this knowledge I have founded this Non Profitable organization. http://www.kimowellnessfoundation.org/  I am the Director and one of the Co-founders of the above foundation in Kenya where you may review my contribution to the society. Thank you Irene and BIU team."


Nelly Sereya Konchella (Kenya):
Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Psychology
TESTIMONY: "Will it be possible for one to graduate again? It would be wonderful for me to graduate again in the presence of my lecturers, family members and friends who were not able to make it to Namibia, to share my success."


Nelson Manuel Carvalho Silva Lima (Portugal):
Honoris Causa Doctor in Academic Merits & Excellent Career
Doctor Ph.D. in Psychological Research
TESTIMONY: "La Bircham University - con 20 años en el mercado - es una universidad globalizada y de aprendizaje a la distancia y eso es un de sus problemas antes los gobiernos. Es una excelente universidad legalizada pero es una universidad alternativa, no formal y con dificultad de reconocimientos goubernamentales debido a las universidades formales y sus lobbies que impiden su reconocimiento junto a los ministerios. Uno de mis cursos ha sido obtenido en la Bircham hace 10 años y no tuve problema en el mercado laboral. Hoy soy profesor en una universidad en Brasil, investigador en Alemania y presidente de una empresa científica en América. Es el curriculum total del alumno que debe ser tenido en cuenta. Es lo que hago en my empresa. El mundo esta cambiando y muchas otras universidades alternativas como Bircham están llegando al mercado. Y atención: muchas universidades reconocidas son de baja calidad."


Nicole Patrice Johnson-Smith (U.S.A.):
Doctor Ph.D. in English Language Teaching
TESTIMONY: "Many colleagues ask me where I got my doctorate and how long it took, as well as the costs. While I began in 2000 with the program, I chose Bircham because at that time, I was interested in teaching in the United States as well as overseas. I was also interested in doing research in education and language development. Bircham's program was perfect for what I wanted to do.  Then, life happened...I was married and had children, and my education was no longer the priority, so it took much longer than I wanted it to.  However, my choice in Bircham for my Ph.D was the best thing because the flexibility it offered allowed me to take my time while finishing my doctorate. Even when I thought I was not going to finish, the staff at Bircham continued to encourage me and remain patient while they understood life's interruptions, and it made me more determinied to be finished. Best of all, the staff always offered help, suggestions, encouragement, and just kept me in the loop with information on program changes and anything else going on at Bircham. When I finally finished the program, I was touched to find that I still receive emails remembering my birthday, emailed newsletters with updates on Bircham, and I was very happy to know that the people I consulted with were still there to communicate with me when I had questions. Thank you, Bircham -- you made my doctorate attainable and helped me every step of the way!"


Noor Aslan Arsalan (Austria):
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology - Neuro Linguistic Programming
Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology
TESTIMONY: "I just wanted to thank Bircham International University for giving me the chance to be part of your fine organization. Studying in Bircham University has been a delight so far, as I hope it will be at the end."


Nsengumuremyi Abel (Rwanda):
Master's Degree in Business Management
TESTIMONY: "Surely, and undoubtfully, the Bircham University masters is an added value. It added to me respect by workmates, as my views are now articulated better and more convincing. Moreover, other doors of opportunities keep opening to me; only the sky is the limit. I am lecturing "Principles of Auditing & Internal Control" and "Production & Operations Management" at Byumba Polytechnic Institute, an Institution of higher learning which issues Bachelors degree in Management. This is a true testimony, and I'm very grateful to Bircham University."


Octave Semwaga (Rwanda):
Master's Degree in Strategic Marketing
Doctor Ph.D. in Agricultural Management
Cum Laude in Agricultural Management
Honoris Causa Doctor in Outstanding professional career
TESTIMONY: "I have the pleasure to inform you that Bircham University helped me to open a door which would have continued to be close to me forever. Indeed, in Rwanda, nobody is entitled to teach at any university as a lecturer he/she does not have at least a Master’s Degree. I was dreaming to be a university teacher but I was not seeing how as wherever I was trying to get a scholarship I was failing and the end, I also feared to loose my job by going outside my country to get the degree. Fortunately, I got Bircham University address. In almost two years, I got a Master’s Degree in Strategic Marketing. Without any delay, I have put my degree in front of universities and one of them allowed me to teach many subjects among them Marketing. I have reached my dream!!!! Thanks Bircham University. May God bless your founder forever!!!!"


Oscar Alberto Alvizures Galdamez (Guatemala):
Bachelor's Degree in Livestock Systems Engineering
TESTIMONY: "Quiero compartir con todas aquellas personas que lean este comentario mi experiencia personal. Yo, como ganadero, afirmo que los conocimientos adquiridos en la carrera me han sido de un valor incalculable ya que técnicamente he mejorado muchísimo en la producción ganadera en mi finca. Quiero invitar por este medio a todos aquellos Ganaderos que quieran mejorar sus conocimientos y su auto-estima a que cursen la carrera de Ingeniería en Sistemas de Ganadería. Se darán cuenta que la técnica es un complemento super importante con la practica."


Otto Eugenio Rolando Paiz Balcarcel (Guatemala):
Master's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "Director de la Escuela de Negocios San Jose en Guatemala. http://www.esnsanjose.com.gt Muchas gracias por todo su apoyo y esperamos en Dios seguir creciendo y ser una institución de renombre a nivel nacional. https://youtu.be/LKe1f01Ryng Ya hemos empezado... Graduación 2016: Quiero agradecerles por su apoyo en esta primera graduación que se llevó con éxito en Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa. Espero que las venideras graduaciones sean mucho mejor e ir creciendo con todo su apoyo. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=-Js_p-m_0M8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=-Js_p-m_0M8&app=desktop"


Pamela Achieng Aullo (Kenya):
Doctor Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology
TESTIMONY: "I felt appreciated as an allumni of Bircham University. I am satisfied with my education inspite of the problems we have had in Kenya regarding Bircham University certificates."


Paola Georgina Monzón Calvío (El Salvador):
Master's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "Cursar el Master in Business Administration, sin duda ha sido una de las mejores oportunidades que se me ha presentado en mi vida, poder realizar mis estudios con una Universidad tan prestigiosa como lo es Bircham International University por sus siglas BIU, ha hecho que mi conocimiento como profesional alcance un nivel impresionante que sin duda solo se puede encontrar en Universidades con un nivel académico alto. Viviendo en El Salvador, es muy difícil encontrar un verdadero estudio de calidad, gracias a International Business Managemente Institute representantes de BIU, mucho de los salvadoreños han conocido un estudio de primer mundo, la ventaja de estudiar en BIU radica en su metodología de estudio y en la oportunidad de establecer su Universidad en diferentes países del mundo, ya que puedes trabajar al mismo tiempo que estudias y no debes dejar tu trabajo para irte a estudiar a otro país, el estudio está en tu propio país. La metodología de Análisis y Resolución de Casos Reales te beneficia de una manera extraordinaria ya que puedes aplicar lo que estas aprendiendo ya sea en tu lugar de trabajo o en un proyecto a futuro en el que quieras invertir. En mi caso me encontré afortunada de poder tener un buen aprendizaje, me ayudo a desarrollar de mejor manera mi trabajo sobre todo en la optimización de los recursos por lo cual recibí un ascenso a Gerente Comercial, al igual me ayudo conocer mejor a mis colaboradores y en vez de solo ser colaboradores darme cuenta que son piezas claves en la organización y que debemos de encontrar la manera de adaptarnos para un mejor desempeño en las labores. Considero que esta experiencia ha sido más que gratificante, la cual me ha inspirado a ampliar mi aprendizaje y a valorar el estudio desde otra perspectiva, no quiero dejar de estudiar, pues no quiero dejar de aprender. Gracias Bircham International University."


Pascoal Miranda (Angola):
Master's Degree in Agriculture Management
TESTIMONY: "I am studying slowly due the fact that I have many works to do during these months. But you must know that I am very happy with my studies because the first book about sustainable agriculture is very good and the second linked to the agribusiness is also very relevant to my working environment. So apart of the reduced time of studies I will participate in IACO (Interafricane Coffee Organization) meeting in Ghana where I will speak about the project that I am coordinating. This project have some successes due the fact that I have changed the coffee pruning months that had resulted in less time required for the beginning of flowering."


Pedro Augusto Báez Díaz (Spain):
's Degree in
TESTIMONY: "Las graduaciones normalmente son la culminación de una etapa pero en la ESM Tenerife esos momentos se convierten en una nueva puerta que se abre en el camino de los profesionales que durante años han depositado la confianza en esta institución para encauzar su futuro empresarial. El aporte que da Bircham International University a la carrera empresarial de cada uno de los graduados es de inestimable valor y de incalculable potencial. Llevo veinte años asistiendo a las graduaciones y en cada una de ellas me doy cuenta que una nueva promoción de profesionales están en disposición de aportar valor a nuestra sociedad y a nuestro futuro empresarial. Muchísimas gracias por hacerme participe de estos momentos. Pedro Augusto Báez Díaz, Profesor de ESM y BIU."


Pedro Ayuso Sierra (Spain):
Bachelor's Degree in Natural Health Sciences
Doctor Ph.D. in Chinese Traditional Medicine
TESTIMONY: "Asistí a la celebración en Madrid con otros graduados de la BIU. Fue un evento muy entrañable en el que pasé un buen rato y pude celebrar el respaldo académico que he conseguido para mi profesión."


Pedro Hugo Merida Contreras (Guatemala):
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Master's Degree in Business Administration - Marketing & Advertising
TESTIMONY: "Para mi es un honor ser parte de esta Universidad, el obtener el conocimiento y estos títulos me abrieron puertas tanto para mejores trabajos, como para dar clases, que se ha vuelto una pasión que no sabía que tenía. Muchas gracias por crear tan novedoso sistema de enseñanza, que ha hecho posible poder culminar nuestra carrera, y seguir adelante, en un mundo cada vez con más altos estándares en sus requerimientos para los puestos de confianza."


Phillip James Whitehall (U.S.A.):
Doctor Ph.D. in Social Work
TESTIMONY: "Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is what we believe. What we believe is based upon our perceptions. What we perceive depends upon what we look for. What we look for depends upon what we think. What we think depends upon what we perceive. What we perceive determines what we believe. What we believe determines what we take to be true. What we take to be true is our reality."


Philomena Wavinya Ndambuki (Kenya):
Honoris Causa Doctor in Outstanding professional career
TESTIMONY: "I am so glad to participate in the meetings in Nairobi, Kenya. I notice BIU is all over the world so I do appreciate your visit here. I wouldn't mind to help and supervise BIU students theses."


Raja M. Chouikha (Saudi Arabia):
Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design
Master's Degree in Interior Design
Doctor Ph.D. in Art History - Art Therapy
Cum Laude in Art History
TESTIMONY: "I am a Bircham University graduate and faithful since my Bachelor degree. Bircham University gave me much more confidence. I never regret to be a member of this honorable establishment. Bircham University gave me a great opportunity to make all my dreams into reality. Do never hesitate to refer my recommendation to any person who want to attend Bircham University. I wish more success to Bircham University and God bless you."


Rami T. Khodr (Lebanon):
Master's Degree in Food Science
Doctor Ph.D. in Food & Water Microbiology
Cum Laude in Food & Water Microbiology
TESTIMONY: "I would like to update my record information, regarding my Ph.D. thesis at Bircham University "Biofilm formation in Food Industry". I tired to get some sponsors to support my project. The AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT RESEARCH CENTER asked me to send the abstract of my thesis and asked for some information about the university I am studying with (Bircham University), after one week the head of research from the AUB Dr. Prof. Marwan Saban called and asked for a meeting to elaborate my abstract, on the next day we met at the AUB where he introduced me to his staff. They are willing to support my thesis and research, they will be providing a fully equipped lab and 5 of their best microbiology students to assist me."


Ramin Ahmad Yar (Afghanistan):
Bachelor's Degree in Executive Leadership
TESTIMONY: "I am one of the graduation students of BIU (Bachelors in Executive Leadership). I have written an article regarding Afghanistan which is an useful article and research for those who want to know about Afghanistan. I am so grateful to share it here with you as a graduate student of BIU. I have learned so many important lessons from last year. I have done so many mistakes and learned much new things from our mistakes. I have now new hopes and potential."


Ramon L. Escuaín Escanilla (Spain):
Doctor Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Cum Laude in Clinical Psychology
TESTIMONY: "Agradezco a BIU la posibilidad que me ofreció para poder obtener el doctorado en Psicología Clínica y ser Doctor Ph.D. en esa Especialidad con la Tesis: Manual Teórico-Práctico sobre el Autismo y con la calificación de Magna Cum Laude. También debo de agradecer las atenciones y orientaciones de todos los miembros de BIU y especialmente de la Directora Dª Lorena Cano, Dª Irene Fernández y de mi tutor Dr. D. Angel González. Deseo que BIU siga "creciendo" por el bien de todos los alumnos actuales, pasados y venideros."


Rene Arturo Villegas Lara (Guatemala):
Honoris Causa Doctor in Academic Merits
TESTIMONY: "Como profesor de la Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC) es un honor participar en el acuerdo de reconocimiento con Bircham International University para ciertos programas que desarrollaremos en conjunto dentro de la Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales."


Robert Umba Di Ndangi (R. D. Congo):
Doctor Ph.D. in International Law - International Finances & Taxation
TESTIMONY: "Les études à BIU comptent certes parmi celles académiques qui permettent de conjuguer concomitamment formation et activité professionnelle. L’affinité préconisée entre la thématique doctorale et la pratique professionnelle favorise le renforcement des capacités et l’interaction continue de la théorie et la pratique. Ce sont là deux atouts majeurs par rapport aux schémas purement classiques des études académiques traditionnelles qui exhortent à accorder préférence à BIU lorsqu’à l’occupation professionnelle doit être jointe la formation académique pour diverses raisons de convenance personnelle."


Roberto David Perez Chacon (Guatemala):
Bachelor's Degree in Livestock Systems Engineering
TESTIMONY: "Haberme graduado en Universidad de Bircham ha sido un paso importante en mi vida, para mi esposa, hija, familia en general. Y por que no amistades. Así mismo pues complementó parte de mi talento en mi área profesional la cual año con año y día con día, como una gota de agua va creciendo su fuerza para lograr llegar a muchas personas con el conocimiento para lograr mejores producciones, con uso de métodos tecnológicos y programas de buenas práctica ganaderas que ayudan a la sostenibilidad alimentaria del país. Tantas cosas más que han ocurrido en mi vida las cuales agradezco a Dios y a respaldo de universidad, la cual han hecho parte de mis metas realidad. Así mismo logre sacar una especialidad en producción agrícola en universidad de mi país. Y hoy pues mientras tenga vida quiero seguir creciendo en conocimiento para aportar más a mis empleadores de lo poco y basto que es este mundo tiene que enseñarnos a todos en general."


Roberto Estuardo Penedo Rivera (Guatemala):
Honoris Causa Doctor in Services to the Human Kind
TESTIMONY: "BIU me ha proporcionado un apoyo inestimable a mis proyectos profesionales y humanitarios que actualmente ejerzo desde Washington D.C., en USA."


Rodolph Raymond Farah (Lebanon):
Master's Degree in Multimedia & Animation Design
Doctor Ph.D. in Motion Graphics
TESTIMONY: "Bircham University and my life experience. The first idea that came to my mind was the nice people I met during the period of my studies. First, beginning with Dr. Antoine, director of Bircham University Middle East and his very nice behavior with me. Also Dr. William Martin, Bircham University International Coordinator, who gave big interest to my personal problems and demands. Their fast replies when mailed concerning any of my educational needs... Dr William helped me first by giving me hope to my capabilities in accomplishing a degree, and by indenturing me through its average cost for higher education, in order to accomplish my own self estimation, and allowing me to continue what I always sought in myself. Bircham University also allowed me to perform my teaching methodology in more than one University in Lebanon, and specially the most known. I was always accepted for my professionalism, and my method of teaching that impressed all my students and the staff members. I haves been appointed teacher of Fine Arts for some years at the University Saint-Esprit de Kaslik - USEK, recognized by the Ministry of Education in Lebanon. So, to me, doing what I did with Bircham University was the biggest accomplishment in my life and I really thank you for that."


Romualdo Nguenga (Angola):
Master's Degree in Social Psycology
TESTIMONY: "Thanks a lot for the instructions and advice on my academic life at a distance in the Bircham University. I will follow the advice with sufficient responsibility and seriousness. By the way, this characterizes my behavior. Successes for yours and we are together in this excellent boat of the Bircham University route to a port of the safe life. Romualdo Nguenga, student of the master course of in social psychology. Estou bastante encantado, e sempre estive, em pertencer a esta grande familia científico-académica que se chama Bircham University, uma autêntica escola do saber; uma escola-modelo com uma metodologia de ensino à distância "sui generis" e com ferramentas imprescindíveis para o enfrentamento dos múltiplos e nada fáceis desafios do nosso século."


Rosetta Codling (U.S.A.):
Doctor Ph.D. in English Literature
TESTIMONY: "Last summer, two honors were bestowed upon me. I was selected for a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) seminar. This is a highly regarded honor in the States. I was selected to study the literature of Equatorial Guinea in Spanish at Howard University in Washington, DC. This opportunity would not have been afforded me if I did not have a doctorate from Bircham University. Currently, I am Education Editor for G&G Magazine. I know that my degree helped me obtained this post too."


Rubén Alberto Gavaldá y Castro (Argentina):
Honoris Causa Doctor in Outstanding professional career
TESTIMONY: "Permítame presentarme. Soy don Ruben Alberto Iº de jure Esteve IVº, por perfecta genealogía agnaticia, y conservando hasta nuestros días el real y condal nombre de la Casa de David-Toulouse-Gavalda, soy Su Alteza Real Serenísima el Principe Conde Soberano de Gevaudan, en grado 37mo. como legítimo descendiente directo del Conde Soberano don Bertran Iº de Gavaldá, Principe de Sangre Real franco-mero-carolingia. Fue para mi un privilegio firmar un acuerdo de reconocimiento mutuo entre el Centro de Altos Estudios en Ceremonial de Buenos Aires, el cual presido, y Bircham International University. http://www.caecba.com.ar Tuve la ocasión de recibir en persona un Doctor Honoris Causa de BIU durante la reunión mantenida con el Prof. William Martin, BIU CEO, en Roma, donde además me fue entregado otro Doctor Honoris Causa para Su Santidad el Papa Francisco, don Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a quien pude entregar en persona dicho documento durante la audiencia privada que me concedió en Junio del año 2016."


Rui Comprido Mangovo (Angola):
Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration
Master's Degree in Human Rights
TESTIMONY: "A Universidade Bircham é uma excelência na formação, com métodos diferenciados no ensino, vem transformando o ensino a distância na qualidade e aprendizado. Uma experiência comprovada ao longo da minha formação."


Ruth Marisela Mangandi Ramos (El Salvador):
Master's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "Estudie mi licenciatura en Ciencias de la Comunicación en una Universidad con metodología tradicional, dicha carrera duro 5 años la experiencia al finalizar no fue tan grata. Gracias a la escuela de negocios International Business Management Institute (IBMI) pude estudiar mi grado académico de Master in Business Administration con Bircham International University. Los conocimientos adquiridos han sido gratificantes, dicha formación me ha permitido aprender y poner en practica dichos conocimientos compartidos por la Universidad y crecer profesionalmente. Sin duda alguna ha sido la mejor decisión que he tomado en mi formación académica. Muchas gracias por crear tan novedoso sistema de enseñanza, que ha hecho posible poder culminar mi carrera, y seguir adelante, en un mundo cada vez con más altos estándares en sus requerimientos para los puestos de confianza."


Safia Popal (Spain):
Master's Degree in International Relations
TESTIMONY: "Obtaining a Master degree is a milestone. Many people dream about, and expect to achieve it. Because for the long time, “education” is more a synonym for success, we could pretty much count on a career. A diploma is not a piece of paper. It is an amulet of progress and prosperity nowadays. So in general I can say universities the most reliable engine of social mobility. Bircham International University is one of top ten distance learning university for adult in the world true its international standards and criterions, and have too much facilities in all issue especially in admission process, providing books, financial payment, purpose the experiences of students, legalization of diploma for graduate students. The books, which is provide the BIU for Students, are very update books including very useful information and new theories, event and stories, which is going on in the world, from famous authors. In my field of study, learning of these books gave me very useful knowledge of international relation which is need for each politician and practitioners. In these books all the international threads describe very well and clearly according the facts. All books are including brilliant topics as globalization, trade, terrorism, conflict, development, human rights and etc. which are really interesting for reading and learning. Also these books are the most venerable and persisting source of learning realistic theories in each event of international relations, it provides a good starting point and baseline for comparison with competing models. Bircham International University have very elegant and perfect guidelines and criteria indicated Study Guide and required clear information for all stage of study. Study master of Art in international Relation with BIU was a great experience and a big opportunity for me. As I was in close condition of working time and handling the family, so I couldn't go to class everyday, but enrolling with BIU help me to carry out Simultaneous, three issue very nicely, and it was a great achievement for me and for my family. Thank you BIU."


Sarah L. Reagan (U.S.A.):
Master's Degree in Human Animal Studies
TESTIMONY: "Wanted to let you know that I just received notification of acceptance in ISAE - International Society for Applied Ethology.  Thank you so much for your lovely recommendation!"


Sarel Francois Ackermann (South Africa):
's Degree in
TESTIMONY: "During the time I was a professor of BIU in Africa I signed some collaboration agreements with some universities and institutions in Kenya. Masinde Muliro University was one of them."


Sayed Ghias Sadat (Afghanistan):
Master's Degree in Executive Management
Doctor Ph.D. in International Relations
TESTIMONY: "I am a United Nations staff member from Afghanistan. I joined Bircham International University (BIU) in October 2010 and completed my Master Program in Executive Management. For its excellent educational principles, flexible curriculum and overall quality education, I pursued and completed my PhD in International Relations from BIU as well. I am pleased that I went for it, as it has helped me to advance my knowledge, skills and experience. I would like to add that the information and studying materials provided by BIU have always been up-to-date and comprehensive. Correspondence with BIU was always timely and encouraging. The teaching methods were highly professional and met my requirements as a full-time employee. Both programs I completed with BIU were of highest quality. I would describe BIU as a comprehensive and encouraging opportunity for higher education, notably for employed professionals and those with prior work experience in the relevant fields. My study with BIU has not only helped me to maintain my existing work as an international civil servant but most importantly enabled me to deliver better to the United Nations and effectively contribute to the development of my people and my homeland. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity and express my sincere appreciation to BIU leadership and its staff for their excellent assistance."


Sayed Jawad (Afghanistan):
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "I graduated with a BBA from Bircham University in the year 2009, in 2011 I joined London School of Commerce (LSC) and just a few days ago I completed my MBA course over here. No doubt, my experience with your institution played a key role in letting me achieve this degree."


Severino Rey Nodar (U.S.A.):
Honoris Causa Doctor in Academic merits
Doctor Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology
Cum Laude in Molecular Cell Biology
TESTIMONY: "Me contentan sobremanera todos los logros que vamos teniendo como Universidad. Es un honor seguir formando parte de ella y en cualquier presentación en Congreso internacional que he participado en el ultimo año, he puesto mi cargo de profesor de la Bircham University."


Shahmahmood Sayed Miakhel (U.S.A.):
Bachelor's Degree in Political Science
Master's Degree in Political Science
TESTIMONY: "I am the director of the United States Institute of Peace in Afghanistan. It was great to attend BIU graduation in Dubai and later visit BIU Madrid office. Let me thank you so much for your kindness to pick me up from hotel, drive me to your office and then back to the airport and had private graduation ceremony for me. Also, I would to convey my special regards and thanks to the BIU staff, mostly Diana and Irene, for their support during my study with BIU. They were always very professional and kind to reply to all my inquiries and help me succeed."


Shahrzad Jalali Alami (U.S.A.):
Master's Degree in Business Administration - Finance
TESTIMONY: "One's opinion of life can be expressed as challenging, irresistible, exciting and or in some cases, unfair and difficult. The perception of life, on the other hand, can be characterized by one's own perspective and attitude toward life and steps taken.  No matter how challenging it may seems, it is actually our own ability to overcome the impediments such as fear, instability and lack of confidence. For me, however, overcoming those obstacles have been the force behind my alluring ambitions and goals.  There is no perfect solution as there are no perfect us. But, there is always hope and imagination, which without, there is no advancement nor progress. And, most importantly, there is belief, believing in ourselves. Having said all that, one of the most contributing factors behind  success is  the power of support and attributes one can endure from all kinds of sources. And, that is why I am proud to say that in addition to my family, Bircham University did just that by giving me the opportunity to advance my knowledge, empower my abilities, elevating my self confidence and moral behavior as well as giving me the chance of lifetime achievement in leadership for which I am who I am today and I am what I do and contribute to my society. That is the kind of support that Bircham International University is proudly capable of gifting and providing. "


Shawn Douglas Gale (Canada):
Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing
TESTIMONY: "I would like to Thank you for the great experience working with your university. I will certainly recommend Bircham International University. I have published a book “The Stories That Make Us” if you would like to check it out on my website: http://www.shawngale.com I entered this book in the Whistlers Independent Book Awards and presently is one of three finalist."


Sheikh Imtiaz Mohamed (U.S.A.):
Doctor Ph.D. in Natural Medicine - Scientific Nutrition
Cum Laude in Scientific Nutrition
TESTIMONY: "I am pleased to be part of Bircham University rich educational experience. Bircham University plays a very important role in Global Education and has changed the lives of many people around the world. All of a sudden, everybody is offering distance learning. Bircham University is their competition and Bircham University is affordable and has an excellent lay out for learning. Therefore, Bircham University will get the type of negative press from Wikipedia,etc. I do NOT have a problem with any of this- I am proud and very happy with my degree from Bircham University, absolutely! Bircham University is recognized in the US, it depends what the diploma is used for. If you direct someone to your website, they see all that you offer and they are usually satisfied with that. It is all about the student- self-discipline, self-starter, self-actualizing, etc. It shows structure and determination and character."


Shih Chaou Rin (Taiwan):
Honoris Causa Doctor in Parapsychology
TESTIMONY: "So many years dedicated to the research of Parapsychology and I finally got the recognition I deserve. Thank you so much!!!"


Shokrullah Amiri (Afghanistan):
Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship Management
TESTIMONY: "The knowledge that I gained from Bircham University shaped my future career and working with the Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program is an example of Bircham University’s results. I am the first person in Afghanistan who obtained the specialty in entrepreneurship management. This field has been my favorite and it is a demanding field for the reconstruction of Afghanistan."


Stavros Kaniklides (Cyprus):
Bachelor's Degree in Oceanography & Marine Science
Master's Degree in Marine Biology
Doctor Ph.D. in Ocean Science
Cum Laude in Ocean Science
TESTIMONY: "As a current Ph.D. from Bircham International University, this is to inform you that I have been selected to be a member of the board along with other seven scientists to join the CMAS International Scientific Committee. The selection has been made from 73 member countries and among hundreds of scientists after a careful examination of my C.V., references and applied field, scientific work. My duties and responsibilities are: to update the educational standards, formal meetings with UNESCO, in the specific themes of Safeguarding the Underwater Cultural Heritage and IOC (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission) aiming to enhance our partnership with UNESCO and to create multicultural programs in the field of Underwater environment and with its heritage, showing us its particularities and its relationships, for a better respect and knowledge of it. In addition to my achievements and my strong desire to learn from your esteemed university, I have become an instrumental member of society, using all of my energies to bring about constructive changes by offering free academic introductory courses to poor people on a global scale and to create a path to the "good life," not only for myself but also for others.  Thanks to your powerful pedagogical approach. It's a real honor and a great challenge for me to fulfill the mission and vision of the first President Jacques Cousteau and CMAS. As an Ambassador of goodwill with Bircham University, one of my primary objectives is to inform potential students of the many benefits of that Bircham international university unique pedagogical education system and share my experiences to create awareness. "


Syed Mohibullah (Afghanistan):
Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management
TESTIMONY: "I thank Bircham University from the heart for enabling me to study as well as continuing my job. Following my enrollment at Bircham University in 2007 I have not only developed my career from a middle officer to an executive manager but have also improved the institution as a whole. As I went through each study material received from Bircham University I found it more and more useful and enjoyed reading and implementing it. For instance, before my enrollment at Bircham University I had no idea of Professional Certification of PHR (Professional in Human Resources) and SPHR (Senior Professional in HR), GPHR (Global Professional in HR), CCP, CBP, CPT Etc. Similarly through Bircham University I came to know about some important institutions and organizations such as Human Resources Certification Institution (HRCI), International Personnel Management Association (IPMA), American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). So far I have practiced and assumed HR as an Operational function of an organization, however through the guidance from Bircham University, I understood that HR is now being emerged as a Strategic Approach and organizations’ success is accomplished by developing HR strategies. The improvements and achievements i have made, have been recognized by the institutions I'm involved and thus several of my colleagues have become the members of Bircham University, who are equally benefiting from it. Thank you Bircham International University. Operations Manager, HLP/MAIL- World Bank. Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (Afghanistan)"


Sylvia Kitoye Bassey (Nigeria):
Bachelor's Degree in Security & Emergency Management
TESTIMONY: "I am so thankful that I found Bircham International University. It was a great fit for me, BIU professional team really showed me care and support. The individualized attention I received was unique and truly helped me through my study."


Tatiana Gryaznova (Spain):
's Degree in
TESTIMONY: "As BIU Russian Director, I had the opportunity to meet Pastukhov Alexey Yuriyevich at the IUFS Congress 2012. In November 2012, Bircham International University signed a mutual recognition and cooperation agreement with Saint Petersburg University of Technology & Design (Russia). Saint Petersburg University of Technology & Design (SUTD) (18 Bolshaya Morskaya Street) was founded in 1930 as the Institute of Textile and Light Industry (in 1935 it was named after S.M. Kirov). It received its present day name in 1992. The university teaches its students to be technologists, constructors, designers and economists; and prepares them for industrial undertakings, as well as work in studios and fashion houses. For more information in English about SUTD visit the Higher Education Portal of St. Petesburg."


Thomas D. Toole (U.S.A.):
Master's Degree in Plant Pathology - Forestry
Doctor Ph.D. in Plant Pathology - Forestry
TESTIMONY: "Bircham has been very responsive to any and all questions that I had, and the advising committee had set forth a very well rounded educational curricula for my area of concentration. I am very happy to write this testimony statement. Thank you so much for allowing me to continue my education with your university."


Tina Chiwona Kasamale (Malawi):
Master's Degree in Public Relations
TESTIMONY: "I got this helpful input from the UN: We would like to first clarify that HR practitioners and hiring managers validate the candidates' university degrees against the United Nations Secretariat standards, regardless of where in the world the qualification was obtained. Of course, the fact that your degree may not be listed will not prejudice your application, it simply means that it was not included in UNESCO's and IAU's database and HR practitioners will conduct further checks during the background verification stage."


Tomás de Zárate González de Echávarri (spain):
Specialist Diploma in Business Administration
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "I contacted Bircham University through the ESM European School of Management in Tenerife. ESM model of education is very practical and adapted to the business world, and its education has been recognized by Bircham International University. In addition, Bircham allows you to obtain a degree legalized from the State of Delaware, USA. I advise any student choosing BIU because it will be a great support and a very good opportunity to progress in any career."


Vesa Visa Viitaniemi (Finland):
Doctor Ph.D. in E-Business
Cum Laude in Banking
TESTIMONY: "I am the CEO at Southwest Finland CO Bank. BIU Madrid organized a nice event to celebrate my doctorate with my colleagues from the Bank. Thanks!"


Victor Oswaldo Samayoa Valencia (Guatemala):
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "Muchas gracias por el correo, quiero decirles que los programas de Bircham International University son de muy buena calidad y nos dan el apoyo necesario para alcanzar nuestros objetivos educativos."


Vladika Evgeny Borisovich Korbat (Russia):
Honoris Causa Doctor in Theology
TESTIMONY: "Patriarch Vladika Anton Korbat"


Wandré Guilherme de Campos Lisbôa (Brazil):
Doctor Ph.D. in Linguístics
Honoris Causa Doctor in Linguistics Education
Cum Laude in Linguistics Education
TESTIMONY: "I heard about BIU, while researching on the Internet. I took all my questions, which were not few, with Cesar Martinez, BIU Portuguese Language Division, which always and has always been an excellent listener and advisor. I started my course not believing him, but when I saw the books coming, I was overjoyed, because I could see that the books were references worldwide and who just studied them is who had attended the doctorate out of Brazil. Even in Brazil, the books I read, analyzed, produced articles and my thesis, were next. I loved my course. I really liked the methodology and I used in my Portuguese language lessons with my students in basic education and in higher education. I haven't found any other Institution with the conditions that BIU offered me to attend. There are no courses alike. Hug! A educação totalmente a distancia no Brasil ainda é algo que para as autoridades não foi aceito, mas pelo bom trabalho feito por instituições como a Bircham, poderemos conseguir com esse método de ensino que o país possa dar o salto de encontro ao futuro."


Wilfried Maser Lockenvitz (Chile):
Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering
Doctor Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering
TESTIMONY: "El doctorado me ha permitido no solo el reconocimiento de mi labor sino además desarrollar nuevos proyectos de ingeniería."


Wilson Kiptanui Soy (Kenya):
Master's Degree in Business Administration
Doctor Ph.D. in Business Administration
TESTIMONY: "Immediately after I started my Masters and PhD studies with Bircham University, life has not been the same again. My colleagues, friends, family and I have experienced total transformation in me, in the way and manner I critically analyze issues in general and in particular my profession, Business Administration, even before I graduated. The step I took is a journey less travelled by many but I have realized that, like many other people, I have huge potentials untapped awaiting to blossom like Rose flower. Bircham University has enabled me realize my life time dream of getting a PhD and being able to be an example to others who have humble background like me. In spite of the past challenges, the future remains spotless equally for all. I am now in a position to sow seeds of success onto others and make my contribution in human life using the appropriate skills, knowledge and education befitting the current dynamic world, earned through Bircham University distance learning program. My efforts and ambition in search of new knowledge has been adequately answered and this has opened new horizon in my career and life, and I can now work competently any where in the world and make a well valued contribution in human endeavors. However,above all I thank almighty GOD for the good health and the wisdom to chose Bircham University because of its flexibility and rich curriculum which rides on the strength of simplicity. As I returned from my graduation in Madrid in June 2010, a huge celebration was lined up for me by professionals colleagues and friends here in Kenya. Long Live Bircham University. I am happy to be among those who chose this path as the knowledge acquired at BIU is all time applicable and appropriate. I retired from my previous employment, and because of the flexible e-learning programs offered by BIU,  I studied PhD and Msc in Business Administration through e-learning and I am currently teaching on part-time at one of the premier universities."


Zainulabuddin Hamid (Afghanistan):
Master's Degree in Construction Management
TESTIMONY: "I am very happy that I am a graduate of Bircham University. I am always using the useful and professional information that Bircham University provided to me. Thanks again for your support."